NFL Draft Day Hug !!!! Commissioner Roger Goodell !

April 27, 2012

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So it's every football players dream to be one day drafted in to the  NFL and hear your name during draft day. It doesn't matter what team  drafts you ,  you just want to hear your name being called during  draft day and walk across the stage and  the best part besides getting drafted is… Read More

fashion report from Phillip from Galt Katy Perry Edition

April 6, 2012

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so  recently Katy Perry Participated at the Nickelodeon Kids chocie awards .  she was on the Orange carpet. Katy Perry was in  a slime green get it because Nickelodeon  shows like when I was growing up  had the green slime like Double dare !!!    Katy Perry  looked stunning and very sexy to say the least… Read More