Boyfriend of the Year . coolest NFL touchdown Celebration from the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills game Sunday November 13 ,2011

November 17, 2011

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David Nelson giving the football to his girl friend Dallas cowboys cheerleader

I’m a big sports and football fan . I saw some cool touchdown Celebrations before , like from one of my favorite players Terrell Owens , when he was 49ers  palyer and he scored a touchdown against Dallas Cowboys and stood on the middle of the Dallas Cowboys Star in the middle of the field or when Terrell Owens  scored a touchdown  and  grabbed someones popcorn  and ate some popcorn !! those were some good touchdown celebrations !   Well  last week Sunday November 13, 2011 from the Dallas Cowboys   game  against the Buffalo Bills . David Nelson , is a Buffalo Bills wide reciever and he has an NFL  cheerleader girl friend who cheers for the Dallas Cowboys     Kelsi Reich is her name. so David  Nelso scored Buffalo Bills only touchdown in the 44  – 7 loss to Dallas and when he scored hsi touchdown he was planning something all week  in case he scored.  So  Get this,  he scored a touchdown  and found his girl friend  on  the sidelines and gave her the toucdown ball !! now that’s pretty cool !! What a cool gift a touchdown NFL football. She can always think of her boy friend when she looks at that football now !   : -  ) from Phillip from Galt .

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