Hot 103.5 with Wendy Williams tv personality and talk show host comes to studio at Hot 103.5 Sacramento Thursday September 1 2011 Hot 103.5 Morning Mess JayMarzz , Roxy and Phillip from Galt interview Wendy Williams

September 5, 2011

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Wendy Williams tv talk show host


JayMarzz and Roxy and me Phillip from Galt we had a chance to interview Wendy Williams from tv and her talk show , she came to Sacramento to  go to thunder Valley Casino for her Live Tour last Thusday September 1 2011. I  gave Wendy flowers because I like her, listen to her reaction to that and when I asked her if she could slam dunk on Mayor Kevin Johnson former NBA player and star and  when I blew the Wennie Whistle for her  !! from Phillip from Galt .

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