I am ready for Some football !!

July 13, 2011

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  I am  ready for some football ! I want to see my  San Francisco 49ers and my Oakland Raiders and  Touchdowns ! and touchdown celebrations ! I want to see my favorite players like Terrell Owens, Vernon Davis tight end from the  49ers and I want  to see Peyton and Eli Manning the great Manning brothers two of my favorite players in the game today. Yes We will have football soon ! The LockOut will be over soon !  Football fans we will have football back. I want free agency to begin and see where all the free agents go !   I am ready for some football  ! Are you ?  from   NFL  and sports fan  and 49ers and Raiders fan Phillip from Galt .     Yeah  Football.  we will all know it’s football season when we see Peyton Manning on all the commercials, Oreo cookies, Pepsi, diet pepsi, the face of the of the NFL ! 

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning great quarterback two super bowl champions and great quarterbacks brothers at the Pro bowl Peyton from the colts eli from the New york Giants

Vernon Davis 49ers tight end

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