Feb 11

Phillip from Galt February 11 2016 radio online radio show radio shout outs and DJ SN1 NateDogg Mix

Latavius Murray running back from the Oakland Raiders was in town in Sacramento at Sam’s Club on Calvine rd with  Pepsi -Cola  it was a fun meet and greet autograph event.  Latavius Murray  just came off a Pro Bowl season he is gonna continue and be a good running back  for the Raiders    I also  put a shout in  from CoCo Crisp from the Oakland A’s he’s always productive and he is a big playmaker  for the A’s . I also put a shout out from  R- Truth I want R Truth to say Yes to GoldDust and be his tag team partner I think they will win the tag team belts when they  team up  that’s what up !


Latavius Murray Oakland Raiders running back



















coco crisp from  the Oakland A’s


Coco Crisp






















R truth  from WWE  What’s  up !

















I’ve got a DJ Mix from DJ SN1 the NateDogg  mix . check it out   !


hot 1035 logo new 1






DJ mix 2















Feb 11

Lodi Grape City Con happening This Saturday February 13 2016 10 am – 4pm at the Lodi Grape bowl Lodi ,CA Chavo Guererro Pro Wreslter gonna be there

Lodi, CA  at the Lodi Grape Bowl this Saturday February 13 2016 10 am – 4p it’s the Lodi Grape City Con happening. there will be memorabilia such as toys of super Heros and comic book characters , a super hero and comic book costume contest celebrity appearances from tv stars and comic book artists and  even Pro Wrestling star Chavo Guerrero he has been in WWE  and WCW and TNA Chavo Guererro  is from the famous Guerrero  family. his uncle Eddie was Latino  heat and the WWE Champion . Eddie and  Chavo were the tag team champions together. I like when Eddie and Chavo did the 3 amingos suplexing there opponent 3 time that’s why its called the 3 amingos. Chavo wrestled  Rey mysterio and had good matches with rey Mysterio. there will also be a wreslting independent wrestling matches those wreslters put on some great matces and its fan interactive its so fun.  so  come on down to the Grape bowl  lodi ca this Saturday 10 am – 4p  Entrance fee is  $7 dollars at the door. it will be a a fun day at the Grape City con


chavo Guerrero WWE Loid Grap City Con

Feb 11

Super Bowl 50 recap. Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl 50 champions and Lady GaGa singing the National anthem and best Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl 50  was this past weekend. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10 . the Broncos dominated the game. the defense was crazy good. They sacked Cam Newton and put pressure on him all day.  Peyton Manning finally got his second super bowl title and championship. Von Miller  linebacker for the Broncos had a big game and was  Super Bowl 50 MVP  he had six tackles 2 and a half sacks and  2 forced fumbles.
















Super bowl 50 Champio0ns Denver Broncos


















super Bowl  MVP Von Miller linebacker from the Denver Broncos was awesome he was all over Cam Newton he forced a fumble on Cam Newton that led to the Broncos winning the super bowl game. Von Miller  was a big play maker on Sunday





















Lady GaGa Sang the National Anthem great. Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem very respectfully. Lady GaGa didn’t wear anything weird but she wore something that fit her personality. I think Lady GaGa’s singing of our National Anthem rivals Whitney Houston’s national anthem singing.  Gaga  has a beautiful voice and did America proud. I am happy for lady Gaga good job Lady Gaga


LAdy gaga singing national anthem 1
















Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem prior to Super Bowl 50 at Levis Stadium . I think Gaga rivaled Whitey Houston’s national anthem singing


























the best super Bowl commercial I thought was the Mountain dew Puppy Monkey baby commercial the combination of a puppy a monkey and a baby  its cute and its funny.  I like that commercial . that’s some of the memories from Super Bowl 50


puppy monkey baby











Mountain Dew kick Start Puppy Monkey baby  commercial


Feb 4

Sacramento Sports Hall of fame 2016 press Conference interviews with Jerry Manuel and Urijah Faber former WEC champion UFC fighter

Sacramento Sports Hall of fame was on January 30 2016 at the Thundervalley. Sacramento Sports hall of fame has world series champions baseball players NBA Champions Super Bowl champion and Olympic champion and Special Olympic medal champions too. TC Martin he is a sports talk radio host and radio personality he’s been on radio in Sacramento is the founder of the  Sacramento Sports Hall of fame. The Sacramento Hall of famer gets bigger and bigger each year . you can meet the athletes its a great evening for friends family and fans. each year the fans vote for the inductees in October , the vote of who will be the next class to be inducted in the sports hall of fame gets announced in December the ceremony takes place a thundervalley in January. Keep up with the news see picture and profiles of all the Sacramento Sports hall of fame inductees at www.sacsportshof.com   check out my interviews with Jerry Manuel former baseball manager with the Chicago White Sox and he was bench coach on the Florida Marlins 1997 World series championship  team  also check  out  my interview with Urijah Faber UFC fighter and Urijah is intense in the cage fights he is a Champion in the WEC World Extreme Cagefighting Championship Urijah is hard worker and is class act and Urijah is tough andan exciting fighter with a great fighting record ! Uriah a  championship contender he is my interviews with the 2016 Sacramento Hall of famers Jerry Manuel and Urijah Faber. Congratulations to all the Sacramento Sports Hall of famers.  Also something else very cool and inspiring the Sacramento Sports Hall of fame always induct  1 special olympics athlete from Northern California and recognizes the top 5 inductees for the special olympics .




