Sacramento getting a new entertainment and sports arena

March 9, 2012

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this week in Sacramento was big ! the City council approved a deal to move forward with a financial plan so we can have a new entertainment and sports arena. This is good in so many ways. it provides jobs to people that will work near or at the new arena when it opens. there will be new restaurants and other companies that will build close to the arena opening new jobs .  This means of course our  Sacramento kings will still be in Sacramento we still have professional sports and can have fun and go to games. Also this will mean big concerts and headline artists in Sacramento . because the artists will see how nice the new state of the art arena is and will want to have a concert here , names  like Jay -Z  , Snoop Dogg , Paula Abdul, Selena  Gomez, Madonna , Katy Perry headline artists like that will come to Sacramento and we will not have to go to Reno  or the bay area to see them perform.  and for all the WWE Wrestling fans like me , maybe we will see WWE WrestleMania come to Sacramento. all this and more we have to look forward too  !

Sacramento new arena pic 1

Jay Z and beyonce in Concert

Snoop Dogg Concert

WWE WrestleMania

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