No More America's Most Wanted on Saturday Nights Cancelled

July 17, 2011

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 Yes. America’s Most wanted is not longer airing on television .On Saturday Nights I do not go to clubs  and I do not go out . for a few years I have been watching America’s most wanted on Saturdays. Now I can not do that because the show has been cancelled. America’s mosted wanted first ran in 1988 and lasted until June 18,2011. The show and host John Walsh ( pictured below ) and the viewers like you who called in with  tips are responsible for over 1,000 catures that includes dangerous criminals from all over the show has put away such criminals like murders, rapists, drug dealers and terrorist.  John walsh was inspired to do America’s Most wanted when his young son was kidnapped and murdered. I think for the last few years the reason why I was drawn to the show was because I wanted to see the bad guys and the creeps and thugs be caught .but some of the stories I heard on there were so terrible I would have to change the channel because of what  some bad guys would do .The show had a great 23 year run and maybe might find a new network one day. and this is  for John Walsh , Remember ….. You  can make a difference .  from  Phillip from Galt.

John Walsh host of Americas most wanted

Americas Most wanted logo

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