Urijah Faber made the 2016 Sacramento Sports hall of fame he is a championship fighter in  promotions he has fought in !

urijah faber fighting champion










Jerry Manuel managed the New York Mets as well

Jerry Manuel















me Phillip from Galt interviewing Jerry Manuel former baseball manger with the Chicago White Sox world series champion with 1997 Florida marlins bench coach  Sacramento sports hall of famer

January 28 2016 Thundervalley me Phillip from Galt interviewing Jerry Manuel Sacramento sports hall of famer













me Phillip from Galt interviewing UFC fighter and he’s been a MMA fighting champion in many promotions  Urijah Faber  Sacramento hall of fame press conference

January 28 2016 me Phillip from Galt interviewing Urijah Faber for Sacramento Sports Hall of fame





Feb 4

Phillip from Galt hot 1035 online radio show and Hot 1035 dj mix and Super Bowl show shout outs

this is Phillip from Galt online radio show me talking about the super Bowl and shout outs from super bowl champions and Hot 1035 dj  mix  from DJ SN1 and DJ tosh the All star mix show  Friday and Saturday nights !


Charles Woodson Super Bowl champion and one of the greatest defensive players intercepting Peyton Manning in the 2015 season

Charles woodson













Joe Montana and his offensive linemen bubba Paris 49ers super bowl champions play at CandleStick Park for legends flag football game

bubba Paris with Joe Montana super bowl champions 49ers






















hot 1035 logo new 1






smile face DJ  turntables






















Feb 4

my favorite Super Bowl players and coaches and super bowl moments
















with the Super Bowl this Sunday coming up I was thinking about a few of my favorite super Bowl players and super bowl coaches  and super bowl moments.


I like Coach Tom Flores from the Oakland Raiders he is a 2x super bowl winning headcoach he has  a super bowl championship ring as an assistant coach and as  a player. he has contributed so much . Flores is currently serving as a broadcaster on the radio with Greg Papa calling  Raiders games in the booth ,  Flores deserves hall of fame recognition he’s a winner and still involved in the game a broadcaster. Flores is one of my favorite super bowl champions .













Ronnie Lott is one of my favorite Super Bowl champions he played for the 49ers and is one of the hardest hitting players ever to play. he played free safety and was always making plays on the field . the ultimate team player, he cut off his finger so he wouldn’t have to  have surgery so he could still play and wouldn’t have to miss time a hall of famer and such a nice person  Ronnie is one of my favorite super bowl champions

Ronnie Lott 49ers























when the Oakland Raiders made the super bowl in the  2002 season the game was played January 2003 in San Diego vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . The Raiders had some great players and Super Bowl champions and hall of famers and lots of vetran presence on that team. quarterback Rich Gannon was MVP  he had a great offensive linemen including  tackle Lincoln Kennedy  and Jerry Rice played in that super bowl after coming across the bay from the  49ers and winning super Bowls for the 49ers but he led the  Raiders to a Super bowl  appearance and  Bill Romanowski one of my favorite players as well was linebacker for the Raiders and intense player and a playmaker he already won super bowl with the 49ers and  Denver Broncos .  it was a memorable season. unfortunately the Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they lost to a man that knew them very well former Raiders coach Jon Gruden .


Lincoln Kennedy played offensive linemen offensive tackle and blocked for  quarterback Rich Gannon MVP  and opened up holes for running backs Charlie Garner and Tyrone Wheatley. here is Lincoln Kennedy raising the AFC championship trophy in Oakland


















Bill Romanowski helped the Raiders get to the Super in the 2001 -2003 season super bowl champion with  the 49ers and Denver broncos

bill Romanowski















one of my favorite  halftime show was when the Cowboys played the Buffalo bill in Pasadena , Ca at the Rosebowl stadium  Michael  Jackson was the halftime entertainment he put on a great show and showed off his legendary dance moves and sang some great hits what a great performer Michael Jackson.  hopefully this super bowl also leaved us with some fun moments as well.

