Super Bowl Sunday This Sunday !!! NY Football Giants vs New England Patriots. February 4 2012

February 3, 2012

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So  this  Sunday February  4 , 2012  is the biggest day in Sports , almost a National Holiday people have parties get together with family and friends ! so We have New Yourk football Giants vs the New England Patriots . last time these two met  in  a Super Bowl the Giants won and ended the Patriots chance for a whole pefect season. I think the Giants will once again win the Super Bowl.  Eli Manning will have a big game and throw touchdowns and score toucdowns.  Well Go New York Giants, I am rooting for the Giants because I like the Giants because I like Peyton and Eli Manning they are great ahtletes and represent the  NFL and thieir teams well . i also like Peyton and Eli Manning in theri  Oreo cookies commercials too  because ilike the oreo cookies ! The Manning brothers  Dominate their sport !!

Eli Manning Super Bowl XLII MVP

some other thoughts on Super bowls is my dad has went to two Super Bowls one when the Cowboys in Buffalo  Bills met in Southern California in Pasadena, California and Michael  Jackson was half time show  this was in 1993. the second  super Bowl my dad went to was when the Raiders took on the Bucs  in  San Diego, my dad as well as Raider Nation were not happy with the results but at least my dad ahs been to two Super Bowls

have fun watching the game everybody with  family and friends  , eat good enjoy the day root for your favorite team between  the two team  and enjoy Madonna in the Half time show  !

super bowl party football party

my favorite super bowl memory is when 49ers beat San Diego Chargers in the 1995  Super Bowl and Steve Young won his first Super Bowl as a starting quarterback .   The 49ers won big time ! Jerry Rice was awsome  and had a touchdown in the game Go 49ers !

5 Super Bowl trophies 49ers  Steve Young and Jerry Rice winning the Super Bowl

 Jerry Rice and Steve Young winning the Super Bowl in 1995  againstthe San Diego Chargers showing why they were # 1

lastly enjoy the big game , the game ,the halftime show your parties  from  Phillip from Galt

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