California state fair Go out and enjoy the State fair from Phillip from Galt, California State fair Cal Expo in Sacramento , Ca.

July 20, 2012

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So I went to the California State fair. I had so much fun , I ate a corn dog drank a soad and  ate pink popcorn and watched  Rick Springfield .  also I did not ride the rides .  but I might go again the fair if I am lucky.  also I went to Camp smokey the Bear and learned the story of  Smokey the bear it is for adults big kids and  little kids, I recommend going to Camp smokey the bear. I learned we should put out our camp fire with  a bucket of  water and dirt too.   and Smokey the bear started in New Mexic.  well enjoy the California  State fair 2012  Cal Expo from Phillip from Galt .

California State fair logo


smokey the bear 2012

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