I'm going to Arden fair Mall today to shop !! The Mall is fun !!! from Phillip from Galt

January 27, 2012

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Yeah so It’s me Phillip from Galt.  I am going to  the Arden fair Mall today !!!! I am going shopping and havign fun . The Mall is fun because we  get to  shop and get what we want , there is food at the mall !!  I am going to the Mall  for  maybe a football jersey and for a cool t-shirt.  also I get to see  other shoppers and pretty girls  there at the Mall Burger king and Toys R us are by the mall too so  I might go there too . Well I will report back to you next time and tell you what I got at the Arden fair mall and tell you if I see and meet any pretty girls  too   . well if you go to Arden fair mall be safe and have fun shopping from your friend Phillip from Galt.  !!

Arden Fair Mall

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