American Idol 2012 starts this week, be on the look out !!!

January 13, 2012

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Yes , that’s right !! It’s that time of year again ! American Idol 2012 Starts this week. I can’t wait to see all the singers on American Idol. All the contestants all the good the bad and yes the ugly !!!  Yes I do like to hear  the amazing talent out there and everyone has a journey how they got to Amercian Idol and  no story how they made it on American Idol is the same.  but some of my favorite  American Idol shows are the early episodes of when the season first starts, because  we get to hear all the funny and  good performances . I will always remember Pants on the Ground song from American Idol .  So my advise is to check your local listing on Fox  and make sure you tune in !! It’s Ryan Cecrest’s last season on American Idol as the host.  which lead me to this who do you think should host the show after  Ryan Cecrest leaves ?   and his famous catch phrase Cecrest out !! Well  I guess  Cecrest will really  be out !!!!!  like outside after this season.  I want to be the next Emcee and host of American Idol and introduce the judges and contestants on the show  and the songs the contestants sing !!  If I hosted American Idol I would say Phillip from Galt in the house !!!  Enjoy American Idol 2012 from Phillip from Galt .

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