Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan's daughter to join him in TNA Impact Wrestling

May 18, 2012

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So get this I’ve got the  scoop. !! Brooke Hogan  Hulk Hogan’s daughter  is set to join her father  Hulk Hogan in TNA Impact Wrestling.  Brooke who also has a singing music career had a hit song with Paul Wall Called ( they don’t know about us )  now apparently Brooke is intrested in the Wrestling world like her  legendary father Hulk  !!!    Brooke will be joining TNA Wrestling Impact which comes on Thursdays on spike tv later at the end of this month may 2012 !    Hulk Hogan is the Storyline GM, General Manager at Impact  Wrestling and does a good job and make sure all the champions are challeneged and that they step  up !! Hulk Hogan came up  wiht OFN  Open fight Night where a Wrestler on the roster can call out any wresting champion on the roster and that champion has to be ready to defend their title on Open fight night !! Brooke Hogan will be in charge of   female Wrestlers on TNA Impact called the TNA Knockouts.  I hope  Brooke know what she has in store for her because those ladies on wrestling  TNA Impact and pro  Wrestling and the TNA knockouts don’t full around  .  I hope Brooke and Hulk Hogan watch out for each other and that they are fair with  their rulings now they are both in charge hulk Hogan is The General Manger of all TNA Impact and Brooke in charge of the Knockouts. I hope they both treat their wrestlers fair  and nice  also  this will  help  Brooke’s music career .  we will see her out their and see her personality and see her on tv regualrly  and possibly she performs some songs on TNA Impact and gets more exposure towards her music career. but I hope the hogan’s don’t abuses their power and they have good matches and help the wrstlers if  some one cheats makes sure they don’t cheat in  their matches.   Good luck Hogans  Brooke and Hulk Hogan from  Wrestling fan Phillip  from Galt

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