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Phillip from Galt on the Mic throwback thursday radio music blogcast September 18 2014 Thursday

 Throwback  thursday music  Phillip from  Galt  hot 1035 Sacramento  Phillip from Galt on the mic .  music radio  blogcast  ! 

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Sep 18

Sacramento Toy Expo 2014 – Sunday September 28 2014

 do you like collectibles? especially toys. the on September 28 2014 , you will want to be in Sacramento , Ca at Scottish  Rite Masonic  Center  located at 6151 H St. hours are 10 a - 4pm  .  $6 general admission. So go Check it out. they will have toys of all kinds.  and I like WWE wrestling. WWF/ WWE legend Greg the Hammer Valentine who wrestled in WWF at the time will be there. signing autographs and meet and greets. maybe he will talk wrestling to you . Greg the hammer Valentine 's  finishing move was the figure 4 leg lock !  he was also well know for having teaming up with  the Honky Tonk  man forming the tag team  Rythm and blues. Rythm and  Blues tag team battled for the tag team championship. they were a good team and they were managed by Wrestling manager great The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart !!  so go check out the Toy Fusion  Toy expo . 

Jimmy Hart Honky Tonk Man i Greg Valentine chcieli

Honky Tonk Man and Greg the Hammer Valentine the Rythm and blues tag team and manager Jimmy Hart the mouth of the south ! 


Greg the Hammer Valentine  WWE tag team champions with Brutus the Barber Beefcake 

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Sep 18

funny Throwback Thursday video – Commercial / Kansas City Chefs ??

 one of my favorite Throwback commercials .  Its a good laugh !

Sep 12

Hot 1035 Phillip from Galt hot 1035 music and me hosting on the mic blogcast

check out Hot 1035 music with me Phillip from Galt  click play and enjoy ! turn your computer speakers  on and listen !

Sep 12

Remembering September 11 , 2001 the Day We the U.S. Was attacked on our soil . let us never forget those we lost and let us remember our heroes the day !

September 11, 2001 the day we the United States of  American was under attack on our home soil by terrorists later we found out it was a group of muslim extremists they were terrorist group called Al queda and Osamam bin Laden was the leader of this group he recruited terroritst  who hi-jacked commercial airliners with passengers and used them as a suicide mission and colided 2 planes in to each of the twin towers in New York . another plane that was hi -jacked hit its target of the pentagon our defense. and the 4th hi-jacked plane was believed to be headed to hit  the capitol building or white house.flight United 93. The passengers on the plane communicated through air phone with family and by then the planes that hit the World Trade Center the families and everybody was watching the news on tv and told their family members on the plane so some of the passengers on that plane knew their plane was headed for a target to colied into so some of the the passengers got hot coffee knifes what ever was available to them and stormed the terrorists who were holding the passengers hostage and threatening them and told them they had bombs and the passengers fought those guys out of the way so they could ultimately storm the cockpit and try to take control of the plane that is what is believed to had happen and the terrorists and the passengers had a fight to control the plane and it ultimately went crashing into the ground in an open field in Pennsylvania .  Brave men and women including those killed that day were heros  and the passengers on flight United 93 were heros the brave men and women in the military passed and present .one remarkable story of  9/11/2001  is the one of Brian Clark he was on the 84 floor and Stanley Praimnath both worked  the world Trade Center and were total strangers. when the plane hit the Twin towers people were told by building security they could stay in their office the building was safe but it wasn't and Stanley knew these buildings were gonna fall because of the smoke fire and the jet fuel from the plane.  when the plane hit Stanley was at his office he saw the 2nd plane headed straight towards him and he hid under his desk and said  God please take over. God did take over. Stanley says the wing of the plane was 20 feet away from him and he was blocked in his office from the damage from when the plane hit the World trade center.  he yelled for help , mean while Brian clark was exiting the building with co workers. he said he was going to go down the stairs not to the roof.  Brian Clark heard the call for help from Stanley Praimnath and helped him over this wall that was  Stanley only way out from where he was trapped. Stanley said he kissed Brian Clark and told him God sent him because he said God please take over and he sent Clark to rescue Stanley . they consider each other as brothers they were 2 of only 4 people to survive from the World  Trade Center from above the impact zone where the plane hit . We as a country do not live in fear we, went back to normalcy and we remain aware but we carry on but we don't forget 9/11  . God Bless our  country the USA and God bless our troops. 

The former World Trade Center with the Statue of liberty look on . in Ny.  the World Trade Center the Twin Towers were attacked on 9/11 when 2 airplane flown by terrorist hijackers hit both of the towers

NY Fire Department first responders  raise the flag up at Ground Zero on 9/11

Brian Clark left and Stanley Praimnath , Clark  helped Praimnath when he was stuck on the other side of the wall from the damange from when the plane hit the twin towers he helped get him out  from being stuck and they both escaped down the stairs and leaving the building before it came down. Clark and Primnath remain friends and Primnath say Clark is his brother. 

Sep 12

kid “face-plants” on couch while his parents meet with President Obama !! ha ha he he (picture)

So  apparently if your parents are meeting with the President in the Oval office its not that big of a deal??  President Obama met with an out going secret service agent and his wife and their son was not so impressed with President Obama or he was bored or tired so he was face planted on the sofa / couch in the oval office. poor little guy.  I wonder what he will think about this when he is older ??? maybe they will have a good laugh out of it !!

