Go out to baseball Games we have some good choices to Go to baseball games ! Go out to the Oakland A's Games , Stockton Ports games and Sacramento RiverCats games

June 18, 2012

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Hey Sports fans Yeah you should  Go out to baseball games . We have good choices to go out to Baseball games. We can mae the short trip to the Bay Area and see major league baseball  Oakland A’s games !! Oakland A’s have a young exciting team and they will get some winning going in the next couple years they have good talent   and there games are fun and excting so  go check out Oakland A’s too if you want to.

Oakland As logo

We have the Stockton Ports if you would like to make the trip South the Stockton  Ports have young exciting talent they are single  A  and affiliate of the Oakland A’s  minor league system . The Stockton Ports have great fun games and exprience the play on the field is great you can see some great exciting up and coming players too    before they make it to the major leagues !  So I recommend going to Stockton Ports too. Also guys like Dallas Braden , Jemile Weeks , Chris Carter, Johnny Gomez have been Ports and have spent time or are currently with the A’s or are in the minor leagues system  some where else  !! 

Stockton Ports logo

Go out to  the Sacramento RiverCats they are the Triple A  affiliate of the Oakland A’s in the minor league system, you can also see some great exciting talent  and have a great experience and it’s a great intimate baseball park.  you can see future stars or  current major league Stars out  at the game.  when a player nees to have a re-hab start, many times they come to do this with the Sacramento RiverCats ! you never know who you will catch.  the players are great and the experience is great.  sometimes baseball great like Rickey Henderson come to Sacramento, Rickey Henderson is a coach roaming instructor for the Oakland A’s and travels to the diffrent teams ! well  check out all these team and more  have fun  at the ball park  !!   from Phillip from Galt   .

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