Tax Day April 17 2012 Tuesday ! Pay make sure to pay your taxes and get your tax file by this Tuesday April 17, 2012

April 13, 2012

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Yes,  so it’s that time of year again !!  time to get your tax files in  by  this Tuesday April 17, 2012 . Everyone  has to pay  their taxes to  Uncle Sam ! Just reminding you, that you have time  til Tuesday April 17, 2012 since April 15 is on a Sunday  this year the tax deadline  was moved to Tuesay April 17 2012.  and don’t put any fishy information on your tax returns ! The IRS Will find out if you do try to cheat them so don’t do it ! be as accurate as you can on your tax files !  this message was brought to you by me Phillip from Galt

IRS WWF Wrestler WWE Wrestler

Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and IRS WWE WWF tag team champions Money Inc

even IRS Irwin R. Shyster from WWE / WWF  wrestling said don’t cheat on your taxes !!   he said  he would find out and he would make you pay in the Wrestling ring ! see  what I told you, IRS is someone you don’t want to mess with   !!

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