Hot Songs !! you have heard these songs on Hot 103.5 . We are keeping Sacramento Hot !! My favorite Songs Right now on the radio Hot 103.5 ! August 2011

August 6, 2011

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Yeah so these are some of my favorite songs on the radio . Hot 103.5 we play all the best songs and keep your day Hot and moving !!  

I like Katy Perry , I’m a big fan of hers, she is great, I love her song T. G.I. F.  thank God it’s friday, I like when she says she went streaking in the  Park !! could you imagine streaking in the Park with Katy Perry ! that would be fun ! and she says she went skinny dipping in the dark ! this song is great ! puts you in a good day wether it’s friday or Not .

I like Selena Gomez, she is so cool, Who says !! who says you’re not Pretty , who says you’re not perfect.   Great Job Selena Gomez. everyone is pretty and perfect in their own way !

LMFAO-  Party Rock it another great party song, it’s fun song and good energy, love this song

and I like Black eyed  Peas  Rock that body, Black  eyed peas are an awesome group and  Will I am and Fegie they are cool  and I like all their songs and good beats !! enjoy the songs and click and listen to them if you like them too  like  me from Phillip from Galt 

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