Owen Hart, King of Harts , 13 years after his death May 23, 1999 R.I.P. Owen Hart one of the best ,should be inducted in to the WWE Hall of fame

May 26, 2012

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so it has been 13 years after his tragic death. WWE / WWF Superstar Owen Hart , it was May 23, 1999 at WWF back then  pay per view over the Edge. Owen Hart was competing under his secret identity  The Blue Blazer a high flyer wrestler  and dare devil . Owen Hart was set to do a stunt, come down from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas  City, MO. and enter the ring  from up high and appear to be flying making a grand appearance.  But the harness Owen Hart was wearing had a terrible malfunction and Owen Hart fell to his tragic death hitting the turnbuckle in the ring.  R.I.P.  to Owen  Hart, and his fans around the World still remember him in and out of the Wrestling ring like me. 

I enjoyed lots of Owen Hart memories being a big huge Pro Wreslting  WWE fan and following it when it was known as WWF .

Owen wrestled and beat his brother the great Bret the Hitman Hart in the Opening  match of WrestleMania 10. Bret Hart and Owen Hart had a wrestling feud and Bret Hitman Hart is a great legendary champion and wrestler and beat lots of Wrestlers incuding Undertaker, Shawn Michaels , Rowdy Rody Piper and other legends in Pro Wrestling and had a great feud with his Brother Owen .  Then Owen  and Bret Hitman Hart reconciled and made up and  were a team again!

Owen Hart earned multiple accomplishments and won numerous Wrestling championships in his great career. Owen Hart won the King of the ring tournament which earned him the name King of Harts,  he was an intercontenital champion like his  Brother Bret the hitman Hart  and was a great tag team champion to with his Brother in law  the British Bull Dog and   was tag team champions with Yokozuna  too.  Owen Hart and Yokozuna were a dominant team they kept  the tag team championships for a long time  with Yokozuna’s strength and power and Owen Hart’s high flying  arsenal of moves  and quickness  made a great team !

I think it’s time it’s  been long over due to put Owen Hart in the WWE Hall of fame ! I hope  Vince McMahon and the WWE and the McMahon family  can finally get it done  and  induct  Owen Hart into the WWE Hall of fame like his Brother Bret hitman Hart.     It would be great to see Bret hitman Hart accept the honor to on behalf of his late Brother  Owen Hart and to reflect on the career of his Brother  Owen and hear Bret the hitman Hart’s speech for Owen Hart in to the  Hall of fame.  so I hope  when WWE WrestleMania comes around next year in 2013  Owen Hart goes in to the  WWE Hall of fame where he belongs.  R.I.P.  Owen Hart

 Owen Hart  !!! WWE / WWF great  .

Owwn Hart Hart foundation Bret Harts brother WWF WWE good wrestlers European champion

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