favorite Summer Time Memories

July 30, 2011

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 so it’s summer, it’s hot and I was thinking of my favorite summer memories !  here are some of my favorite summer time  Memories.  do you remember these memories too . enjoy from your friend Phillip from Galt ! and enjoy the rest of the summer and have fun stay cool too.

Remember the  Ice Cream man, and we would run out side with our dollar when ice cream bars were a dollar or so and we  ran out side as fast as we could when we heard the  Ice Cream man music and we stopped him in front of our house and Got our favorite Ice Cream. Well if you remember that too, this is my favorite Ice Cream ,it is the WWE/ WWF Ice Cream bar, Because I am such a WWE / WWF world Wrestling fan Pro Wrestling fan this was my favorite.  it had cookie on the front and a picture of the Wrestling stars on the cookie and it had Vanilla and chcolate.  it was soooo  good. I hope  WWE Bring these back !  Ice Cream WWE bars, oh yeah Yeah ! it also came with a Wrestling trading card. Man I miss those Ice Cream bars, I hope WWE brings it back check out the video below !


my favorite Summer Song . Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Summer Time !  Fresh Prince of Bel air, I like to hear it on the radio of course of Hot 103.5 because  we are keeping Sacramento Hot !! and it’s a good song to play during all those bbq’s too during summer time .

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