favorite things about summer my favorite things about summer from Phillip from Galt

June 29, 2012

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It’s summer in time in Sacramento Elk Grove , Galt,  Citrus Heights and every where else in between . It’s 100 + degrees outside.    so  these are my favorite things about summer !! let’s see if you  like the same things like me !!

miley cyrus pic 1

I like cute girls and daisy dukes  that’s one of my favorite things about summer. that’s miley cyrus on the right

wwe ice cream bar

I am a big WWE Wrestling fan and have liked all the action like body slams and  who is wrestling who and I like Shawn Michaels Triple H  DX Undertaker , and Hulk Hogan and John Cena . and When  WWE  was WWF  they had these ice cream bars out at arenas and ice cream trucks and I used to wait  for the ic cream man to come by  so i could have   Ice cream bar this is one of my favorite things about summer !!

backyard pool

I like to swim in the pool  , this is not my pool but it kind of looks like it a liitle bit   . we have a pool .  thank  God praise  God  for that.

I want to tell everybody that  these are some of the things I like and enjoy about summer !  God bess you and I hope you all get to take time and enjoy summer !! from Phillip from Galt

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