Jul 23

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Jul 23

Stockton Con Coming to Stockton, CA weekend of August 9-10 Stockton Arena, Super herose, comic book artists , movie stars and WWE Wrestling legends will be in the House ! Hacksaw Duggan hoooo-ooooooooo and Jake the Snake will be there !

Stockton, Ca  . I got a cool event to tell you about Stockton Con at  Stockton arena in Stockton, CA.  Super heros will be there. and you can come  and represent your favorite super hero there will be a costume contest at the  Stockton Con . comic book artists will be there, the artists that actually  draw you favorite comic book characters, movie stars will be there.   there will be an independent wrestling show  with the wrestlers of Pro Wrestling bushido .  bobby hart wrestles there , sir Samari, Torch !!  also WWE wrestling legends will be in the House !!

Hacksaw  Jim Duggan  remember he  represented the USA  , he carried the American flag   old  glory to all the matches  he wrestled in,  he beat King Haku and was the King of WWE / WWF  he had the football tackle move !!  Hoooooo - ooo ! Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be in the house  at Stockton Con August 9, 10   2014  check it out.

Hacksaw Jim Dugga

Also Jake the Snake  Roberts will be in the house  too  ! Jake the snake Roberts is also a  WWE hall of famer.    Jake the snake  his vicious  DDT  finishing move ! he always carried damien  his huge python in toe in a bag when he wrestled in a match and he has a king cobra snake too. i hope he doesn't bring his snakes to Stockton  Con ! well  go out to  Stockton con August 9  and  10

Jake Roberts

Jul 16

Lebron James Returning home to Cleveland Cavaliers ! / The best Returns home in sports/ Oakland Raiders/ Jerome bettis the bus and Hulk hogan WWE

So Lebron James mad his 2014 decision he is going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers . where he started his NBA career. he was only 19 years young when he first got drafted in the NBA. fresh out of high school .Lebron is from Ohio Akron, Ohio. Cleveland is his home town team. Lebron is an NBA MVP. and when he left his home town team than fans were not happy with him. fans burned his jersey. Lebron lead the Cavaliers to the post season and to a conference finals appearance. when he left the fans felt he was chasing money and being greedy . Lebron went to the Miami Heat to former super star team with him self and Chris bosh and Dwayne Wade. The heat and Lebron won 2 NBA championships Lebron was finally a NBA champion ! Lebron is a great scorer he can make the big plays and wants to be the one to make the game winning and big shots. he is an NBA finals MVP and champion with the Miami heat . Now Lebron is on his way back home he is goin back to where it all started his home town Cleveland Cavaliers and is making it right between him and his home town Cleveland Cavalier fans . they forgive him and happy to embrace him and have him back . they are hoping big things from their Cavaliers and hope Lebron can lead the way and bring them a championship .

lebron cleveland home

King James  all smiles he's headed back home back to Cleveland Cavaliers 

Best Sports Returns home

so I came up with a few other Big Returns home in Sports

1.) in 1995 the Oakland Raiders returned home to the Oakland and play at the Oakland Coliseum . the Raiders moved to Los Angeles after being in Oakland since the 1960's they won super bowls with guys and hall of famers like  Fred Belitnekoff Super bowl XI MVP .  and hall of famer tackle offensive linemen Art shell and Gene Upshaw . they had a really tough defense that put a lot of fear  in people Jack Tatum the Assassin and har hiting safety George Atkinson. the Raiders won 2 super bowls in Oakland  under Hall of famer coach John Madden and  Head coach  Tom Flores.   The Snake Kenny Stabler who could slitter away like a Snake that's how he got his nick name the Snake , Owner AL Davis was lured to LA to play in the Los Angeles Coliseum !! AL was commissioner of the AFL  American football league.  AL always took chances on players he got the "misfits" player of the league and put them on the Raiders. The Raiders moved to LA in 1982. and stayed there until  1994. They came back to  the Oakland  Coliseum in 1995.  they have had great memories since coming back they made the super Bowl in 2003 and were the AFC championship. they have had really great players like Tim brown they got Jerry Rice in 2001  and  Rich Gannon was league MVP. now the Raiders in 2014 are looking to get back to winning. having the Raiders in Oakland  feels right !! one of the best returns home in sports 

oakland raiders wallpaper 12

2.)  Jerome Bettis the Bus who played for the  Los Angeles Rams and  the Pittsburg steelers was a powerful powerful halfback he earned the nickname "bus' because how he ran over opposing player. he would rumble his way in the endzone. when Pittsburgh steelers made super Bowl XL against the Seattle seahawks Jerome Bettis  returned to his native Detroit , MI.   Jerome Bettis was always well respected but always wanted to get that championship ring and he was alreday a great back and had great numbers in rushing and touchdowns and Jerome  Bettis and the steelers won the super bowl !  and Jerome Bettis last game was at home and he went out as a Super Bowl champion. it doesn't get better than that ! 

