Jul 30

Phillip from Galt Throwback Thurday music Hit july 30 2015


throwback-thursday (1)







Jul 30

Stockton Con coming up August 8, 9 , 2015 next Saturday and Sunday ! Stockton Arena

The Stockton Con is back . its coming next Saturday and Sunday August  8, 9 . At the Stockton Arena in Stockton, Ca. you can go to www.stocktoncon.com  for more information schedule and time.  the Stockton Con has celebrity appearance and autographs . Stockton Con is so fun you get to dress as your favorite  Comic super hero and WWE Wreslter. there will be a number of WWE Wrestling legends and greats. Also  you can find cool action figure toys and memorabillia and collectibles from super heros to wrestling action figures.  check out the celebrities and Wrestlers. also they will have Live Pro Wrestling from SPW  Supreme Pro Wreslting out of Sacramento  wrestling at the Arena ! this is can’t miss event it is so fun they have comics toys and  vendor with these things and more for sale .  this is a can’t miss event for any wrestling fan too.  I am looking forward to seeing Jerry the king lawler wrestling great and wrestling commentator Jerry the king lawer was the wrestling champion in Memphis too.   I am looking forward to seeing  Honky tonk man former Interconteintal champion ! Honk tonk  man also had his gituar and used to hit other wrestlers his opponetts with it.  !   I am looking forward to  seeing Victoria a WWE womens champion and she was the womens Hardcore champion she even beat wrestling women’s great wrestling champion Trish Stratus. !   Well check out  stocktoncon.com   and have fun .  next week I will post schedules and time for the celebrities .



Stockton Arena





























tara TNa womens champion



Jul 30

WWE coming this weekend August 2, 2015 Stockton Arena and Smackdown Sacramento Smackdown in Sactown !! August 4 2015 Tuesday

WWE is coming this weekend to Stockton Arena . August  2, 2015  see all the WWE Stars. the Big show one of  WWE best champion of all he’s been WWE champion WCW champion and ECW champion when WWE brought back ECW .  Big show is amazing wrestlers he is so big and huge in person a true  great Giant.  i am looking forward to seeing The Big show. the diva  like Natalya Neidhart and the Bella twins Nikki Bella the wwe divas champion and her sister brie bella and Alicia fox is on Team Bell now. Charlotte Flair a former  NXT women’s champion ! she is the daughter of  Ric Flair and  she is carrying on the Flair name in the ring !  Sheamus the money in the bank winner.  the Prime  Time Players  Darren  Young and Titus O”Neil the tag team champions we will see all the body slams  and wrestling beat downs and matches have fun  at WWE at Stockton August 2 , 2015 Sunday and  August 4 tuesday  2015 for Smackdown .   !!



WWE live









the Big show wwe





















charlotte falir  champion



















Nikki and brie bella twins 1

Jul 23

Phillip from Galt Hot music podcast blog July 23 2015 soundcloud

radio world headphones




















Jul 23

me Phillip hanging out at the CA State fair with Hot 1035 Sacramento and DJ Dr. J from the morning show and Lightskin chase

Jul 23

The Undertaker vs . Brock Lesnar rematch 2015 coming up for summerslam August 2015

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are some of Wrestling’s greatest ever also. both have been WWE champions and have many accomplishments. Brock Lesnar is the beast and can destory anybody in his path in  UFC or WWE.  Brock has so much strength  and power thats why he is the beast.  The Undertaker has held almsot ever championship imaginable from the tag team championships with Big show and Kane from the Hardcore championship where you could use weapons and was a  no holds-bar street fights and  of  course  WWE champion ! Undertaker has been around WWE since 1990.  he comes back every year for WrestleMania and was undefeated til WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans  he was 21-0 that the best record the WrestleMania Streakt he was until he wrestled Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar hit suplexes and f-5ed The undertaker and beat the Undertakers undefeated streak making him 21 – 1 for WrestleMania . At this years past WrestleMania in Santa Clara at Levis stadium  home of the 49ers the Undertaker made his WWE return for the first time since 2014 WrestleMania in New Orleans where he lost to Brock Lesnar  . Undertaker was suplexed many times in the Brock Lesnar Undertaker Wrestlemania match and had a skull injury and  possible concussion he left the arena in an ambulance.  Undertaker came back to WrestleMania 31 and wrestled Bray Wyatt and beat Bray Wayatt and tombstoned him.  but the Undertaker had unfinished bussiness still with Brock Lesnar. ever since WrestleMania Brock Lesnar and his wreslting manager/ advocate  Paul Heyman came out on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown week after week month after month  and  kept bragging about beating the  Streak until the Undertaker said it was enough . and the Undertaker made a suprising  WWE return at  BattleGround last Sunday july 19 2015 . The Undertaker came out during Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for the WWE championship match . Brock Lesnar had taken Seth Rollins to Suplex city and was dominating Seth Rollins every way imaginable  . Brock Leanar hit f-5  on Rollins and was about to beat Rollins and regain the WWE championship belt until  the lights went out and we heard the familiar  gong of the Undertaker and the lights went out and the Undertaker stood face- to- face with Brock Lesnar for the first time since WrestleMania 30.  Undertaker then began to assult Lesnar and hit  2 tombstone pile drivers on Lesnar.  Undertaker is out to prove he doesn’t die and nobody is gonna ” lay him to rest ” Undertaker are set to have their rematch  at SummerSlam August 2015    . its gonna be carzy these guys want to tear each other apart !

