Apr 23

Stockton Asparagus festival coming up this Friday , Saturday and Sunday April 25 – 27 Friday – Sunday. have fun

for all you looking for   events to do during the weekend. I have a suggestion. head down to beautiful Stockton , CA.   the Asparagus festival  is happening this Friday April 25, 2014 -  Sunday April 27, 2014 . The Asparagus festival  always is popular and has  a good turn out. you can eat deep fried asparagus and  I always want to get Asparagus ice cream but it goes quick. it always sells out.  !! maybe I will be lucky this year and get to try  the Ice Cream they have tons of vendors selling  everything from jewelry to  T -shirts and more. they have music entertainment.  Berlin will be performing as well as War .  they have tons of give aways. sometimes they have autographs and sports stars. Bubba Paris former 49ers offenseive linemen and Super Bowl champion has been there in the past. Derek Deese another offensive linemen and super bowl champion with the 49ers  has been out there. they have had Raiders players out there too. like Greg Townsend former Raiders Defensive End and Super Bowl champion. there is something ofr everybody so come check it out  Stockton , CA downtown Stockton Asparagus festival this weekend !  - Phillip  from Galt

Asparagus festival Stockton

Apr 23

former Sacramento Kings Coach Rick Adelman announces retirement

former Sacramento Kings great Rick Adelman announces retirement from coaching.  While Rick was in Sacramento he guided the Sacramento to the best years they had here in Sacramento history. he led them to the Pacific division champion in 2001  - 2002 season.  while Adelman was here in Sacramento  the kings went to the playoffs and even went to the  Western conferecne finals.  The  Lakers with Kobe and Shaquille O'Neal were  the kings big rivals while  Adelman was hear . the kings had lots of great players and Rick knew how to use them the right way like Webber , Divac, bibby , Doug Christie .  The kings always competed hard while Adelman was coach he had winnning season here in Sacramento as a coach.  most recently he was the coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves .   He brought in former Sacramento Kings player great Bobby Jackson .  All the best to Rick Adelman in his future plans.  I think he might come back to the sidelines as a coach .   a lot of team would be happy to have him and would  and should reach out to him if he decides to come back and coach again  !!   - Phillip from Galt  !

Rick Adelman kings coach

Rick Adelman with some of the great kings Vlade Divac Webber

here is a picture of Rick Adelman as a player of the Kings  Kansas City kings    Rick was a player too 

Sacramento Kings Rick Adelman as player kings

Apr 16

DJ Mix DJ Spin Dizzy Hot 1035 Sacramento’s hit music station . interview with Andrea Gomez Phillip from Galt on the mic Podcast April 16 2014

hey everybody is Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 Phillips Corner  I've got a cool interview with Andrea Gomez from Hot 103.5   mid days 10 am  - 3p  . and  I've got a Dj mix from spin dizzy. check it out gus from Phillip from Galt  !

Apr 16

Ultimate Warrior RIP one of the all time great Wrestler and Champions

RIP to the  Ultimate Warrior . Ultimate warrior the only Wrestler to be intercontenintal champion and WWE Champion . he personified intensity . Ultimate Warrior had the War Paint and  the he wore War tassels and was one of the most energetic  Wrestlers around.  he could pump up the fans. he full on sprinted to the ring !!!   He had the Gorilla press slam and slammed his opponetts to the mat. Ultimate Warrior was powerful he had the bodybuilder muscle body.  he was a face the super hero wrestler  . The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan 2 of the popular wrestlers around their time had one of the great Wrestlemania matches of all.  the match was for Ultimate Warriors intercontenintal championship vs Hulk Hogan the WWF champion title vs Title WreslteMania match. Hulk hogan and Ultimate Warrior battled and went back and fourth. Hulk Hogan was bigger than Ultimate Warrior the 24in pythons and hulk Hogan was taller but Ultimate warrior was just as strong as Hulk Hogan.  Hogan did the big leg drop which usually put all the wrestlers away .  but the Ultimate Warrior kicked out he eventually did the big splash on Hulk Hogan one his other finishing moves and Ultimate Warrior one. Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior  were 2 crowd favorite and had the best fan. Ultimate Warrior had the best music and he sprinted to the ring  and  Ultimate Warrior called his fan the Warriors ! my warriors .   !  Ultimate  Warrior left the WWE .  at the time they said Ultimate Warrior was hard to deal with at times and walked out of his contract because he was holding WWE up for more money so he left.  so it was said Ultimate Warrior didn't leave on good terms with WWE . But at WrestleMania 30 April 6 2014  New Orleans Vince McMahon and the McMahon family linda Vince's wife and former CEO of WWe and Stephanie McMahon and Triple H put the past behind them and worked out a deal to get the Ultimate Warrior to be inducted in to the Hall of fame  !  Ultimate  Warrior also made a commercial for the WWE video game.  WWE and UItimate Warrior mad their peace. Then  last Monday on April 7 Ultimate Warrior made his final appearance ever.  he told the fans he thanks them and that we the wreslting fans and Ultimate Warrior make the legends by the stories we pass on to other generations he said the memory of Ultimate Warrior will run on forever !! he said the fans are legendary and that we are the Warrior fans one of his last words and quotes at the  Hall of fame Ultimate warrior was escorted to the podium to make his speech by his daughters.  and his wife he said he loved her. it was like a perfect send off but we did not know this was gonna be his send off.  he passed away The next day after his Monday Night  Raw appearance April 8 he was on his way to his car and colapsed and then was pronounced dead . RIP  the the Ultimate Warrior continued thoughts and prayer go out to his wife and daughters and family and friends and fan !   I liked when the Ultimate Warrior won the Intercontenital championship and WWE champion belt and changed to color of the belt straps  intercontenintal belt was yellow and the WWE belt was blue. Ultimate Warrior one of the best  !!

