I tried out for X - Factor ??? but they kicked me out !! Just kidding from Phillip from Galt. X Factor Coming back this fall

June 18, 2012

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so for all you X Factor Fans  , X Factor will be back this Fall. Simon Cowell now has new judges including Brittany Speats.   Well  I went to  try out for  X Factor  in the Bay Area !!  Just kidding. I actually went to the Oakland A’s and  San Diego Padres game Sunday June 17 and apparently they were taping the X Factor  next to the Oakland Coliseum home of  the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders   but they were taping  the X Factor  show at the Oracle Arena  .  Well just wanted to tell you X Factor Fans.  But  I am not so much a big fan as they do not have Paula Abdul  any more on the show.   from Phillip from Galt

me Phillip from Galt Sunday June 17 2012 Oakland As game vs Padres fathers day Oakland

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