May 26

Retro Show old school music with Phillip from Galt and JayMarzz Marty Jannetty and Vader and Ronnie Lott shout outs

its old school and retro music with JayMarzz and Phillip from Galt  Hot 1035 Sacramento  Also I met Marty Jannetty WWF and WWE wrestler a WWF tag team champon and interconteintal champion  at the Sacramento Sports  collectors show  and I got a radio shout out from him.  check out the show  from Phillip from Galt






my friend Richard Marty Jannetty   interconteintal champion WWF tag team champion and  me Phillip from Galt  at the Sacramento Sports collectors show 2016 May 2016

Richard Mart Jannetty and me






















hot 1035 logo new 1







retro show










May 26

Ronnie Lott and group to help the Raiders build a new stadium in Oakland ? Maybe ??

Ronnie Lott one of the best  safetys and defensive backs in NFL  history hard hitting player  4x super Bowl champion with the 49ers and  a hall of famer such a nice person too played great for the 49ers, Ronnie also played for the  Raiders for a couple seasons.  there has been talk how Ronnie Lott might be heading a group of investors and that would also include another former Raider , former NFL quarterback and Raiders player Rodney Peete.  I hope this group can get together and help fund a stadium in Oakland and build a stadium in Oakland and keep the Raiders in Oakland in the bay Area where they belong. We’ll see if this leads anywhere. hopefully it does . build a new stadium in Oakland and Keep the Raiders in Oakland  !!


ronnie Lott 49ers  pic 5














Rodeny Peete Carolina Panthers







May 26

is this the Cleveland Cavaliers Year ? it might be !


The Cavaliers are in the Eastern conference finals they are playing the Toronto Raptors . the Cavaliers are up 3 games to 2 .  this could be the Cavaliers year to finally win the NBA championship and bring Cleveland Sports a championship. The browns have never won a super bowl and the Cavaliers have never won the NBA championship . LeBron James always has wanted to bring his home team the Championship. this year might  be the  Year he delivers a championship to the city  of Cleveland and the Cavaliers. I know that will make a lot of fans happy and make  LeBron happy. At one point  Lebron left the Cavs and went to the  Miami heat where him and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh  won the  NBA championship. a couple seasons ago Lebron came back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. the Cavaliers  could advance to the NBA finals and this could be the Year that the Celevelnad Cavaliers win the championship  and that the fans and city of Cleveland can celebrate a championship.



the Larry O’Brien  trophy NBA championship will the Cavaliers win the NBA championship



Larry O' Brien NBA championship Trophy













LeBron James wants to win his home town  Cleveland Cavaliers a championship.



Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers












May 26

San Jose Sharks advance to first Stanley Cup finals in franchise history

Congratulations to the San Jose  Sharks for advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals their first trip there in  franchise history . I’m wishing the  San Jose  Sharks the best in the  Stanley Cup Finals bring home the cup !




















Stanley cup trophy logo











May 19

my interview with Pete Rose All time hits leader world series champion – Phillip from Galt

at the Sacramento Sports Collectors show Pete Rose was there signing autographs. it was an awesome day and fun time.  Pete and I discussed the Hall of fame the World Series and more  have a listen









me and Pete Rose

















Pete Rose is a big WWE wrestling fan. he hosted WWE Raw and has been involved  at WrestleMania. Pete and I talk about WWE Wrestling me and Pete Rose are big WWe fans



Pete Rose WWE












Pete Rose won the World Series with the Reds and played for  and managed the Reds.


Pete Rose Reds 2













Sacramento Sports collectors show

May 19

Roger Craig 49ers Super Bowl Champion interview with Phillip from Galt at the Sacramento sports Collectors show

The Sacramento Sports Collectors show was held this past weekend May 14 2016 . It was awesome there was something for everybody. Sports cards ,action figures , jerseys and celebrity appearances autographs and live SPW Pro wrestling .  I had the chance to interview Roger Craig 49ers great , running back super bowl champion  , I interviewed  Pete Rose the all time hits leader world series champion . this is my interview with  Roger Craig 49ers great. this was a great event and will continue to be . be on the look out for the event next year








me and Roger Craig 49ers great super Bowl champion at the Sacramento sports Collectors show .


me and Roger Craig




















Roger Craig 49ers  running back Super Bowl Champion NFL great. Roger helped the 49ers win Championship one of the all time great running backs. I remember Roger scoring touchdowns and  running fast and hard !!



















