I (me Phillip from Galt ) Approve watching the Kardashians on television

October 21, 2011

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barrak Obama kardashians

So apparently President Barrak Obama doesn’t Approve of  watching of the Kardashians !  He doesn’t  let his daughters  watch the Kardashians . That’s a bunch of bull do do.   because I Diffinetly approve of watching the Kardashians. Kim, Khloe , Kourtney, . they are are all pretty and hot and Kim  and Khole are married and are family and bussiness women and the are pretty and sexy and I like them  and  Khole is married to  Lamar Odom . and   we get to see how the Kardashians live and what they do in there free time  and  we get to see  Bruce and Kris Kardashian’s  kids  kylie and Kendall and they are good role modles trying to  follow their dreams and go to  school.  The Kardashians are funny  and they are nice  and I appove of watching  the Kardashians and I approve of  Kim’s butt  !  I (me Phillip from Galt ) approved   this message  !!!  

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