Pro football Hall of fame, one of my favorite weekends ! One of my favorites of all time "Prime Time" Deion Sanders going in to the hall of fame today August 6 2011

August 6, 2011

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Yes Happy Hall of Fame Saturday August 6 , 2011 . Pro football hall of fame !  one of my favorite players athletes Deion Prime Time Sanders high Stepping his way in to the hall of fame today. I used to watch him as a little kid on the Atlanta Falcons ! then  he went to my 49ers ! San Francisco 49ers.  Man he had interceptions and touchdowns and helped the 49ers over come Dallas Cowboys in 1994  and went on to win  the Super bowl with the 49ers 5th Super Bowl title ! Man that was a great team Steve Young of course leading the 49ers as quarterback  and Jerry Rice  and Brent Jones on offense.  and  on Defense a rookie back then the great Bryant Young won a super bowl and Danna Stubblefiled  on the defensive line with Bryant Young  and Deion of coures and Merton Hanks and Eric Davis man that was a  great team with lots of talent !  I remember Deion Sanders high Stepping his way in to the end zone for a touchdown after a big  interception.  Then Mr. Prime Time went to the Dallas Cowboys and helped them  win a 5th Super bowl  too. he played  major league baseball to for numerous Team like the New York Yankees  , Atlanta Braves, and Cinncinatti Reds . he liked to have fun on the field and was a big personality on and off the field . was a shut down corner and battled some of the greats Like Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin who he was both team mates with and won super bowls with. Congratulations to the whole class of 2011  Pro football hall of fame ! and Congratulations Mr. Prime Time Deion Sanders. from  Phillip from Galt  .

Deion Sanders with the San Francsico 49ers 1994 5th super bowl title Prime time

deion Sanders 49ers high Stepping San Francsco 49ers 1994 Super Bowl 5th tittle Year prime time

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