Ultimate Warrior running to the ring

Ultimate Warrior running the ring as the WWF champion

The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior the WWF champion with the blue championship belt Ultimate Warrior last WWe appaearance April 7 2014 Monday night rawUltimate Warrior Monday night raw April 7 , 2014  before he died 

Apr 16

Undertakers WrestleMania Undefeated Streak 21-0 comes to an End at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans April 6, 2014 now 21-1

so after a couple weeks since WrestleMania 30  passed.  I wanted to share my thoughts on the  Undertaker's  undefeated WrestleMania streak of 21- 0 ending at  wreslteMania 30 in New  Orleans, now his record at wrestleMania is 21- 1  !!  The Undertaker wrestled Brock Lesnar the former WWE Champion he is the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar  he went to the UFC and won the UFC championship . Brock Lesnar is a powerful imposing force but so is the Undertaker !!  The Undertaker has been making wrestlers and opponetts rest in peace for over 2 decades in WWe. he is intiminating force the Undertaker he's won the WWE championship tag team belts world heavyweight championships.  He won Royal rumble Undertaker is one of the best Wrestlers of all time.  He wrestled Brock  Lesnar. Nobody in The world though it would ever happen but the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak is now no more.  Brock Lesnar had no walk in the  park at WrestleMania against the Undertaker . It didn't take 1, not 2 but 3  count them 3  f-5's brock Lesnar's signatuare finishing move to defeat The Undertaker.  the f-5 is when Brock Lesnar put you on his shoulders and slams you to the mat . !! The Undertaker had a concussion during the match and a cracked skull and still finished the match .   he is one of the toughest baddest dudes and gives it all to the fans ! Undertaker tombstoned  Brock Lesnar and choked slammed him to  hell  !!   Undertaker is one of the best in Wrestling of all time just because he lost his undefeated Streak at WrestlerMania shouldn't take away anything from hs great career. he can still make wrestlers and opponetts  rest in peace. I hope we can see the Undertaker in the ring again to take his rightful place to the Hall of fame  and so the fans can appreciate him and  all the memories.   Undertaker can beat Brock Lesnar he has before he can choke slam him   and tombstone him  . Undertaker is the dead man and has earned  wreslting fans and wreslters respect its his yard he is a bad bad man and beat all the best like Ric Flair he Undertake beat  Triple H  3 times at WrestleMania he beat  Hulk Hogan for the  WWE Championship at the Survivor Series when it was Undertakers early WWE career .  ! Undertaker is the American Bad ASS. !

undertaker pierde ante Brock Lesnar

Undertake and Brock Lesnar Stare down each other at  WrestleMania 30 2014   New Orlean Undertaker and Brcok Lesnar thew down and beat each other down at WrestleMania Undertaker on of the best of all time !! Copngratulations on a great WrestleMania Streak Undertaker one of the best of all time

undertaker wrestlemania concussion wwe

Undertaker making his entrance on the grandest stage WrestleMania 30 
New Orleans  April 6 2014


Apr 16

Mitch Richmond former Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards LA lakers now minority owner of the Sacramento Kings Mitch Richmond makes the basketball hall of fame Congratulations