Undertaker after he tombstoned Brock Lesnar at battleground 2015

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar



Jul 16

Who do you like to cheer for in sports past and present players

who do you like to cheer for in sports? who are some of your favorite players past and present that you cheer for and still cheer for when they are around ?


I always cheer for Hulk Hogan. he still makes appearance for  WWE ! Hulk hogan is the best wrestling champion and wrestler of all time. Hulk hogan beat all wrestling great like Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter the Undertaker,  shawn michaels,  Macho man Randy Savage. hulk hogan always was so  cool to me when he told us to train , take our vitamins and say our prayers. I like him in the NWO and wanted him to win the belt and beat some of the wrestlers.  hulk Hogan even made an appearance a  “run in” at this years WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara at Levis stadium . Hulk hogan and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came out for Sting to even the odds against  Triple H and DX.  i was screaming my head off and cheering I was at wresltemania and Hulk hogan even got involved and knocked down  X Pac  at wresltemania he also took triple H’s sledgehammer away from him when he reached for it when he wanted to hit sting with it. Hulk Hogan is legendary and is awlays there for his hulkamaniac fans !!   I will always cheer for hulk hogan

















for  the Oakland Raider Charles Woodson  safety and he was a cornerback ,Woodson is going strong and is gonna be a future hall of famer. he is a big playmaker and has 60 careet interceptions he is like an intercepting machine if you throw it near Charles woodson there is a good chance he will intercept the quarterback . Woodson has 11 career defensive touchdown, he has made interceptions and took them all the way for  a toucdown. Woodson is a leader on and off the fields he  has played for the  Raiders and the Green bay Packers he helped the packer win a super bowl  title .Woodson was amazing for the Packers helping them win a super Bowl he can sack the quarterback he has 20 career qaurterback sacks woodson is now in his 18th NFL season his longivity has been amazing . sometimes the NFL they say stands for  Not For Long but that doesn’t he has played and still is playing at a high level and is one of the top defensive players today and of all time . I will cheer charles woodson  .


NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

















I always liked Bubba Paris former 49ers offensive linemen from the 49ers. he is a class act  and  he played with the 49ers and blocked and protected  Joe montana and is a super Bowl champion. bubba is a big man with a big heart. he also opened up holes for Roger Craig to run through 49ers running back . Bubba is so nice and enjoys life  he is so happy and always has a smile he was apart of the legendary 49ers teams and a super bowl champion I Cheer for bubba Paris too



bubba  Paris 49ers




















some of my favorite sports athletes to cheer for !!

Jul 9

Phillip from Galt online music show blog Sacramento Hot 1035 Sacramento throwback Thursday jams old school

ThrowbackThursday  radio











hot 1035 Phillip . Throwback thursday  online radio show blog  Phillip from Galt











We lost a good friend at the radio station Rick Shannon was a radio host on 10.19 the wolf and before that was a radio host on oldies  cool 101.9   Rick was our production director and put all the spots and commercial together. Rick loved radio and we will miss  him R.I.P Rick Shannon


Rick Shannon


















Rick Barry NBA hall of famer made the granny shot fmaous NBA champion with  the Golden st. Warriors   with the 2015 Golden st. Warriors NBA championship trophy


Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors













Mick Foley foemer WWE WWF tag team chmpions with the Rock   the Rock  n sock  connection fomrer WWE WWF  champion and general manager

Mick-Foley wwe





















Sheila E one of my favorite singer. Glamorous life is in the thowback Jams listen to to  music and my show thank you Sheila E for the raido shout out . I love you God bless you







Jul 9

California State fair – Phillip from Galt’s California Stae fair guide best of 2015 state fair and tips . California State fair July 10 – 26

The California State fiair starts tomorrow July 10 – 26

some tips I have for the state fair are if you want to save money maybe eat before hand. food can be expensive at the fair.  You can bring a bottle water. I know in the past I have unopened bottle water, there usually is a refill for water they have set up or you can find a  water fountain.  stay cool and hydrate. have fun at the fair and stay safe  !












want to eat a corn dog at the fair and  ,maybe ice cream or a funnel cake !! and have a soda too !




















funnle cake













Ashanti will be performing at the  California state fair. I think I want to see her in concert. she has song with Fat Joe and  with Ja Rule and is a top selling artist her concert should be fun  !










Jul 5

Phillip from Galt music show of the week, 4th of July edition / DJ Tosh and DJ Jermaine Dupri in the mix July 2, 2015

its my music show of the week online  Hot 103.5 Sacrament0  I got some radio shout outs from  Sheila E and Jason Thompson and Hulk Hogan .  and I have a DJ Mix from  DJ Tosh he does the 5 o’clock mix lift-off mix with freeze in the afternoon. and Jermiane Durpri he had hit songs like Welcome to Atlanta and Money aint a thing with Jay Z  , Jermaine Dupri came in studio and  jumped on the turntables to mix too ! listen and turn your speakers up !!  – Phillip from Galt






Jermaine Dupri in the mix on Hot 1035 July 2 2015

Jermaine Dupri in the mix  hot 1035 Sacramento July 2, 2015






















I met Sheila E in June when she came to the State Capitol building  Sacramento for Juneteenth concert





















Jason Thompson was the kings longest tenure Sacramento kings player now going to  76ers.  I got a radio shout out from Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson Sacramento kings