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Picks of the – Phillip from Galt – AFC / NFC Championship games

Jan 19

Donald J. Trump to be sworn in to office to become to new President of the United States of America tommorow January 20 2017 the 45th President of the United States

tomorrow January 20 2017  Donald Trump will be sworn in to office as the new  President of the United States the 45th President of the United States. There is a lot to be done on the day of the inauguration . The President elect Donald Trump will meet with President Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama for tea . and then off to the inauguration Mike Pence will first be sworn in as Vice President then  Donald Trump will be sworn in as  the 45th President of the United States. then from there it’s the  President goes to a luncheon and in the night time it’s the Presidential ball.  Then on Saturday and Sunday I bet a little rest and Monday President Trump will go to it and get to work and get things rolling and see how we can move the country in a different direction. We all will staty positive and together if we work hard and respect each other as Americans the we will see positive outcome with President Trump but it’s up to us to really make America great again ! we are the people and we have to make our situations good and the President help us along the way with policy  he puts in place. we should all be proud tomorrow as we are a country that can peacefully see the transfer of power from one president to another  President.



Jan 19

next week Sacramento sports hall of fame January 25 2017 Wednesday Press Conference at Thundervalle Casino ,Sacramento Sports Hall of fame Ceremony January 27 2017 Friday at Thundervalley Casino

Sacramento sports hall of famer Press Conference and Ceremony set for next week.  The Press Conference is set for January 25 2017 at ThunderValley Casino Wednesday the  Press Conference has the inductees speaking and telling what they are looking forward to  when they are inducted in to the Sacramento sports hall of fame. sports fans can meet the inductees like Dan bunz 49ers  , Derrek Lee , San Diego Padres , Florida Marlins  , Chicago Cubs   Ken O’Brien quarterback  for UC Davis aggies and New York Jests quarterback among others. t
At he Sacramento Sports hall of fame the inductees sign autographs for the those fans in attendance . The Sacramento Sports Hall of fame press conference will be held  January 25 2017 at thundervalley casino  starting at around 11am .  The Sacramento sports Hall of fame is a good week celebrating some of  Sacramento’s best sports athletes and good people in the community don’t miss out on the festivities  you and go to Thundervalley  Casino box office to get tickets or  look them up  at  www.sacsportshof.com



























Jan 12

Ken Norton Jr. is the right man to lead the Raiders Defense .Raiders sticking with Ken Norton Jr. for another season

Ken Norton Jr.  will still  be around and be the Raiders defensive coordinator . I think this is the right move.  Ken Norton Jr. is well respected and liked by his defense and the players that play for him.  Ken Norton was an awesome player and linebacker when he played. Ken Norton Jr. is a winner he’s a super bowl champion as  a player and as a coach when the Seahawks won the super bowl . Ken Norton Jr. also brought 2 players that contributed to the success of the the Raiders this season that’s  Bruce Irvin who played with the Seahawks won a super bowl when Ken Norton Jr. was coaching with Seattle and  Malcom Smith who was super bowl MVP  . Bruce Irvin and Malcom Smith made a lot of great plays and tackles and sacks and were all over the fields making plays for the Raiders defense this year.  I think Ken Norton Jr. also helped Kahlil Mack this season and helped him grow as a great leader for the Raiders team.  Ken Norton Jr  is  winner and a good coach and has a lot to contribute to the Raiders defense. I’m glad the Raiders will stick with Ken Norton Jr.  for another season. I think Ken Norton Jr. will learn from this year and learned what palys worked and didn’t work and the Riaders can make some good draft picks and free agency moves and the defense will improve next season. I’m glad Ken Norton Jr. will still be coaching the Raiders defense   – Phillip  from Galt



Oakland Raiders sticking with Ken Noton Jr. for the 2017 season


Ken Norton Jr

















Ken Norton Jr.  is a winner he helped the  49ers and and Dallas Cowboys win super bowls


Jan 12

Phillip from Galt picks of the week . Divisional round Playoff Picks

Jan 5

Phillip from Galt picks of the week – Wild card weekend NFL picks

Jan 5

Phillip from Galt picks of the week- NFL Wildcard weekend Picks

Jan 5

Sacramento Sports Hall of fame 2017 Friday January 27 2017

The Sacramento Sports Hall of fame is here once again. It’s an exciting time. The Press conference is gonna take place Wednesday January 25 2017 at Thunder Valley Casino . the pess conference is  open to the public and free the indctees talk about the Sacramento sports hall of fame and what it means to them to be inducted and then take interview from the media and then sign autographs for fans interested free of charge .  The Sacramento sports hall of fame is a fun time and the ceremony is awesome to hear their stories of how they go successful its a fun time for sports fans and the inductess say hi to the fans after or before the ceremony. Dusty Baker is the Washington Nationals manages and was the Giants manager and took the Giants to the 2002 World series Dusty is a world series champion as a dodgers player !!  Dusty is a Sacramento sports hall of famer he still comes by every year for the ceremony .  This  Years class id great  some of the athletes that got inducted this is year Ken O’ Brien former UC Davis quarterback and New York Jests quarterback !! Dan Bunz Super bowl champion and former linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers made the hall of fame , Dan Bunz made the “stop”  a play and game saving tackle that won the super Bowl for the 49ers !  Derrek Lee will be inducted this year. Derrk Lee had an outstanding baseball career  he played for the San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs Braves Baltimore Orioles , and was apart of the 2003 World Series champion Florida Marlins. Derrek Lee is an all star player and  gold glove winner too.  This is a great class of  the Sacramento sports hall of fame.  the ceremony will be Friday January 27 2017.  Congratulations to Patrick Underly this years special Olympics inductee Patrick has played all kinds of sports during his time in special Olympic and has many medals he won with his team  go to www.sacsportshof.com  for tickets and more information











Derrek  Lee playing with  the Cubs




















Dan Bunz  making the stop in the super  bowl  game winning tackle














Ken O’ Brien Former UC Davis quarterback and New York Jests quarterback


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Phillip from Galt Picks of the week – week 17

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Phillip from Galt 2016 year in review music 2016 George Michael songs and Prince songs

my 2016 year in review songs of 2016  radio show podcast