 Congratulations Mitch Richmond "the Rock" Mitch Richmond was a part of the Golden State Warriors and played with the group Tim Hardway, Chris  Mullin and Mitch Richmond  they were known as "TMC" they were a legendary players and great played and did lots of scoring and winning in Golden State. Mitch's next stop in the  NBA  was the  Sacramento Kings. he helped put the Kings on the Map he was an all star here and he was known as the rock because he was solid as a Rock on defense. Michael Jordan the 6 time NBA champion says Mitch is one of his toughest match ups  in the NBA. Mitch  helped the kings be a respectable team he lead the kings to the playoffs against The Seattle Super Sonics ! Mitch also played  for the Olympics team USA and was apart of the USA 1996  Olympic team that won the gold medal and played in Atlanta ! Mitch Richmond played shooting guard and was a good scorer. also Mitch finished his career with the LA Lakers 2001 -2002 . The LA Lakers won the championship. Mitch played off the bench . Mitch dribbled  out the clock  and the Lakers won the Championship. Mitch contributed big every where he played at. Mitch's jersey  #2 is retired  at the former Arco Arena ! Mitch Richmond Congratulations on the hall of  fame  - Phillip from Galt

Mitch Richmond

Mitch Richmond  when he was with the Lakers. Mitch was apart of a championship team with the LA lakers

mitch richmond

Mitch helped put the kings on the map  !! all star appearances MVP great shooter  and great on defense 

Apr 2

baseball season is here !! Go to Oakland A’s games locally go to Stockton Ports games and Sacramento River Cats games and Go to San Francisco Giants Games. Go Bay area

 Baseball is here !!!!!!!  Let's  Play ball !!   I want to the A's to have a big Year ! I am hoping the pitching is good and that Yoenis Cespedes will have a big year and lots of homers I hope  Josh Reddick is productive and can get lots of hits and  score runs and Co Co Crisp is a team leader  and  he is always productive Go A's I hope you can win the AL West agian !!  the A's are always fun to watch and  are entertaining and they play good ball and are a bunch of scrappers they don't quit. you will have fun at A's Games check them out at the Oakland Coliseum ! 

Oakland Athletics Logo

Go Oakland A's  

Oakland As elephant

Co Co Crisp and Josh Reddick

Co Co Crisp and Josh Reddick a couple of leaders on the  Oakland A's hoping they have a great 2014 baseball season !

Yoenis Cespedes Oakland As 2014

Yoenis Cespedes one of the A's best hope he has a monster year and hits plenty of homeruns ! one of the best hitters in the game and most powerful too  !  Yo !!  hoping for a health and good year !

Go out to the Stockton Ports games too 

Stockton Ports at the class  single A of the Oakland A's . they are located by the port in Stockton. they have a great ball park. they always have good players and good talent come see some future  major league talent.  the Ports have had success and their games are fun to go to they have great give aways and  fun promotions  at the games ! the ports always have fun big name appearances at the games for meet and greets and autographs for the fans. the ports are always getting celebrities.  so far Mr. Belding the Principal from the popular hit 90's show will be appearing and former San Francisco Giants  Great  Kevin Mittchell too.  I encourage you to check out  Stockton ports baseball its affordable they have good food and fun times and good baseball ! make the trip to Stockton Ports ! sometimes you see former major leagues baseball greats some of them are coaches and managers and if somebody from the major leagues has a rehab start you might see them too  ! 

Stockton Ports opening night

Stockton Ports game home opener for 2014 is  April 10 2014

Stockton Ports

Stockton Ports !

Sacramento RiverCats ! 

The RiveCats are also an affiliate of the Oakland A's they are the triple A affiliate of the A's .  a lot of players have came from the ports and have made it to the RiverCats. The RiverCats have young good talent  the have won lots of division title they have one of the top parks too at Raley's field.   you see future stars out at the Rivercats too.  take you and your family out to Sacramento RiverCats 

Sacramento RiverCats

San Francisco Giants   

The Giants have had some great recent success.  they are world champions in 2010 and again in 2012.  they have former Oakland A's pitcher Tim Hudson who is a great vetran pitcher and is a strong pitcher and can strike out lots of batter.   Pablo Sandavol is always fun to watch and he is a great hitter. 

baseball is gonna be very entertaining this year in Norther California with all these teams  I hope you will be able to go out to the ball park  and go catch some baseball games 

Giants logo

Tim Hudson Giants

former Oakland A's pitcher now San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Tim Hudson


I am looking for  Pablo Sandoval to have a big year too  he is a big powerful hitter too !  

