Sacramento Kings game yesterday January 5 2012 first game of the post Paul Westphal era Sacramento Kings vs Bucks

January 6, 2012

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So last night JayMarzz and I went to the Sacramento kings game vs The Bucks and the Kings won 103 to 100 . JayMarzz was my secret santa from our Christmas party here at hot 103.5 and his gif inculded Kings tickets to last nights Kings game vs the Bucks. Sacramento fired coach Wetphaul earlier in the day and was guided under new headcoach Keith Smart. the games was great . Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins had a big game.  I got to take a picture with the  Sacramento Kings dance team girls and they are pretty and after the game I hung around to  get autographs of former  Kings player Bobby Jackson current  assisstant coach and  Jerry Reynolds too . It was a  great game the Kings won  and hopefully can continue and can have a winning season  Go Kings from Phillip from Galt .  thanks JaYMarzz for the kings ticket and the great  seats .

me Phillip from Galt at the Kings game January 5 2012 against the Bucks kings won with the kings dance team girls

me (Phillip from Galt)  and the Sacramento Dance team

Tyreke Evans Sacramento Kings won against Bucks January 5 2012  Kings  player Tyreke Evans last nights game  January 5 2012 Kings win 103 to 100

bobby Jackson thank you to Sacramento Kings legend anfd great player Bobby Jackson for a radio shout  and for giving me an autograph on my jersey.

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