Happy Birthday Paula Abdul June 19 !! I am such a big fan of Paula Abdul and want to meet her I admire her so much from Phillip from Galt

June 19, 2012

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Hey Guys. I have a very special  Happy Birthday shout out going to a person I’ve admired for a long time,  I have a bit of a crush on her, Happy Birthday Paula Abdul ! June 19.  Paula I love her so much  the former LA Lakers girl.  I think Paula Abdul is such a cutie !! I love her songs straigh up, cold hearted , oppisites attract,  forever your girl and other songs. I want to meet Paula Abdul and see her perform and take a picture with her and  interview her for  Hot 103.5  ! Sacramento. We keep Sacramento Hot. Paula happy Birthday. God bless you, have another great year and hope to meet you and hope you can make it to Sacramento to meet one of your nicest and biggest fans me Phillip  from Galt.   love you so  much Paula !!   :   -  )

Paula Abdul 2012

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