Let's have a Water War Sacramento !!! Just Bring It !! Sacramento Water War !! from Phillip from Galt

June 28, 2012

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so you have heard of Super soakers  the ultimate water guns, water hose , buckets of water,  water balloons , and when we used to go out  when we were little kids and we used to have fun playing with water and sprayed each other with water, well I  want to bring it back. !!  lets get together  and have a fun day in the sun and I want you , yes you Sacramento, bring out your super soakers,  water guns, if we can find water hose we will get that too. bring out buckets  Ice Chests full of water,  bring water balloons and lets go at it  and have the Ultimate Water War !!

we can bring out some Hot dj’s  like DJ Tosh, DJ SN1  and your on air jocks !!  and  we can have mixes  and cool music and absolutley no water by or near the DJ and radio equipment or  by eating areas ! 

maybe we can bring out some local celebrities and a Hot 1035 aritst or two  and  perform  .  and we can pack lunches or  bring McDonalds, Taco bell, Subway  or del Taco burger kings and  chill  absolutley no water spraying near the eating designated areas.

bring out the family , beach towel sun glasses  kids moms, dad brother sister aunt  uncle, fun for the family  bathing suits and lets party and get wet  !!

we could have it at a park down town some where Sacramento . !!   and have fun !!

well Hot 103.5  listeners this is where I need you and your help if this sounds fun to  you  call me on Fridays 7am- 10 am at Hot 103.5   (916) 766 – 1035   and tell me you would be intrested and you would come out if it happend. or

call the (916) 646 4000 bussiness hours 8:30 am til 5pm  and ask for promotions and say you would like to have Phillip from Galt’s water war idea it sounds fun  !

the more intrest I have then we can possibly get it done .  and maybe  to close out summer with a bang !!

God bless  you , thank you for the help and support !!

bucket of water

Super Soaker

water balloons

water war

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