Dec 18

A Year in Review 2014

The Year 2014 . is coming to and end. there is a lot of stuff that sticks out  and a lot of blessings. and we try to look forward . but I want to bring up some positives but some are just memories, an things that stick out in the past  Year ! do you remember these memories too ?


Sports  2014

Oakland Raiders.  2 things that stick out to me about the Raiders  2  players    Derek  Carr rookie Quarterback. this year the  Raiders are so far 2 -12  with 2 more games to  play. and that isn’t easy !  Derek Carr has shown himself as a leader he has a lot of fight and toughness , you can see he wants to win. and is respectful to his peers and teammates. he is a class act , on the field he  has smarts and makes good smart decisions  he has a hell of a throwing arm and can make plays with his feet too.   Derek Carr is gonna be a winner he has the right attitude.    I think he will be  and deserves to be rookie of the year


I like Charles Woodson a future hall of famer he’s a super bowl champion with the Green Bay Packers.    he has played 17 great seasons in the NFL he’s 38 but he has not slowed down a bit.  he has 3 interceptions on the year  and 1 sack and a bunch of  tackles. C. Wood  can  play great and play for another year if he wants. He will be a future hall of famer. its still fun to see him play and  make big plays and contribute and be a great leader.
















NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders




















The San Francsico Giants Won the World Series . The Giants had a great playoffs . Pablo Sandoval and Hunter  Pence were some stars that produced in the Giants season and playoffs and pitcher Madison Bumgarner was awesome.  he closed  down games and was  great. and was fire !    this was the Giants third world series title since  2010  ,  2012, 2014  3rd World Series title

Madison Bumgarner








SF Giants World Series champion





















Personal moment of the the year.


my favorite personal moment this year was meeting Hulk Hogan my favorite Wrestler of all time. the best Wrestler and wrestling champion. he was the WWE WWF WCW champion , I liked his finishing move the  big leg drop.   Hulk hogan is the best Wrestler. it was a dream come true one of my wrestling dreams to  meet Hulk Hogan. I met him in November with our radio station Hot 103.5 Sacramento when the tickets for WreslteMania 31 tickets for WrestleMania 31 went on sale.  March 29 2015 at Levi Stadium. Hulk Hogan and WWE were Promoting WrestleMania and I was lucky enough to go with my radio pals.  Alex ,  Robby from 101.9 the wolf our sister station and  JayMarzz from Hot 1035  morning show.    Hulk hogan had his long time wrestling manager hulk Hogan  with him. Jimmy Mouth of the south Hart. Jimmy Hart was so nice and he had his trademark  mega phone. and Hulk hogan gave me a radio shout out for me blog and  for special olympics because I play special Olympics athletics and WWE partners with Sepcial Olympics. it always good to meet  your sports / wrestling hero and espicially when they are nice.  thank you Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. I will always remember it . !

me and Hulk Hogan














Music 2014

in the music scene a  star that stood out to  me  is Iggy Azalea , she had her songs like fancy,  no mediocre ,  Problem with Ariana Grande.   Iggy Azalea did her thing. she is an awesome talent too. I giver her the Artis of the year ! and Fancy was he big hit of the year.  she has good songs called feel good music. that put you in a good mood.

















A break out singer i want to tell you and be on the look out for her in 2015. Anjali World aka Anjali Ranadive. she has a song with French  Montana called  Turn up.  She has her newest song called Nobody ft. Tyga.   she is very up lifting and positive she sings R&B type of style. her voice is so good she is talented and hungry.  she is no stranger to success. with her early music success. she is also the daughter of  Vviek Ranadive Sacramento Kings owner. Anjali also runs a foundation called jaws & paws which helps endagered animals like tigers , bear, polar bears, wolves. wild life . Anjali put on such a good show she will be doing good things in 2015

Anjali  Nobody












2014 Deaths

this is in memory of a couple people that left us this past year !    R.I. P.  Rest in peace to them and continued prayers out  the their family and friends and love ones.


