Terrell Owens ! NFL Teams Get this man !! He'll score touchdowns get your team points and help your team win ! T.O. is a fun guy and has great touchdown Celebrations and is a playmaker . I'm a T.O. Fan . I hope The Raiders get him . Al Davis get T.O. in the Sliver and Black !

August 13, 2011

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 Yes, I am a Terrell Owens fan, been a big fan of him since he played for my 49ers and still am a fan. He’s Big play maker and will  get your team  points , touchdowns !!   Somebody has to sign him soon, He makes the NFL fun with his TouchDown Celebrations !! I really hope the Raiders sign him and we all Know Al  Davis would make that call too.  Al Davis this is your Big PlayMaker Bring T.O. Back to the Bay Area !  but no matter where he plays I will  look forawrd to him playing since I am a big fan.  Good luck T.O. on  when you get signed to your new team. I hope you win a super Bowl Championship !!

Terrell Owens former great 49ers wide reciever Eagles wide reciever and 2010 Dec 5 2010 Cincinnati Bengals NFL Season

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