Nov 24

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 Mix Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble til you Wobble Wobble Mix


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Nov 24

Brett Favre Set to have his jersey #4 retired at Lambeau field with the Green bay Packers this Thanksgiving November 26 2015

former Green Bay Packers quarterback  Brett Favre is all set to have his #4 jersey retired at Lambeu field by the Green Bay Packers when the Packers play the Bears this Thursday night Thanksgiving November 26, 2015 . Brett Favre spent 16 great years with the Green Bay Packers . Favre lead the Packers to  2 Supers Bowl games and 1 Super Bowl Championship. Brett Favre was MVP for the Packers. Favre broke records like passing records and touchdown records. he loved the game and was a great player and a great Green Bay Packer.  Congratulations. Brett Favre always showed up he started every Packers game from September 20 1992 – January 20, 2008. Brett Favre is one of the best to ever play his passion for the game is great too. an awesome honor for one of the best.

Brett Favre

Nov 24

rooting for Roman Reigns to win and Keep the WWE heavyweight championship

one of my favorite wrestlers is Roman Reigns. This past Sunday November 22 2015 at Survivor  Series Roman Reigns wrestled  his best friend and  tag team partner and former shield members  Dean Ambrose. Both  Reigns and Ambrose made it to the finals for the WWE championship belt.  Reigns and Ambrose gave each other all they had and after the match they shook hands and remained friends and I am happy about that.  Reigns was the New WWE champion,  then Triple H who has stacked the  deck against  Roman and even offered him to be in the authority came out and tried to shake his hand but Roman instead gave Triple H a  spear, and when Sheamus seen this he sneak attacked Roman and gave him the brogue kick ! and won the WWE championship because Sheamus cashed in his  money in the bank briefcase. I though that was terrible  . I think Triple H set up  Roman Reigns and had  Sheamus cash in.

Roman  Reigns since he was champion get his tile rematch ! the match will be  Sheamus vs Roman Reigns at TLC  Tables , Ladders and Chairs match !

Roman Reigns has been chasing the WWE championship all this Year. Reigns won the Royal Rumble and Went on to WrestleMania and Brock Lenar and Reigns beat the heck out of each other. Reigns had Lesnar down and Seth Rollins came in with his money in the bank and cashed in and  was fresh and took advantage of the situation and pinned  Roman Reigns to become champion after Lesnar and Reigns beat each other down.

Roman Reigns was close to winning money in the bank instead the lights in the arena went out and Bray Wyatt attacked Roman Reigns. through it all  Roman Reigns has  been wrestling match after match and put himself back in the title picture.  Reigns has been busting his butt and is a powerful wrestler lots of strength and one the best and hard workers in WWE . I hope at Tables Ladders and chairs Roman Reigns wins  the belt and has a great title run and title reign  !!!  Go Roman Reigns !! from Phillip from Galt !!

I hope Roman Reigns  get the WWE championship back he’s the man !!  He’ll be a hard working champion

Roman Reing with the WWE championship belt



Nov 19

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Nov 19

WWE Survivor Series This Sunday November 22 2015 / my Dream Team Survivor Series – Phillip from Galt

WWE Survivor Series is This Sunday we are gonna see a new WWE Champion ! Seth Rollins had to forfit the title due to injury and after that they had a WWE title tournament. We are down to the final 4 in one match  we have Roman Reigns vs  Alberto Del Rio current United States champion in the other match we have  Dean Ambrose vs  Kevin Owens . the winners of their matches will  face off in the final match for the  WWE title. I am rooting for Roman Reigns because he has been chasing the WWE title all year when he won the royal rumble  then he went to WrestleMania to Wrestle Brock Lesnar and in  the middle of the match  Seth Rollins cashed in his money in  the bank and won the title after  Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar beat each other down.  Now  Roman Reigns is close to the WWE title. I hope  Reigns and Ambrose don’t turn heel and we have a clean finish at Survivor Series.












I was also thinking of a  traditional Survivor Series elimination match . 4 on 4  ! I  came up with  my dream team for the Survivor Series. The brothers of destruction Undertaker and Kane the most dominant force in WWE together quite possibly. Kane and Undertaker have both been in WWE for at least  20 years. They are monsters and choke slam and tombstone their opponents and they don’t stay down they take pain and give out pain to their opponents . Also I would have a tag team of  Hulk Hogan and Sting and they would be tag team champions. Hulk Hogan and Sting are the also two of the biggest stars in Wrestling plus they wrestled with each other and  against each other they were in WCW and TNA Impact together. they have both been at the top and champions and did it the right way. Hulk Hogan has  the big leg drop which put a lot of wrestlers his opponents away. Sting has  the scorpion death drop and scorpion death lock. Sting and Hulk Hogan have both been wrestling World heavyweight champions and are top wrestlers and have beat top wrestlers too.  so I think Kane Undertaker the brothers of destruction and Hulk Hogan and Sting all have been wresting world champions would be the best ever Survivor Series team. I think that  they would eliminate  every member of the team  they face.