Apr 2

The Muppetts most wanted movie review – by Phillip from Galt

 I had an opportunity to see the movie muppetts most wanted movie this weekend . I thought it was real good and fun movie. I had fun watching the movie. Everybody is in this movie. Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy  and Celine Dion  has a singing part with Miss Piggy is in the movie  and Hornswoggle from WWE Wrestling  has a role too.  Hornswoggle is a big  muppetts fan he has a tattoo of his favorite muppett animal on his calf. Hornswoggle plays a prisioner.  Constantine is the most evil dangerous frog look like kermit but doesn't exactly sound like him !!  He Tricks the muppetts that he is kermit. but the gang find out about Constantie. They find Kermit.  Constantie tries to marry Miss Piggy. But  Kermit won't let that happen. I like this movie. I am a big muppetts fan  I like Animal  too he is funny !!   I give this movie 5 out of 5 animals playing on drums !!   Go  see the movies and enjoy your candy and snacks from Phillip from Galt  !  

muppets most wanted

animal on the drums muppets

Mar 26

No More Dunking over the field Goal post in the NFL !! boooo ! NFL – No Fun League. ! Commissioner Roger Goodell worst Commissioner in Sports today

so another reason why the NFL also can stand for the the No Fun League .  ! is that there is a new rule in the NFL ! No  more Dunking over the field Goal post after a touchdown as a touchdown celebration ! A lot of players such as  wide receivers and tight ends that used to play basketball are known to have dunked over the field goald post after scoring a touchdown  !!    some player like Toyn Gonzalez  one of the top tight ends and a good guy on and off the field who is recnetly retired he played college basketball at Cal and this  was a touchdown celebration he used  to dunk over the field goal post .   Vernon Davis 49ers tight end  one of the best tight ends too in the league has been know to dunk too over the field goal post.  I think its a fun celebration its fun to see the players dunk and bring a basketball move to football its fun to see their "hops "  and how high they can get. player will be now fined and penalized for doing this. 

I think Commissioner Goodell is the worst Commissioner in sports today. he is not a fan friendly commissioner he is always taking the fun things like celebrations out of the game. I think he should connect with the fans and have fun and NFL should get involved more with fans like fan  give aways when you go to a game like in baseball you get stuff when you go a fun give away.  how about more player autographs at the stadium  . I like when I go to the Raiders game and get autographs that's fun and what sports is about having fun and keeping fans entertained and involved  !! 

vernon Davis 49ers slam dunking over goal post

49ers tight end one of the games best players seen here dunking the football over the Goal post

33045702 1

Tony Gonzalez one of Footballs all time top tight ends played college football and basketball  at Cal now is recently retired seen here dunking the football over the field goal post , is not allowed in football no more players will be fined and  penalized . Guess its a good thing Tony Gonzalez is retired now ! now he will not have to worry about getting penalized and fined anymore  !

Mar 26

Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon going into the WWE 2014 Hall fame ! Congratulations Bad Guy

Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon making the WWE hall of fame at WrestleMania30 2014 . !   Razor Ramon is the bad guy. a lot of people say he made it cool to be a bad guy. he said he was ooozing with machismo !  Razor Ramon always had his  trademark  tooth-pick !!  Razor Ramon  won the interconteintal champion belt from Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania to determine who the real champion was in a ladder match. it was one of WWE's first ladder matches.  Razor Ramon  and Shawn Michales went back and fourth using  the  ladder as a weapon  and throwing each other off the ladder. it set the bar for ladder matches.   Razor Ramon went to  WCW after his WWE contract was up and came in to WCW as the outsiders with good friend from WWE a former  WWE / WWF champion Kevin Nash aka Diesel.   they were the outsiders and eventually revealed Hulk Hogan as their tag team partner and the leader of NWO black and white NWO Hollywood.   NWO  was one of the best and influentcial groups and factions ever in Wrestling they would come out and beat the other wrestlers up and spray paint them .  they were ruthless. Scott Hall was a big part of NWO  he was a tag team champion with Kevin Nash in WCW. Razor Ramon had a great move called the Razor edge where he would out and opponet on his above his shoulders  and head and then throw them into  the mat . it was a devastaing move that would put away and beat many opponetts !   Razor Ramon, would ofter say  Hey Yo ! Razor Ramon Scott Hall one of the best in Wrestling too.  Congratulations to the Bad guy for going inot the Hall of fame !

29 Razor Ramon 2

Razor Ramon WWE WWF Interconteintal Champion

tumblr m9yivtlbDK1rqoq0po1 500

Scott Hall and Kevin  Nash Aka Razor Ramon and Big Daddy Cool Diesel as the NWO WCW Tag team champion ! Wolf PAck