49ers Get a big playmaker in Randy Moss in free agent signing this week .

March 16, 2012

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so the San Francisco 49ers add a big playmaker and sign Randy Moss as a free agent signing.  I  think Randy Moss is rejuvinated and re-motivated and will help the 49ers make big plays and score a lot of toucdowns and help the 49ers win  a super Bowl. in the 2011 season Randy Moss  took off the season and retired and ended his retiredment  after the season. I think he will be hungry and will try to  help and do all in his power to help the 49ers become a contender this year much like the 49ers were last year !!  Welcome to the 49ers Randy  Moss and hope you have a lot of success with  the 49ers !!!  from sports fan Phillip from Galt and 49ers fan Phillip from Galt, keeping you updated on sports !

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