Michale Jackson super bowl halftime







Feb 4

Super Bowl 50 on Sunday February 7 2016 CBS 3:30 Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos my pick for the the super Bowl -Phillip from Galt

Super Bowl  Sunday  is this Sunday CBS  3:30  Carolina Panthers vs  Denver Broncos  in Santa Clara Levi’s Stadium the bay area. Super  bowl  50 is gonna be a good super  bowl. the Super Bowl match  up is Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos .  there are lots of  storylines . this could be  Peyton  Manning’s last run .  What a way to end your career go out as super Bowl champion .  Sacramento  we have a  connection to the  Super Bowl Shaq Thompson played for  Grant High school pacers.  Shaq Thompson will be playing linebacker in the super Bowl . Congratulations to Shaq Thompson and the Thompson family, hopefully he will have some big plays and can help the Panthers win their first super Bowl championship.  everyone enjoy your parties and enjoy  watching the game with family and friends . have and close out the football  season until next season.

I am picking the Carolina Panthers to  beat Denver Broncos with  a score of  Carolina 40  to Denver 35  !!!  that’s what I think from Phillip from  Galt

super bowl 50 Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Sunday February 7 2016 CBS 3:30p at Santa Clara in the Bay area

Bronocs vs Panthers  super Bowl 2













the 2 starting quarterback future hall of famer quarterback he already has won one super bowl when he played for the Colts Peyton Manning and the big playmaker and athletic quarterback  Cam Newton

Super Bowl 50 Panther broncos 1













Shaq Thompson Carolina Panthers linebacker to Play in the Super Bowl 50  this Sunday February 7 2016  . Thompson is a Grant High school  graduate out of Sacramento. I think Shaq will make a lot of plays to help Carolina to win the Super Bowl . Congratulations to Carolina  Panthers and  to Shaq Thompson and to his family rooting him on the a Super Bowl victory and championship.

Shaq thompson Carolina Panthers





Jan 21

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 This Sunday January 24 2016

WWE Royal Rumble this Sunday on WWE Network and PPV.  Roman Reigns is the WWE Champion.  Reigns has to defend the  WWE championship in the Royal Rumble against 29 other wrestlers. Royal Rumble is massive every man for himself. you throw you opponent  over the top rope  both feet have to touch the group to be eliminated . Roman Reigns  is the 1st in the royal Rumble so if he has to go the distance and last to the very end and everyone is gonna try to eliminate him to be the new WWE champion.  I think Roman Reigns can pull off the victory I think he will hit other  wrestlers with superman punch and spears and throw a bunch of wrestlers out til he is the winner and retrains the WWE championship.  Also WWE Royal Rumble we see suprise returns and entrants into the Royal Rumble  how about Rey  Mysterio one of the best WWE and World heavyweight champion a high flyer and he has the 619 returning to WWE in the Royal Rumble  I think we will see Rey Mysterio back in the WWE in the Royal Rumble. Rey is one of my favorite WWE wrestlers . !  have fun watching the WWE Royal rumble WWE universe .


I think Roman Reigns will keep the WWE championship and win the Royal Rumble .

Roman Reigns WWE champion belt 2












Rey Mysterio WWE World Heavyweight Champion .I hope we we a suprise return in the Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio and I hope he wins and becomes WWE champion and wins  WWE championship belt again !

Rey Mysterio10





Jan 21

Pete Rose going in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of fame

Pete Rose is getting in the Hall of fame. The Cincinnati Reds Hall of fame.  Pete Rose a 3x world Series champion 2 World Series with  the Reds and one with the Phillies. Rose is the all time hits leader and managed the Reds. he was banned from baseball  for betting on games when he was player and  manager. I think Pete Rose has given a lot to baseball and contributed and did a lot of good in the game of baseball so its time to acknowledge Pete Rose and  let him in the Hall of fame. I’m happy Pete Rose will get to be in  the Cincinnati Reds Hall of fame and that Pete can enjoy the moment and the accomplishments .

Pete Rose Reds 2

Jan 21

NFL Championship weekend AFC/ NFC Championship this weekend Sunday January 24 2016















AFC championship game














The AFC and NFC Championship game is this weekend .   For the AFC I am picking the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning to beat the New England Patriots and tom Brady. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning going against each other again. both quarterbacks are legendary  quarterbacks and  both have records and championships. I think Manning is gonna have a big game and  the Broncos defense is gonna be awesome  . I pick the Broncos to  beat the Patriots in the AFC championship.















in the NFC Championship I pick Arizona Cardinals. I know the Panthers are tough and awesome but I think the Cardinals are gonna win a close football game and big plays by Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are gonna be keys to  the Cardinals to win. I pick the Cardinal to  upset the Panthers.


















enjoy the football action and we’ll see the winners in Santa Clara,  Ca at levis Stadium for Super Bowl 50  February  7 2016 on CBS !!