Jul 2

happy 4th of July best of America and USA !!! have a safe 4th of july

I love 4th of July its a great day. we are celebrating our  freedom and blessing in our Country. I like when we wave the American flag and we where our Red ,white and Blue. we love our country and thank you those who have served in the past or currently serving all the brave men and women of the military . thank you to the troops who defend our country and keep us free. God bless you and God bless the USA!!!!  everybody have a safe 4th of july and be safe on the roads ! No drinking and driving. if you light fireworks off be safe too .we should be thankful for our freedoms , freedom of religion to believe and practice any religion and pray , and our freedom of  speech to say what we think and speak out when we want to and stand up for our rights !


American flag


Ameriican flag















American troops the brave men and women who serve and have served our country defend our country and freedoms ! thank you .



American troops















Jul 2

AL Davis late great raiders owner born on the 4th of July.

during  4th of july I think about Al Davis one of the best owners ever in football he built his team on commitment to excellence . Al  Davis said ” just win Baby” he  gave everybody a chance and thats what i respect about Al Davis he hire Art  shell former offensive linemen and super bowl champion and hire Art Shell as the first african american as headcoach in the modern era. Al Davis gave Jim Plunkett a chance to continue his career after he was cut by the 49ers and after he played for the  Patriots. He hired the first Latino headcoach Tom flores and Tom flores and Jim Plunkett who I mentioned won 2 super bowls together as coach and quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis signed  Jerry Rice after Jerry Rice left the 49ers he signed Ronnie Lott after he left the 49ers , Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice 49ers super bowl champions and legends for the 49ers and let them continue their careers on The Raiders. alot of players love Al Davis and Al Davis always did what he thought was right.  RIP Al Davis  born on the 4th of July

AL Davis Raiders

Jul 2

Sacramento Kings say good bye to Longest tenure Sacramento king player Jason Thompson and Carl Landry . going to 76ers

Sacramento kings saying good bye to Carl Landry power forward .Landry was in his second stint with the Sacramento kings he spent the 2010 -2011 season with the kings and then went to the New Orleans Hornets and to the Golden St. Warriors.  Landry then came back to the kings in the 2013 season making this was his second go  around with the Sacramento kings. Carl Landry played hard for the Sacramento kings and provided some good positive energy while in Sacramento . Landry will be going to the 76ers


Sacramneto king Carl Landry 24

















Jason Thompson the Sacramento kings longest Sacramento kings tenure player played with the kings since 2007. Jason Thompson hung in there and played for  lots of coaches and played with lots of players/teammates  . Thompson provided some good positive energy and was a leader on the Team while he was here in Sacramento. sending Jason Thompson a shout out .  JT is going to the 76ers too !!


Jason Thompson Sacramento kings




Jun 25

Oxford Dictionary adds new words for 2015 -check out a couple of my favorite words

Oxford dictionary always has to keep up with all the news saying and words so they added new words for 2015 ! here is a couple of my favorite words now in the oxford dictionary


Photo Bomb – its definition – inserting ones self in to someone else’s   photo  .   check out some of these  photo bombs !!


The Rock A WWE champ photo bomb  . that would be so  cool  to run into the rock and for him to photo bomb your picture

photobomb the rock


























photo bom squriell



















photo bomb girl




















Fo’ shizzle  –  this is the  “word ” Snoop Dogg made up.  the meaning is for sure !!  so when you are talking and you agree with somone you can say fo’ shizzle  !!!



Jun 18

Phillip from Galt music hits for the week june 18 / Sheila E shout out









Sheila-E drums 1

Jun 18

Sheila E Rocked it Yesterday June 17 2015 at the Capitol Sacramento CA legendary Sheila E

legendary performer artist singer drummer Sheila E was in Sacramento Yesterday Wednesday June 17 2015 .  Sheila E performed some of her legendary hit like Glamorous life, Erotic City a song she and prince sang together,  A love bizarre.    the event was at the state Capitol on the West Steps  hosted by the black Legislative  Caucus .  over 2,00o people showed up to Capitol park to enjoy the Event  . sheila e loves her fans, she is a bad bad woman on those drums , she really puts on a great show its like a party.   people snag with her and danced . Sheila E loves her fans and we her fans love her, she signed autographs for the fans after the concert. Sheila E is also a big Golden State Warriors fans she was excited about the Warriors win the NBA Championship. It was a great concert. food truck showed up and  the volunteers and security worked hard. I had a good time and met Sheila E she is so nice and down to earth and a great person . it was cool to see a legend like Sheila E and meet her and she is so nice she made my day.


Sheila E June 17 2015 Wednesday  State Capitol building


State Capitol building  Sacramento

Jun 18

Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA world champions ! congratulations !

The Golden State warriors are the 2015 NBA world champions! Congratulations to the warriors and their fans !!  the Warriors beat the Cavs in  6 games to win the NBA championship . The Splash brothers Klay thompson and especially Step curry were on point  !!    Curry always kept the Warriors in  all the games. The MVP  of  the NBA finals was Andre Iguodala he  has some big baskets and big shots ! Iguodala is the first player to win the NBA finals MVP to not start all games in the series so that speaks to the type of series he had he kept the  Warriors alive in games too.    The Warriors represent  California and the Bay area the best. Oakland fans and Bay Area fans deserve this .  Oakland fans like Oakland A’s and Raiders fans are the best and most Loyal fans !    Warrrriorrrrssssssssss  !!!   World NBA Champions  The Golden State Warriors  !

golden St. Warriors 2015 NBA champions





Jun 18

Donald Trump joins the GOP and announces he will Run for President ! The Donald ? the next President ?

Donald Trump announces he will run for President.  Donald Trump would be a very interesting President of the United States .  He is very out spoken and says whats on his mind !  Also I think he is rich enough to share his moeny with all of us. He is a smart  bussiness man so he would know how to help the nations dept maybe help get us out of dept.  Trump is quite the character too.  he  is also a big  WWE wrestling fan  and he has hosted WrestleMania  2 times at Trump Plaza  . he is friends with the Chairman of  WWE Vince McMahon and has made appearances on WWE on Monday night Raw he is also friends with Hulk Hogan and John Cena 2 top wrestling champions of all time.   We’ll see how Trump will do in GOP race, very interesting  !

Donald Trump announces he will run for President this week

donald Trump  WWE

Jun 11

Phillip from Galt music Jams of the week. june 11 2015

here is my music Jams of the week . click play and listen have a good week .




Turn up the  radio Jams my online show Phillip from Galt  !

clip-art-listening-to-music turtle

Jun 11

Lets Go Golden State Warriors NBA finals

The Golden State Warriors are in the  NBA final they could win the championship again ! the last championship was when Rick Barry was playing for the  Warriors in the 70’s in 1974 .  Warriors are down 2 games to  1.  The Warriors play tonight against Cleveland Cavs in Cleveland . I hope we get some good play for the  Warriors  and especially from the Splash brothers  Klay Thompson and Steph Curry . I hope they hit lots of 3’s can tie up the series. The Warriors will do awesome if Steph Curry and Klay can get back to making big  baskets tonight the warriors will tie this up and bring the series back to Oakland and win a championship. Go Warriors beat the Cavs  .

Go Warriors














Golden St. Warriors  vs clevlend Cav 2015 NBA finals