WrestleMania weekend was great April 1 2012 last weekend WrestleMania 28 re cap by Phillip from Galt

April 6, 2012

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WWE WrestleMania weekend was so great  . I even got some of my predictions right from last week. I predicted the Big show would win the intercontenintal championship and he  did.  he beat cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes kept talking about how Big show losses his wrestleMania matches .  well  Cody Rhodes was the one who lost his WrestleMania 28  match to the Big show and  big show became the new intercontenintal champion and he knocked out Cody Rhodes with the knock out punch.

the Rock Beat John Cena with  a Rock Bottom, and John Cena gave The Rock an Attitude adjustment !  it was  a great match  The Rock and John Cena took it to each other !

and one of the best WrestleMania  matches happend Tiple H vs Undertaker  end of an Era Match up !!  With Triple shawn Michaels long time friend and D- X tag team partner of Triple H was in the middle of it all as the special guest referee. The  match was awesome Triple H and Undertaker took it to each other and gave everything they had !   They fought with chairs and  Triple  h even brought his  sledge hammer into the match in the end Undertaker got his 20th WrestleMania  win and kept his  20 – 0 undefeated streak .    then Shawn Michaels was a great referee very fair , he was tell triple h not  keep hitting Undertaker with the chair and to end the match and beat Undertaker.  Shawn Michaels gave the sweet chin music to Undertaker .  this was a  great match . then at the  end of the match  Shawn Michales  and Undertaker helped Triple H  and gave him a hand  up after he got tombstoned  by the  Undertaker and  Triple H was helped back by his friends Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and they all respect each other it was a great sportsmanship by two of the best wrestling pros 

also  last week  me and JayMarzz and Short e all did a WWE Wrestling video you have to check it out    here is all the cool pictures of WWE  too !!

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show Cropped

Shawn Michaels Special guest Referee Triple H and Undertaker WrestleMania 28 April 1

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