WWE WrestleMania 28 Coming up this Sunday April 1, 2012 Get ready for all the WrestleMania fun this Sunday and all the body Slams and beat downs at WrestleMania 28

March 30, 2012

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so all  my wrestling fans Sunday April 1 2012,  is WrestleMania 28 the biggest event of WWE ever !! all the WrestleMania are great it’s so fun to watch and it’s WWE  World Wrestling Entertainment’s  Super Bowl  !   so  my favorite  memory at WrestleMania  was at WrestleMania 28  Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas , NV.   Bret Hitman Hart had just lost to Yokozuna and Mr . Fuji was Yokozuna’s manager at the time and thew the Salt used  in sumo tradition wrestling matches  in bret Hart’s eyes and Hulk Hogan came to check on Bret Hart.  while he was checking out  Bret Hart Mr. Fuji was challenging Hulk Hogan on be-half of  Yokozuna who just won the WWE / WWF belt at the time from  Bret Hart.  and Hulk Hogan accepted and won the match and becoming champion agian  !!! it was great and Hulk Hogan was champion and beat yokozuna check it out !

some great matches at WrestleMania 28  you have to check out is  the Rock and John Cean match . this was made in a Year in advance  for the first time ever a  WrestleMania match made 1 year before ! Rock and John  Cena are two of the great champion of Wrestling  and John Cena has beef with the Rock  that he left WWE for hollywood and The Rock says he never left  WWE  he was  opening other doors for entertainment like movies and acting but maintains  WWE  was and will always be apart of him and his family .  and he doesn’t like what  John Cean was saying  that  the  Rock turned his back on WWE and left for Hollywood.  Well something has to give this Sunday. I think this match is going to be great and  The Rock will Lay the Smackdown on John Cena with a  rock bottom

another match for the 3rd time in WrestlMania the Undertaker put his 19-0  undefeated  WrestleMania  Streak on the line vs  Triple H and  Triple H’s former tag team partner and his DX friend  and friend  Shawn Michaels whose career was ended at WrestleMania 26 by Undertaker is  our special Guest referee. This is going to be awesome . it will be contested in Hell in  a cell match ! this will be a one for a the ages ! I think the Undertaker will win and keep his  undfeated streak at WrestleMania !!  and I think Shawn Michaels will be a fair referee because if he is not the Undertaker already warned Shawn Michaels that if  he tries anything funny then  the Undertaker will end  Shawn Michaels for good !! so we have some of the 3  best Super Stars in the ring  at one time this will be great and I think maybe they will shake each others hand after the match 

Well this is my  WrestleMania  28 predictions enjoy the beatdowns and body slams from  Phillip from Galt  !! 

John Cena vs Rock WrestleMania 28 2012 April 1 sunday

Undertaker vs Triple H and Shawn Michaels special guest referee April 1 2012 WrestleMania 28 sunday

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