Jenn Santich former Sacramento Kings dancer and current Kings Game Night host/emcee and Sacramento Kings dance Manager drops by Hot 103.5 September 2 2011 Friday to teach Hot 103.5 Morning Mess JayMarzz Roxy and Phillip from Galt a few dance Moves ! to get ready for Kings Dance Auditions coming up soon !

September 5, 2011

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so Jenn Santich stopped by Hot 103.5 Morning Mess JayMarzz , Roxy with  me Phillip from Galt in  my Sacramento Kings Ron Artest jersey  Jenn is a former Kings dance team member her self . now she manages the Sacramento Kings Dance team and is a Game night host when you go to the games  So Sacramento Kngs dance Auditions are coming up very soon  !  and we wanted to learn some dance moves to get ready and pumped up and get the information out that auditions  are coming soon !  And No I am not trying out for the kings dance team ! They wish they could have me !  I can shake what my momma gave me check out my moves or just laugh at it either way I had fun when Jenn  came to studio, thank you Jenn Santich and good luck to all the Sacramento Kings Dancer team hoepfulls that will be trying out auditioning soon  from Phillip from Galt .

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