Jun 23

DJ Mix Phillip from Galt online radio show Big Show WWE Shout out and Stockton Con

I got a DJ mix to listen too . I also met the Big show and he gave me a special shout out for my friend Bradley and me too.   Well check it out and I talked about Stockton Co august 20 – 21 2016 at Stockton Arena  Scott Hall Kevin Nash and X -Pac a mini NWO  reunion for all the WWE and WCW wrestling fans . Stockton Con is always such a fun good event !!

















big show and tim white wizrd world
























Stockton Con is such a fun good event all the celebrities are there.  its a good time .  the prices are affordable  to spend money and get autographs and admission they have family activities costume contests toys and more and The WWE  WWF wrestling legends . don’t miss out  Stockton Arena !





Jun 23

Special Olympics Northern California Summer State Championship games at UC Davis this weekend Friday june 24 -26


This is a special and big weekend.  Special Olympics Northern California will be hosting their summer games championships this weekend Starting June 24 will be opening ceremonies with lighting of the  special Olympics flame.  I know they are doing a torch run with Law enforcement Galt Police department will be participating  and will deliver the torch to Elk  Grove  Police Department.  I know the sporting events  at the Northern California special Olympics games will include track and field 100 yd race 200 yd race 400 yard race  , shot put,  relay race, swimming bocce ball and more . there are team from all over  Galt , Modesto, Fresno  , Merced . so if you are in town check it out the games will be at UC Davis  Toomey field and Howard field  Saturday  the games go  from 7:30 am – 3p   Sunday  the games will be 7:30 to 3p. so come  out and support the special Olympics athletes. We appreciate the support.   also  I  know I will be  at competing in the 100 yd race 200 yd race and shot put . here I me in action at the last track meet in Roseville Special Olympics track and fields games .  I wish all the the athletes the very best ! compete  hard ! I want to tell all my Galt Chiefs team mates the best too. we have 5 athlete including me competing we are called the  Galt chiefs



2016_SummerGames SONC














me  racing I’m in  the red . Galt Chiefs


racing special olympics



























me   doing the shot  put


me shot put




Jun 23

WWE coming to Stockton Arena Saturday August 6 2016

WWE fans get ready . WWE is returning to  Stockton, Ca this August 6 2016  Stockton Arena CA. aww I love the WWE . some of the wrestlers that will be there is new  WWE champion Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, Ambrose and Rollins will be beefing over the WWE championship  , The divas like the boss Sasha Banks will be there. maybe Charlotte Flair maybe the Natalya. you never know who will show up live for  WWE Stockton. I know one thing it will be  fun the Arena is awesome there is not a bad seat in the house. !! check it out WWE fan all the body slams and wrestling matches and more !!


August 6 2016  WWE Stockton Arena



Jun 23

Cleveland Cavaliers NBA World champions. LeBron “King James” brings championship home

Congratulations to The Cleveland Cavaliers the NBA World champions. The Cavaliers and the Warriors went to a game 7 . It was a good NBA finals series. Very competitive and heated at times . lots of talented players like on both sides like Step Curry , Draymond Green ,  Clay Thompson , Lebron James , Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. The Cavaliers were down in the series and came back to win the NBA championship .  also something else  LeBron the hometown guy brings home a NBA world Championship to the Cleveland.  LeBron started his career as a Cavalier then we all remember he made “the decision” which was on ESPN where he announced he was taking his talents to south beach to the Miami heat. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade all won the  NBA championship  with the Miami heat together.  The Cavalier fans were upset at  Lebron for leaving Cleveland they felt like he sold out. But a few seasons ago LeBron made his return to the Cavalier. LeBron always wanted to bring the Cavs a championship and this year he did !!  Cleveland sports  , the  browns, Indians  and Cavaliers have had a long championship  drought. Now its over now that Lebron and the Cavaliers won the championship. Lebron was too much  , he was a scoring machine and went off scoring .  Congratulations to the Cavaliers and Lebron Jame hometown guy for bringing his home team a championship , what a sweet feeling it is  to bring home a NBA championship to your hometown team !!


cleveland Cavaliers NBA champions















Lebron Kevin Love Kyrie Irving




















Jun 17

Interview with Caroll Spinney voice of Big Bird Sesame Street Wizard World Con June 17, 18 , 19 Sacramento Convention Center downtown.

Wizard World happening this weekend. downtown Sacramento at the Convention Center.  one of the special guests is Caroll Spinney the voice of Big Bird. I went to the media press pass party and had fun and interviewed  Caroll here is my interview click the play button.  from Phillip .







here are some pictures of the the party at dive bar .


