What Does your town Need ? What My Town Needs to have !! What Galt Needs to be a better town from Phillip from Galt

August 19, 2011

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My  town is Galt . I  came up with some idea what my town needs to be  a better  town. My town needs  a Del Taco. I love Del Taco and we need it on the East Side of Galt  because that’s my side !! East of highway 99 ! Del Taco is  the bomb  !  french  fries  Burrito tacos oh , that’s what  Galt needs to be  a better town. We need a Wal Mart  because we don’t have ay where to buy our clothes in town. if  we had Wal Mart we could go buy clothes like 49ers clothes  Raiders  clothes like jerseys and we could  buy t shirts  we could buy  groceries  and  we could buy are sodas for 50 Cents and we could buy our  WWE wrestling toys there too , Yeah , Galt we  need a  Wal Mart ! Also  we  need some cool sports stuff like a football field , state of the art with nice seating with seats that have backs

and  we could have a NFL  team  have traing camp there. Also we need a  movie theatre so we can have something fun to do and  watch movies and not got to Elk Grove or Lodi  just to watch the moves, Yes  we  need Del Taco,  Wal Mart  and  movies to do something  fun and we need a nice football and sports field so we can ha ve cool sports like an  NFL  team  have training camp in Galt !1  that’s what my town needs to be  better !!  Wal Mart

Del TacoRoxy teatre

movie teatre

NFL training camp

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