I got to host the Mix on Hot 103.5 this morning the feel good edition old school Mix with DJ Tosh !!! from Phillip from Galt Friday March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

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so last football season JayMarzz and I battled all football season and picked games for each game we got right  we got  1 point we edned up tying and  to settle or tie breaker we had a dough-nut off ! we ate 2 doughnuts each and I was assisted by  Latin Daiva  Pattie  Moreno and she helped me eat my doughnut so I could win. so today Friday March 30, was the big day where JayMarzz had to pay off my bet and let me host the mix ! I hosted the mix with DJ Tosh old school Friday .  here is me in action below  while I host the Mix  on hot 103.5  with DJ tosh in the Mix  ! from Phillip from Galt

me Phillip from Galt hosting the mix on hot 103 5 Friday March 30 2012

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