Wrestling fans enjoy  survivor  series this Sunday  from Phillip from Galt


WWE survior series team dream team Undertaker Kane brothers of destruction Hulk Hogan Sting

Nov 12

Phillip from Galt Throwback hits online radio show

Check out all the cool events  I talked about  like Suga bear  socks giving donation and The Super Bowl 50  tour in Sacramento , CA November 22, 2015  Sunday .

I have throwback hits music radio show  check it out click play .









ThrowbackThursday  radio

Nov 12

Dusty Baker back in a skipper for the Washington Nationals

Dusty Baker a  world series champion from his playing days with the Dodgers.  He has had success as the manager of the San Francisco  Giants and led the Giants to the 2002 World series , Dusty  baker led the Cubs to a playoff appearance as their manager . Dusty knows the game of baseball and he will help the nationals win.  The Sacramento Native Dusty Baker is gonna need his tooth picks because he is back as the skipper for the Washington Nationals  .

Dusty baker when he was the Reds Skipper

Dusty baker reds manager

Nov 12

WWE Undertaker and Kane back as the brothers of Destruction tag team

WWE  – Undertaker and  Kane are back as the brothers of destruction tag team.   Undertaker has been in WWE for 25 year now .    Kane has been in WWE for 20 years including his years as Isaac Yankem  DDS and  Fake disel and he debuted as Kane in 1997. Kane and Undertaker are dominant in the ring they have been WWE champions and world heavyweight champions and  tag team champion together.  there longivity  in WWE wrestling is amazing . Wrestling takes a toll on your body all the body slams and wrestling moves and travel on your body, so  being in WWE  for so long is just amazing and speaks to the great careers they have had. I like when Undertaker and Kane choke slam and tombstone their opponetts . Undertaker and Kane are best the   wrestlers and  strong monsters and tough they can dish out a beating . they are unstoppable  together !  Undertaker have been causing destruction and wrecking havock for years on the WWE. The  Undertaker and Kane are the  are the brothers of destruction and they are beefing now with the Wyatt Family . The Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt, Erik Rowan , Luke Harper , Braun Strowman . After a hard fought match at hell in a cell  in side the hell in a cell the  a match between Undertaker and  Brock Lesnar Wyatt family came out and attacked the Undertaker the next night on WWE Monday Night Kane confronted  the Wyatt family and they all teamed up and attacked Kane 4 on 1 . Undertaker and Kane came back for their revenge on WWE Monday Night Raw  this past Monday November 9 2015  and cleared  the ring of all four member of the Wyatt family including  the huge Braun Strowman and Undertaker and Kane gave Bray Wyatt the choke slam to hell !! Wow !  Kane and Undertaker will take on the Wyatt family at Survivor series Sunday November  22, 2015 . its gonna be cool to see Kane and Undertaker and Kane be tag team they are unstoppable  by themselves and unstoppable as tag team champions the brothers of destruction !


Undertaker and Kane vs the Wyatts



Oct 29

happy Halloween . my favorite candy

happy Halloween . happy Trick or treat. be safe . Halloween is fun you get to dress up and pretend to be something else. and I like trick or treat and halloween ! such a fun day be safe and careful on your trick or treat night !!  bring friends and family  bring a flashlight and your candy bag for treats.



charlie-brown-trick-or-treat 1










charlie Brown Trick or treaters


charlie brown trick or treat 3



























charlie Brown trick or treat rock















my favorite candy is Kit Kat because I like the choclate and the wafer and I like M&M’s too  !! I hope you get all your favorite treats !


M&M red

















M&M candy


















kit kat  bar




Oct 21

Phillip from Galt week 7 NFL Picks and WWE Hell in a Cell wreslting matches picks October 21 2015


















Week #7 NFL picks winners






49ers Thursday Night football October 22


49ers logo

















Redskins over Tampa Bay



















Detriot Lions over the  Minnesota Vikings




















Cowboys over  NY football Giants


dallas cowboys
















Oakland Raiders  over the  San Diego Chargers



Oakland Raiders logo

















Kane will win the WWE Championship the Big Red Monster  at Hell in a Cell


Kane tag team  champion