WWE Tribute to the troops was the best . from WWE fan Phillip from Galt

December 16, 2011

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WWE World Wrestling Entertainment put on it’s annual  tribute to the troops show on this past Tuesday it was the best. John Cena and Big show and CM Punk  beat Mark Henry Alberto Del Rio  and the Miz in a 6 man tag team match. john Cena is one of my  favorite  WWE Wrestlers of all time.

Hornswoggle was the ring announcer, becuase a few weeks before he won a Christmas Holiday Battle Royal and his Christmas Wish was granted by Santa Claus.  his christmas wish was to talk . so he was the ring announcer. Hornswoggle is great he used to be in DX with Shawn Michales and Triple H .

Also Mary J. Blige was there and put on a great  performance.  check out all the high light an picture of  WWE tribute troops . and thank you and God bless out tropps all the men and women   keeping our country safe .

WWE tribute to the troops pic 1

wwe tribute to the troops pic 2

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