NFL Draft Day Hug !!!! Commissioner Roger Goodell !

April 27, 2012

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So it’s every football players dream to be one day drafted in to the  NFL and hear your name during draft day. It doesn’t matter what team  drafts you ,  you just want to hear your name being called during  draft day and walk across the stage and  the best part besides getting drafted is walking  up  to NFL  Commissioner and giving him a big hug ! since Commission Roger Goodell has taken the reigns of the NFL   and been the Commissioner  when a player gets drafted he greets the  new NFL  player with   a hug and shakes their hand.  that has to be a great feeling to  get a hug from the NFL Commissioner , he is the man  in charge of the league front office  and to have his support  must mean a lot.  Hugs  are special and   you feel good when you get a good hug and squeez from somebody !  I am giving  big  Kuddos to the NFL Commisioner  Roger  Goodell because giving a player a hug and congratualting them is very nice and shows he cares  about not only the palyer but the person too.   I know I will never be drafted or be an NFL  player but I want a hug from Commisioner Roger  Goodell , maybe I will run in to him at a game  one day !! from Phillip from Galt

Roger Godell draft day 2012 hug NFL Commissioner

NFL Commisioner Roger Godell  greets NFL player getting drafted   NFL  draft 2012

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