My day at the California State fair Thursday July 21, 2011

July 24, 2011

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So I went to the California State fair this year on Thusday July 21, 2011 . some of the things I did and enjoyed were I bought  sports cards football and baseball cards at the shopping centers at the fair. I ate deep fried Oreos,  I ate corn dog and a slice of pizza and had a soda with it.  I saw a cool Car and I saw a Kangaroo and I ran in to celebrities too  check it out !  I had fun at the fair, if I could add anything to the fair i would add some more sports stuff like meeting  Sports stars from the 49ers Raiders or  WWE Wrestlers and getting their autographs. I like the shopping expos where  i got my sports cards . I would have cool concerts and acts like Snoop Dogg at the California State fair, could you imagine going to California State fair and meeting Snoop and getting his autograph and seeing him perform at the fair, I would get the  Village People too , I like the Village people , they would be cool to see perform and  Paula Abdul too she is my girl friend I love her, I love  all her songs and want to meet her, so I  hope if anyone from the fair sees  this can take a look at my suggestions for  conerts like Snoop Dogg and the Village people and Paula Abdul  !! and  also  have meet in greets with 49ers and Raiders and even with 49ers legends like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and get their autographs too and meet them for free and take picture that would be cool becaus they played here in the NFL in California for our 49ers .  but  Check out my pictures to see my trip to the fair,  and if you go to the fair, I hope you have fun and have deep fried Oreos that’s my pick at the fair  and eat pizza and corn dog too  from Phillip from Galt 

Current Governor Jerry Brown’s Classic Car 74 Plymoth !   he does not own the car anymore but he used to.   That’s how Jerry rolls !!

Governor Jerry Brown74 Plymoth car pic 2 California state fair July 21 2011

 Here is Me  when I saw Presidet Obama and his wife first lady Michelle, they were looking a little stiff though !! and they did not say much.  and even though I’m a proud conservative and republican I stopped by to say hi becaue after all he is the President,  I told him to lower our taxes !  Also it was nice of the the Obama’s to come to the California State fair .

me Phillip from Galt with President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama California State fair July 21 2011 democrat booth

 Last but not least , it’s not everyday I get to see a real Kangaroo. I thought you had to go to the land down under to see one ot those . 

Kangaroo pic 1 California State fair July 21 2011

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