4th of July memories from Phillip from Galt

June 29, 2012

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Happy 4th of July coming up . Wednesday  July 4 2012 .   here are some of my favorite 4th of July memories  and thank yous .

Thank you to all the men women and eveybody for the sacrifices to defend our  country USA  and the good fight for freedom . thank you for defending  freedom and for  protecting our freedom and rights  from all that threatens our freedom. God bless you all . thank you for  helping making us a free and happy country .

trrops USA

I like fire works  too   . watching the sky  light up with beautiful fire works !! and I like Katy Perry -  baby your a fire work !! Katy Perry is so pretty nice , sweet and talented and has great songs !! I am going to play  baby your a fire work on my cd on 4th of July !

fireworks photos 144

 Katy perry fire work

and  one of my other favorite memory of 4th of July  in 2005  I went to WWE in Sacramento, CA   Arco arena     and Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels  were tag team against Carlito  and  Kurt Angle   .  It was cool  .  but Hulk Hogan is my wresting hero and so is  Shawn Michaels  too he is  my wrestling hero too.   Hulk Hogan  and Shawn Michaels    won the tag team match after a big Hulk Hogan  leg drop and  Hulk Hogan  was  doing is Hulk Poses  and flexing down and Shawn Michaels tunred on Hulk Hogan and hit sweet chin music on Hulk Hogan ouch ! But it was a unforgettable WWE Wrestling moment !

Shawn Michaels Super kick Hulk Hogan 4th of July

these are  some of my favorite 4th of July meomories happy 4th of July everybody, God bless you be safe on and off the road and  enjoy it with  family and  friends !! from Phillip from Galt  !!

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