nfl steelers super bowl xL bettis jerome 36 white 2006 stockpic1

3 .) Hulk hogan . when Hulk Hogan came back to the WWE , he went to the WCW in 1994 and he started the notorious faction called the NWO.    The Nwo went to wrestling wars with wrestlers like Sting and Ric Flair and other wrestlers in WCW.  Hulk Hogan was the champion in WCW but his wrestling will always be WWE where he was the best champion and  battled everybody and had big wins like when he body slammed Andre the Giant. when he beat the Macho Man Randy Savage. hulk hogan is the man and is running wild everytime he comes back to  WWE  is great.  it feel right he is the champion and has the 24 inch pythons and can run wild on you  !!  Hulk Hogan  may be done with his wrestling in ring career but he make appearances and can Hulk Up if he has too and can throw you out of the ring !  WWE is hulk hogan's home ! 

Hulk hogan WWE 2014 1

WWE Hall of famer Hulk  Hogan the Best WWE champion brother


Jul 9

Oakland A’s send 6 players to the All Star game , they aquire Jeff Samardzija starting pitcher from the Cubs

 The Oakland A's send  6 awesome players top the all star game. Yoenis Cespedes who is always on a tear with amazing power and always comes up with big plays in the outfield and can  provide big hits with his power, they send Brandon Moss who makes big plays and comes up with Big hits ! Scott Kazmir Oakland A's pitcher   who has been pitching really good .closer Sean Doolittle  made the all stars ever since taking over as  the Oakland A's closer he has been very entertaining he it seems like he plays with a chip on his shoulder !!  Sean Doolittle is intense on the mound . Catcher Derek Norris has made the all stars now . he has made some amazing  plays behind the dish  and has came up with some monster big hits .  and  Josh  Donaldson  made the all stars  Donaldson has been tearing it up.  he makes plays at third base and his bat is hot .   the A's players are scrappy and don't give up and  there is a different hero and somebody that steps up all the time !

 here is the  2014 All stars in their picture.  included is  newly aquired Starting pitcher the A's got in a trade with the Cubs  Jeff Samardzija.  Samardzija had his A's  debut on Sunday July 6 at the Oakland Coliseum  .  he struck out 5 batters against the Blue Jays.  Samardzija is intense. he had  a very good 2.83  ERA with the Cubs but because the Cubs are not a winning team and couldn't provide hits his record wasn't good. but now he 's with the A's   Samardzija is a big guy  he is intense he has the heat he has a fast ball  95 mph .    Samardija was a two star player at the University of Notre Dame he was a football reciever and was a good target for bardy Quinn he has good hands and was a reliable reciever making touchdowns and good cathees.   Samardzija  was also selected to the all star game but is ineligible because he made it as a  Cubs pitcher on the National  League but now he is with the Oakland A's  American league he will be sitting in the AL  dugout during the All star. Go Oakland A's stay healthy and continue the good year !!

Oakland As 2014 Alll stars Cepedes Brandons Moss Scott Kazmir pitches Sean Doolittle closing pitcer cather Derek Norris and Josh Donaldson and pitcher Jeff Samardzija

OAkland A's 6 all stars Cespedes ,scott Kazmir starting pitchers  , Brandon  Moss , Sean Doolittle  closing pitcher , Derek Norris Catcher , Josh Donaldson 3rd base and  making it for the NL  all stars but  he won't play since he is now  on the Oakland A's and in the American legue new pitcher  Jeff Samardzija  !

July 5 or 6 2014 newly signed pitcher Jeff Samardzija aquired for the cubs struck out 5 in his Oakland As debut

Samardzija's  Oakland A's debut was this past Sunday  July  6 2014 at the Oakland Coliseum he go the win against the Toronto BlueJays   and  struck out 5. here Samardzija is reacting after a big play  !!  