Robin Williams – had depression and has parkinson. he ended his life apparnetly hanging himself.  fans, family and friends Miss Robin Williams. he was a comedic geneius! he shared his gift with others by knowing how to make people laugh. he  conncected with his audience.  Robin Williams was great actor and funny good person. God bless him R.I.P.  to Robin Williams


35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Portraits
















the ultimate Warrior his death really sticks out.  he just made peace with Vince McMahon the Chairman and owner of WWE wresling. Ultimate Warrior WWE Champion and Intercontenintal champion. he was intense in and out of the ring and had a lot of passion . he was powerful and lots of strength one of the strong men in his time he battled Andre the Giant and had and epic battle at WrestleMania  6 with Hulk hogan when Ultimate Warrior was Interconeintal champion and Hulk Hogan was  WWe/ WWF Champion it was title for title match and Ultimate Warrior actually kicked out of  hulk hogan’s leg drop. not to many  wrestlers have done that.  And Ultimate Warrior  gave hulk Hogan a big splash and won the WWe/ WWF belt  from Hulk Hogan inside of sky dome in Toronto , Canada   Ultimate Warrior Made the  Hall of fame at WreslteMania 30  weekend in New Orleans and was inducted .  Ultimate Warrior then came on Raw following WreslteMania and he said thank you to the fans and gave  great speech about making the hall of fame. he said the spirit of the Warrior will live forever and run forever, Because the Ultimate Warrior was always know for his passion and energy and intesnsity when ever he had a match  he  full on ran / sprinted to the ring.  he said on WWE Wrestler becomes a star on their own. the fans decide who will be  legends. Ultimate Warrior dies after he gave that speech and was on  Raw the following next day .   it was kinda  like a  great send off that we didn’t know was gonna be a send off. RI.P Ultimate Warrior.  fans,  family and friends miss you.

The Ultimate Warrior as the WWE/ WWf  champion was known for  painting his face with the war paint his colorful ring attire and  for always running sprinting to the ring !!  energy like know other !

Ultimate Warrior running to the ring !













The Ultimate Warrior after he just had been inducted into the WWE Hall of fame WrestleMania 30 Weekend . and wanted to be on Raw and thank the fans this would be his last time we would see him. he died the  next day .

Ultimate Warrior last WWe appaearance April 7 2014 Monday night raw

Dec 18

Hulk Hogan to be on WWE Raw this Monday 12-22-2014 Special guest host , Raw GM

The one the only Hulk Hogan the best wrestler and wrestling champion of all time will be on WWE Monday Night Raw this Monday December  22, 2014.   Hulk Hogan was champion in WWE and WCW and was the leader of one of the Notorious wrestling factions of all, the  NWO .  He was Hollywood Hulk Hogan and turned “heel” on us.  He battled WCW stars for the WCW championship like Lex Luger, Macho Man Randy  Savage and Sting and bill Goldberg and Ric flair.   sometimes Hollywood Hogan would cheat instead of follow the rules like the did when he was the immortal Hulk Hogan.   Hollwood Hogan would cheat sometimes and do what ever he had to, to keep his WCW championship belt . Hulk Hogan came back to the fans with the red and yellow, he won the WWE championship when he came back to WWE  he beat Triple H  . Hulk Hogan is the best. he has the leg drop the 24 in pythons and can  wrestle and fight anybody still he is working  out at the gym where he got his 24 in pythons he is working out at  they gym at Venice Beach , California. Hulk is diffinetly coming for somebody and will Hulk up on them brother! maybe he will have wrestling toys this monday for all the good girls and boys. maybe he can make some matches on Raw , what ever it is. Hulk Hogan will be in the house and he will run wild . maybe Hulk  Hogan Will get Rusev and Hulk up on  him and hulk Hogan and Ryback  who is starting to beef with Rsuev maybe they can  team up and throw Rusev out of the Arena  and  ring maybe hulk Hogan can make a match between Rusev and Ryback for the United States belt.    We will be watching Hulk Hogan on Raw this Monday .


