Congratulations Iron Mike Tyson on Making the WWE Wrestling Hall of fame

February 3, 2012

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so the former boxing world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is going to be inducted in to the Hall of fame , The WWE wrestling Hall of fame to be exact this year the night before WrestleMania  !! Mike Tyson is a great athlete and had a lot of Knockout  victories in his boxing career and deserves to be in a  Hall of Fame. He was the guest enforcer at a  Wrestlemania Main event Stone Cold Steve Austin  vs Shawn Michaels  HBK match !! he made sure the order  would be kept,  he knocked out  Chris Jericho  with his knockout punch. He  even  mixed  it up  with Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE. Congratulations to Iron Mike Tyson for being inducted in the WWE Wrestling hall of fame ! Well deserved and  Hats off  to you from your fan Phillip from Galt .

Mike tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE champion WrestleMania

Mike tyosn boxing

Mike tyson Knocking out Chris Jericho WWE

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