Wrestling talk WWE Money in the Bank recap and Raw 's 1000 show July 23, 2012

July 20, 2012

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Phillip from Galt and JayMarzz Wrestling talk July 20 2012 by Phillipfromgalt

It’s me Phillip from Galt  on Phillips corner  . Big WWE  Wrestling  fan  . and I wanted to  recap WWE Money in the  Bank   Pay Per View and WWE Raw 1,000 episode this coming Monday July 23, I had a special guest co host with me  JayMarzz from  radio.  Hot 1035 radio. okay enjoy our Wrestling talk and  don’t hit each other over the head with steel chairs from Phillip from Galt  Hot 1035  KHHM Sacramento

John Cean Money in the Bank winner WWE title

 WWE Money in the Bank Winner WWE title  John Cena July 16 2012

1000 Raw WWE

 , 1000 WWE Raw Episode  july 2012 23

WWE Raw everybody

WWE everybody  !!

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