Wizard Word media part pic 3 me Phillip and Caroll Spinney voice of Big Bird June 16 2016












me and Caroll Spinney Voice of Big Bird





big bird 2













fish tank at dive bar down town Sacramento


Wizard World Media party  June 16 pic 1



















me and a mermaid at dive bar Wizard World media press party


Wizard World media party pic 4 me and mermaid

Jun 16

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 DJ Mix Podcast shout outs from Natalya the Bella Twin Sgt. Slaughter and Rick Barry Golden State Warriors champion

smile face DJ  turntables












hot 1035 logo new 1











Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors


















sgt. Slaughter


















Natalya Neidhart former WWE womens champion

Jun 16

Arik Armstead 49ers defensive end interview with Phillip from Galt / Sacramento Pro developmental basketball league Monday and Wednesdays Capital Christian Center

Yesterday I had a chance too go to the Sacramento Pro developmental  basketball league game.  They play games at Capital Christian Center  Monday and Wednesday nights .   Some players go on to  play over seas and play professional ball in the NBA . infact some players in the NBA played in the Pro developmental league like King Center Wille Caulie Stein most recently played ! Matt Barnes played in the league, Bobby Jackson and Kevin Martin too.  the games have a lot of action and scoring and  its a fast paced game  the guys play fast.  you never know who you’ll see at the game. Gus Armstead runs the league , Gus Armstead’s son is 49ers player defensive end Arik Armstead. Arik is now in his 2nd year with the 49ers, he is big tall guy 6 foot 8 inches and  the 49ers have Deforest Buckner Arik’s team-mate at Oregon  and now they both will be on the defensive line for the 49ers !! Quarterbacks  be ware Arik Armstead and Deforest Buckner are gonna come  after you all game !!  that’s what I talked to Arik Armstead about the upcoming  49ers and NFL season take a listen here !!





Jun 16

Stockton Con Kevin Nash aka Big Daddy Cool Diesel WWE Hall of famer & Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon coming to Stockton Con August 20- 21 2016 at the Stockton Arena

WWE Hall of famer Scott Hall Razor Ramon from his WWE/ WWF days  will be at Stockton  Scott hall was the interconteintal champion he was one of the best champions he had his Razor Edge finishing move where he hoisted his opponent over his head and slammed him to the mat.  Razor Ramon was also a founding member of the NWO along with Kevin Nash big Daddy Cool Diesel and Hulk Hogan the nWo was a great group Hulk Hogan was the champion and leader Kevin Nash and Scott  Hall were the outsiders joining  WCW  after they left the WWE/ WWF . The group  feuded with Top WCW stars like Sting  , bill Goldberg , Lex Luger , booker T  .  NWO won a lot of championships. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall  were tag team champions too while Hulk Hogan was the WCW champion.   Big Daddy Cool Diesel  Kevin Nash will be at the Stockton Con too. Diesel  was the WWE Champion he beat Bob Backlund in 8 seconds at  Madison squared  Garden . Diesel was also tag team champions with Shawn Michaels the 2 dudes with  attitudes . Diesel had the  Power-bomb Jack- Knife finishing move.  this is gonna be fun meeting 2 wrestling legends Champions ! it will be a mini NWO  reunion ! Don’t miss when Kevin Nash Diesel and Scott Hall the Outsiders from the NWO when they are there  at Stockton Con in beautiful Stockton, Ca at the Stockton Arena !  August  20 -21    it’s always fun time at Stockton Con. They also have local wrestlers , wrestling matches in the  ring outside  of the arena from SPW Wrestling Supreme Pro Wrestling !  go to www.stocktoncon.com for more information to stay updated on guests and more  fun.


Kevin Nash  big daddy cool diesel















Soctt Hall  NWO  Stockton con


Jun 16

Warriors vs Cavs game 6 tonight June 16 2016

Golden State Warriors could win tonight in Cleveland and be back 2 back champions if they defeat the Cavs  in game 6. Right now the series in Golden State Warriors 3  Cavs 2 .  my prediction is  the Warriors are gonna come big tonight the splash brother Clay Thompson and Steph Curry are gonna hit those 3’s and Draymond Green is back from his game 5 suspension .  Draymond Green will play intensity  and I think Warriors are gonna play with fire in their eyes. I think the Warriors win tonight and become back 2 back  champions !  Go Warrior Go. ! Golden State Warriors !















Golden State Warriors









Jun 10

Wizard World coming to Sacramento Convention Center June 17 18 19

Wizards World Con Sacramento
























Big Show Andre the Giant memorial battle royal winner Wrestlemania 31 winner












Wizard World comic con coming to  Sacramento. June 17  18 19 . a big 3 day event with Celebrity guest appearances , autograph opportunities and photo ops. What a great event.  go to www.wizrdworld.com for all your information. a few guest  that I’m really excited how about  Reggie Jackson one baseball’s great he played for the Yankees and the Oakland A’s . a 5 time World  Series Champion . Reggie won World Series with both the Yankees and the Oakland A’s Reggie was Mr. Clutch in the play offs earning the nick name  Mr. October.

another guest appearance I am happy for is WWE all time great The Big show. Big show has done it all  he’s been   a WWE Champion a WCW Champion ECW Champion he’s won the tag team championship and the United  States Championship and Interconteintal championship and was a hardcore Champion and At WrestleMania 31 at Levis Stadium in  Santa Clara The big Show won the  Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. What a great WWE wrestling career.    Big show will be signing free autographs at  wizard con. so check it out .  for tickets and information go to www.wizardworld.com  and go to the Sacramento Convention Center downtown Sacramento to the box office you may be able to buy tickets there.    this will be a big event.    check it out don’t miss it  !!