Jul 9

Celebrate 7 11 with free slurpee day . one small slurpee per person while supplies last ! this Friday July 11, 2014 7-11-2014

 so  you like slurpees. you like  the ice cold frozen drink ?? you want one? and for  free !!???  that's right  ...........   Free  !!    Free  !!   this Friday is 7-11-2014 when 7 -11 the convenience store celebrates celebrates free slurpee days !!  get a small slupee from starting at 11 am - 7p while supplies last !!  check out the flyer right here !! 

7 11 Slurpee free July 11 20 14

Jul 9

California State fair to Start this Friday July 11, 2014 – July 27 , 2014

 California  State fair  to start this Friday.  Go check out the rides , The  fair food !  I like corndogs and fries nothing to  fancy.  I like looking at the exhibits and the attractions .   There is concerts going on so check that out.  Joann Jett and the blackhearts will be out there . I liked that concert last time I went to the fair. Joann Jett knows how to put on a great show. i like her song  I love Rock n roll  !!   So go to the fair. and enjoy they have shopping  expo with a lot of cool thing like sunglasses  sports cards toys collectibles  !!   

California State fair 2

Jul 2

Phillip from Galt me hosting a mix that aired on Hot 1035 Sacramento CA DJ Spin dizzy morning show 7:30 am mix breakfast club mix Throwback Thursday mix

smile face DJ turntables

DJ Spin dizzy hot 1035 Sacramento  throwback mix thursday   me Phillip from Galt  on the mic  hosting and introducing a mix that aired on Hot 1035 morning show   4th of July online show Phillip from Galt  

Jul 2

Cookies ! Getting stuck in a tree ! Bear Getting stuck in a tree with you head stuck in a cookie jar !! picture

Cookies. I love  Cookies.  chocolate chips , oreos. all kinds.  So a Bear got stuck in a tree . and  somebody left a cookie jar out and the bear got his head and part of his body stuck in the cookie jar .  and he got afraid when people were trying to rescue him from getting un-stuck  from the cookie jar.  but he ran up the tree so the bear was stuck in the tree and with the cookie jar still stuck on his head.  they finally rescued the bear. I like cookies but I don't think  it would be worth getting stuck for  !  here is the picture below  !!  poor bear !!  I hope he feels better.  remember Whinne the  Pooh bear used to get stuck in the honey pot jar  !!    be more careful next time bear !!

Bear stuck in tree stuck with his head in cookie jar

Jul 2

2014 4th of July Hot dog eating contest Coney Island , NY

 So one of my favorite things about 4th of July is watching the big Hot dog eating contest .  its fun to see how much hot dogs these competitive eaters  can eat in a short amount of time. Joey Chestnut from out of San Jose  has the record of eating 69 hot dogs in the contest .  the ladies also have a contest too . the best  hot dog eating champion for the women is this little woman she is tiny but she can put away hot dogs Sonya Thomas ! she has the record for 45 hot dogs eaten during the hot dog eating contest. I think I might have 1 or 2 hot dogs on 4th of  July not 69 hot dogs !! not for me !! I like who ever wins the contest win the yellow mustard belt .  enjoy eating the Hot dogs everybody and Go Joey Chestnut !

Hot dog eating contest 4th of Juyly

Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest . 4th of July Coney Island , NY !

chestnut and Sonya Thomas

Joey Chestnut left and  Sonya Thomas right  !! Hot dog contest eating winning champions  Joey Chestnut mens champion and Sonya Thomas womens hot dog eating champion . 

Jul 2

happy 4th of July America

 happy 4th of July America ! have a safe and blessed day.  Freedom is not free. thank you to all the service men and women in the military past and present for keeping our freedom safe and our country safe.  We are the best USA 
USA USA  !!!  thank you for those that paid the ultimate sacrafice.   Have fun and be safe blowing up fire crakers. use safe and sane firecrackers only.  have a good feast on 4th good BBQ's and have fun with loved ones family and friends !!    keep your pets safe and inside a lot of dogs and cats and family pets get sacred so keep them inside for a safe 4th of July . We enjoy the best freedom we can say whatever we want and do what we want and do what we want. we have freedom of speech  freedom of Religions free to dress what we want to wear live where we want to live  do things in life what we want to do . God bless the USA   have a great holiday everybody 

God bless America 4th of July  Statue of Liberty

4th of july military 2