Paula Abdul Will you Marry Me , Paula can you come to Sacramento to meet me your biggest Fan ? I love you . Also Paula I want to see you in concert can you come to Concert in Sacramento, can you fly me out to X Facor to meet you and interview you from your friend and fan Phillip from Galt

September 30, 2011

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Paula Abdul pretty lady 2010 American Idol finalle

Paula is my biggest Celebrity crush ever. I want to Say I am so glad Simon and her are on X Factor !!! Back together. I  look up to Paula Abdul and want to  meet her and interview her  on  Hot 103.5  and I want to see her in concert, she is the prettiest woman in the world and I hope she can come to Sacramento  or  Fly me out to X – Factor and make me very very happy  and meet me and give me a hug and kiss !!  I buy all of Paula Abdul’s cd when I see them. Paula if you see this  post can you  please come meet me in  Sacramento or Fly me out to X Factor to meet you and interview you  for radio !! Sacramento Hot 103.5  !!   I even call the breakfast Club  mix old school edition on Fridays to request your songs on DJ  Tosh’s mix  !!      Paula can you give me a shout out on X Facor  too from your friend Phillip from Galt  .  

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