Kim Kardashian running for mayor of Gendale, California down in Southern California ??

April 20, 2012

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So do you think Kim Kardashian would make a good mayor ? apparently she has aspirations of becoming the mayor . but she could not run for mayor , she would first have to be on City Coucil  then the city council votes or appoints in the mayor !!   I think Kim Kardashian  would make a great mayor, she is a celebrity and knows how to be in the public eye.  she runs bussinesses so she knows how to be in charge . ! My vote for Mayor Goes to Kim Kardashian  !  kim Kardashian  has  lots of money and  knows  how to be successful ,so she would help her town  be rich and sucessful  too. I love you Kim Kardashina I wish you the best in your goals  from Phillip from Galt

 my girl  and my crush Kim Kardashian  2012  for mayor of Glendale !!

Kim Kardashian 2012

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