Songs of the Week from Phillip from Galt.

January 21, 2012

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It’s me Phillip from Galt. and wanted to try something new on my blog . Song of the week. Song of the week can be new or old  , rap , hip hop , pop , dance or what ever I want to choose. This is so we can hear new songs and classic songs we haven’t heard for a while . I hope you enjoy the songs of the week for this week Friday January  20, 2012  from Phillip from Galt

This is Snoop Dogg’s newest song with Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars . It’s called Young , Wild and Free. It’s a cool song. with the legendary Snoop Dogg . and I like how they say we’re just having fun and don’t care who sees . this is diffinetly a cool song !!

This song is classic rap and old school rap and hip hop, the late 2 Pac featuring  Dr. Dre , California love. he give Sacramento a shout out, Sacramento where you at !!  a fun fact about this song is UFC and former WEC fighter cage  fighter  Sacramento ‘s very own Urijah Faber uses this song as his  entracnce song when he makes his way to the cage before his big fights !! Shout to Urijah Faber !!    from Phillip from Galt .  enjoy the songs of the week !

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