one time when Hulk hogan was on Raw Brock lesnar got in his face and interrupted his birthday celebration  and Hulk Doesn’t back down Hulk got in his face.  Hulk Hogan can still battle with  Brcok lesnar or anybody else in wreslting !!   you never know what will happen on Raw.  Go Hulk Hogan

wwe Hulk Hogan Brock lesnar



Dec 11

December 9 2014 Phillip from Galt Podcast throwback jams Anjali World – nobody . shout outs and more

its me Phillip from Galt. I am talking about Hot 103.5 live  with  Jasmine V. I played Anjali world’s song Nobody and  I have a new radio shout out from Ken Shamrock UFC champion and WWE/ WWF intercotenintal champion when  I met him from Phillip from Galt  ! listen to the music  throwback jams. thanks for listening click the play button !

hot 1035 logo new 1







Anjali World she has two great song  Turn Up with French Montana and Nobody ft. Tyga   Anjali has Jaws & Paws which a non profit organization that benefits endangered animals, sharks,  Wolfs and other animal.  Anjali is beautiful nice and kind her voice is beautiful and she has good high energy positive music. her dad Vivek Ranadive is the owner of the Sacramento Kings . Anjali  performer at our Hot 103.5 event thanksgiving Hot 1035 Live ! at the Spot in Roseville in November

Anjali  Nobody











WWE/ WWF interconteintal champion and UFC great and champion Ken Shamrock I got a radio shout out. I met him recently at WWS shoe store in Modesto  recently !

Ken Shamrock fromer  UFC champion and WWE interconteintal champion jpg




Dec 9

former WWE Wrestler CM Punk now to fight for UFC. Stepping in the Octagon

WWE Wrestler CM Punk real name Phil Brooks who left the WWE ealrier this year after the Royal Rumble .CM Punk and the WWE did not end on the best of terms. CM Punk was unhappy with the behind the scenes politics in the WWE he was mad over his character in WWE and wanted more controll . there is all kinds of speculation what lead to CM Punk leaving the WWE.  while with WWE CM Punk loved controversy. there was an interview he did called the “pipe bomb” interview supposebly it was an un scrippted interview and he mentioned other wrestlers and fried wrestler from the company.  CM Punk was also the champion he held the tag team championships interconteintal championship he was the longest WWE Champion for consecutive days   defending and holding the WWE championship for over a year.

CM Punk is not afraid to speak his mind. he is articulate and is a good communicator he is  passionate and not afraid to  speak up and do what he wants.  I think he is smart and he is not going to Step in the Octagon for fun. he is coming to fight , he said this in his announcement during  Joe Rogan interviewing him.  he said he trained in muay thai . he said he did grappling , WWE takes slams and he can do that . so I think CM Punk will be okay. it might take a few fights to get comfortable but I don’t think he is gonna get his butt kicked and destroyed. he is passionate and  smart guy. well we’ll see when he steps in the Octagon. !
















CM Punk as the WWE Champion

Dec 4

Phillip from Galt on the mic Hot 1035 music

me Phillip from Galt on the mic turn up your speakers. enjoy my pod cast radio blog cast !!


hot 1035 logo new 1

Dec 4

NFL : Battle of the Bay 49ers at Oakland Raiders this weekend Sunday December 7 , 2014

Bay Area football  NFL fans  this weekend should be exciting !  the Battle of the Bay 49ers playing the Raiders in Oakland . this weekend Sunday December 7 2014.  the last time the  49ers  and Raiders played any type of game was August of 2011 a pre season game. the  reason they haven’t played lately is because of the schedule and also because the August 2011 pre season game that was played between  the 2 teams the Raiders and 49ers the 49ers fans and Raiders got in fight  . 2 fans were shot the game was played in San Francisco at Candlestick!  usually its Raiders fans that had the bad “rap” . they would say fights, cursing fans throwing things. let me tell you. my dad has been a ticket holder since 1995 and I go to games with my dad. and the
raiders fans are loyal and good atmosphere every once in a while you see drunks and “knuckle heads ” but its a pretty good and friendly  enviroment Raiders fans are loyal to their team and like to have fun . so  I hope everybody can enjoy the game 49ers and Raiders fans together. and no fights. be cool !

on the field the Raiders are 1- 11  and 49ers are 7 -5. the 49ers could possibly stay in the hunt if they win this game.  I am looking forward to the game. I want the 49ers to beat the Raiders with score like 29 -0 I want the 49ers to shut the Raiders out. !  I hope Colin Kapernick can have a big game and make plays with his arm and feet and go for runs , he is a good running player/  quarterback . I hope Vernon Davis can get involved this week. and when Colin Kapernick can get  Vernon the ball Vernon is a big threat and weapon. Go  49ers we will see what happens.