Sep 12

” TV legend” “talk show host” Jerry Springer was at WWE Monday night Raw this past Monday September 8 2014 trying to reunite the Bella Twins Nikki and Brie Bella – didn’t end so well !

So tv legend and talk show host Jerry Springer was at WWE Monday night Raw . Jerry Springer who has his own tv talks show which is like a shock jock would do on radio Springer does on his tv show he talks to strippers and guests that want to have 3 ways, so the tv host is no stranger to weird things and controversial things fit in great in the WWE. he was asked to come to WWE to intervene in the Bella Twins situation. where Brie and Nikki Bella are beefing over Nikki Turning on her twin sister Brie and helping Stephanie McMahon Helmsley beat Brie Bella at Summerslam .The Bellas have ever since been at each others throats. but Jerry springer was not that much help when he interviewed the Bellas. infact Jerry springer was involved in the scuffle between the bellas and was "injured" while trying to separate and try to restore some order between the bellas . Well better luck next time Jerry Springer ! hope to see you on WWE Tv again !

Sep 5

Phillip from Galt blogcast and DJ Mix – DJ SN1 hot 1035 lift off Mix 5 o’clock mix Sacramento CA September 4 , 2014 thursday

Its me Phillip from Galt on the mic. I have a blogcast check it out and a  mix from DJ SN1   liftoff mix on Hot 1035 Sacramento, Ca 

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smile face DJ turntables

Sep 5

R. I. P. To Joan Rivers – June 8 1933 – September 4 2014

 R.I.P  to the late Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers became the first woman to host her own late night talk show. I like her show on E  tv where she  hosted The fashion police where they would critique the stars and their fashion to award shows, movie premiers ect. Joan Rivers and the fashion Police co hosts were very opinionated and spoke their mind. it was funny the way they made fun of stars if they looked bad or dressed silly.  R. I. P to Joan Rivers and thoughts and prayers to her family. Joan rivers lived a good life  here she is with her tv show  fashion Police on E  

fashion police wcral5jo

Sep 4

NFL Season is here. Raiders to “Start the Carr ” 49ers open against the Dallas Cowboys – Shout to Elk Grove’s Lance Briggs from the Chicago Bears linebacker for opening his new resturanut in Elk Grove inside Strikes Bowling Center

 NFL is here !!   the season gets started tonight  The Green Bay Packers vs the defending Super Bowl champions  Seattle Seahawks. I want to talk about the Bay area football teams. The Raiders open up at The New York Jets  . the Raiders have decided to "start the Carr" as in Derek Carr . the rookie out of Fresno state . Derek is brothers with David Carr.  David Carr was the # 1 draft pick of the Houston Texans a while back and had stints as a back up  quarterback including the season the NY Giants won the super bowl David Carr threw 3 touchdowns that year and saw very limited and little action he served as  Eli Manning's back up quarterback. I like the Oakland Raiders move to start Derek Carr because Derek has been around the game and saw his brother play in the NFL . I am sure he will talk to his brother along the way for tips and or advise in the NFL.   Derek Carr in the  pre season he looked like he was more confident then Matt Schuab who he beat out for the starting  quarterback  position. Derek Carr added some much needed new energy to the offense and a spark the  the Raiders offense. We shall see  how Derek Carr plays out as the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Go Raiders !! 

nfl season 2013

Oakland Raiders logo

derek carr nfl preseason seattle seahawks oakland raiders5 850x560

49ers at Dallas cowboys 

Well  hopefully the 49ers can find their groove in the season opener against the Dallas cowboys.  if Colin Kaepernick can make plays with his throwing and his feet the way he runs the 49ers will be okay.  get  the  ball to his weapons like his great tight end Vernon Davis and his recievers Anqon Boldin and Brandon Lloyd . Go 49ers !!  

Colin Kaepernick 1


Vernon Davis tight end 49ers

Shout to Lance  Briggs from the Chicago Bears 

Lance briggs the 12 year vet from  Elk Grove from the chicago bears ,  Briggs is a linebacker he was NFC Champions with the Bears in the 2006  season  and went to the super Bowl that year he is an all pro.  he  has over 1,000 career  tackles .  the NFL season is opening up. he asked special permission to miss Practice on Monday from his headcoach  Marc Tressman . and his request was granted. Lance  Briggs and his friend opened up  a reasturant inside Strikes Bowling center in Elk Grove its called Double Nickel 55 smokehouse . it has BBQ , steaks lot of stuff and good food and drinks it has all the tv's and all the NFL and sports games this will be the spot to see sports ! so go out to Elk Grove and check it out. thank you to Lance Briggs for coming out on Monday and opening up his reasturant in  style  , he met and greeted fans and signed Autographs. I wish  Lance Briggs a good season. Briggs and his Chicago Bears come to  Santa Clara to play the San Francisco 49ers in week 2 of the NFL season . 

Lance Brigg Resturant


All Pro Lance Briggs Pro Bowler from the Chicago Bears his home town  elk Grove where he opened up his Resturant see above for details