Sacramento Sports collectors show

May 12

Phillip from Galt online radio show DJ Dr. J breakfast club mix Hot 1035 . radio shout outs from Ronnie Lott Fat Joe Hulk Hogan and Wade Barrett

my online radio show.  I have a radio shout out from Ronnie  Lott and Fat Joe and Hulk Hogan and Wade Barrett .   DJ Dr.  J in the mix.    check it out from Phillip







Phillip from Galt  wrestling manager mouth of the south jimmy hart  manger of  Hulk Hogan Million dollar man ted dibiase  irs  money  inc Jaymarzz WWE interconteintal champion Wade Barrett Bad news  barrett Nov 12  2014  Wednesday














DJ sign

May 12

my favorite WWE current wrestlers.

some of my favorite current WWE Wrestlers  are  Roman Reigns. I think he is  a power house he is so  strong.  I like his spear move and he doesn’t  back down from a fight . !! He is a good WWE Champion I like his other finishing move the superman punch .  Roman says believe that  Roman  Reigns is one of my favorite  WWE Wrestlers . !!




roman reigns WWe champion 2
















I want GoldDust and R -Truth to be a tag team and WWE tag team champion. I like R- Truth I like when he says what’s up .  they are gonna call their tag team Golden Truth. that’s awesome !  GoldDust and R truth have both been tag team champions  with different  tag team partners and they have been successful WWE  wrestlers . I hope GoldDust and R Truth team up for golden truth and become  WWE Tag team champions .




Kofi_kingston_r-truth wwe tag team champions















R truth when he was tag team champions with  kofi Kingston



GoldDust has been a great wrestler for the WWE and has been interconteintal champion.
















R truth and GoldDust need to be a tag team. the Golden Truth.  they are both good wrestlers and I think they would win the tag team championships


















I also like Natalya Neidhart.  She is so awesome and  a great wrestler,  she does the  Sharp shooter like Bret the hitman hart her uncle . Natalya  is so talented in and out of the ring. she is a  great athlete and can make the other women in wwe  tap out. I think she is gonna win the WWE womens championship soon from Charlotte .





Natalya Neidhart former WWE womens champion




May 5

Phillip from Galt online radio show. Sacramento Hot 1035 Throwback mix

here is my weekly hot 1035 online radio show throwback mix  and  radio shout outs




me with Fat Joe radio

May 5

Ronnie Lott hosts annual ALS Walk at his Tracy toyota car lot

hall of famer , Super Bowl champion , one of hardest hitting  safety and best defensive players in NFL history Ronnie Lott hosted the annual  ALS walk at his Tracy Toyota  car lot. Ronnie Lott and Shondra Scoggins put on the ALS walk and in memory of Shondra’s husband Eric Socggins and he was Ronnie Lott’s  team mate on the 49ers and USC in College. ALS is also know as  Lou Gehgrig’s disease  . ALS effects the never system its hard to walk and talk its a progressive disease. the funds Raised by the Walk go to  research and pacients suffering from ALS to hospitals and to a place that takes care of the pacients that have ALOS.  I say that Ronnie Lott and Shondra are very kind hearted and  do a lot for  the community   this is a great community event and it will help out people suffering from ALS.  thank you Shondra and Ronnie Lott .




walking the ALS walk with Ronnie  Lott  waiting to cross the street safely  !


me walking with Ronnie Lott

















me and Shondra Scoggins  Eric Scoggin’s wife  . Eric’s vision is the program and the ALS walk is in memory or Eric who was Ronnie Lott’s team mate with the 49ers and at USC . Eric Socggins has ALS and battled it  . Ronnie and Schodra would go to pray with  Eric and take him to Dr. Apponitments. The funds the ALS walk raised is donated to hospitals and even donated to  pacinets locally who have ALS to go to get care and for Doctors appointments and visits ect and for their health care costs.  we are the funds go to research for ALS.   Ronnie Lott and Shondra host the ALS walk annually


Phillip and Shondra scoggins




















49ers great super bowl Champion hall of famer  Ronnie Lott and me Phillip  and Karen Lott  Ronnie’s wife a the ALS walk


me and Ronnie Lott and Kareen Lott  ronnie's wife