Madonna Stripping during her tour !

June 18, 2012

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so yeah Madonna, is touring, she was our half time entertainment in this year Super Bowl in February ! so  she is on tour and earlier she showed her nipple on stage . now the latest she unziped her pants revealing her thong underwear !  so there you have it you can go to Madonna’s concert and  maybe you can see Madonna  Strip.

But listen Madonna is  great I love her she is the pop queen a great performer and singer and entertainer,  ,she is pretty she has great songs,  I am a fan of Madonna.  I guess she is just having too much fun  that’s why she is stripping on her tour.  and I guess she wants to see if it will bring her attention , Well Yes Madonna you have our at least my attention but we love you still and you are great.

and remember all you Sacramento Bay Area and Norther California Madonna fans, Madonna comes on her tour  in October in San Jose  October 2012  !

from Phillip from Galt

below picture of Madonna unzipping her pants revealing her thong underwear  .

Madonna unzips during tour edit