Colin Kapernick and Vernon Davis


Nov 26

Phillip from Galt on the Mic , music show, featuring Rey Y Kaye fellin’ you Featuring Anjali World – nobody ft. Tyga / old school Jam

its me Phillip from Galt  on the mic. I have throwback songs and jams for you and We just had our thanksgiving hot 103.5 live and We had Anjali World / Anjali Ranadive she is the daughter or Deborha and  Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive. she sang her song called Nobody. Anjali is Hot and doing big things. she is talented and will have more success she is nice and  shout out to my friends and homies  Rey Y Kaye I like their songs feelin you.  they have the anti bully tear a way tour going on going to high schools and performing.  well catch them too  . turn up your speakers and click play my radio show podcast music show




Rey Y Kaye , Anjali World and me Phillip from Galt in my Hot 103.5  jersey November 22, 2014  Hot 1035 Saturday Roseville, CA the spot

Rey and Kaye  Anjali and me Phillip from Galt at hot 1035  live Roseville  CA the spot Thanksgving edition Saturday Nobember 22 2014

Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to tell everybody Happy thanksgiving. I wish everybody a lot of peace and happiness and  love and kindness and health. I hope you have lots of God ‘s blessings. have a happy healthy day with your family . eating your thanksgiving feast is a good reminder that you are love and you have your family and friends to be thankful for. you all have each other and help each other out.  have a good thanksgiving feast with your family  turkey , pie  , mash potaotes stuffing ,gravy and more .  enjoy  football the  49ers play. I hope the 49ers beat the  Seattle Seahawks and Colin Kaepernick and 49ers  have a big game and win. hopefully Frank Gore and Vernon Davis and Anqon Boldin can have big games to and get involved ! and then fall asleep after you are fat and happy and stuffed !  – Phillip  from Galt


























Go San Fancisco 49ers , playing Seattle on Thanksgiving day 



Nov 26

Sting makes his WWE Debut at Survivor Series this past Sunday November 23 2014

Sting he’s been in WCW he was had the buzz cut an painted his face with “war Paint” with all kinds of c0lors then he painted his face white with black stripes.  Sting has Been the WCW champion and he has done wrestling battle with all the great like Hulk Hogan the Giant aka the big show in WCW Ric Flair Macho Man Randy  Savage. Sting is a wrestling great. then when WCW close and Vince McMahon bought WCW, Sting still did not sign with the WWE.  he went to TNA he was the champion at TNA Impact. he beat top guys like Bully Ray dudley , James Storm, Bobby Rood , Samoan Joe. Sting was champion in TNA and a general Manager and ran the show, he made sure thing were handled and fair and no cheating.  Sting finally signed with  WWE Ealrier this Year, he made some promotional apperacnces for WWE like at San Diego comic con and  for WWE  Video game .  Sting finally made his  WWE Debut.  WWE has always been the #1 best wrestling company and Sting had  yet to ever be in  a WWE  until this past sunday  where it was the autority Triple and H and Stephanie and their team with  Seth rollins, rusev , Kane, Mark Henry and Luke Harper had to wrestle against Team John Cena,  John Cena, Dolph ziggler , Eric Rowand , The Big   Show, and the big Guy  Ryback .and if the authority team lost Triple H and his wife stephanie would loose power from running WWE Monday Night  Raw and Friday Night Smackdown  if the autority lost. At one point triple H knocke out a WWE Referee and pedigreed his finishing move on Dolph Ziggler. Sting then made his debut and  came down to the ring and stared down Triple h. Triple H then went to make the first move and tried to punch sting but sting move and caught  Triple H for the first time in the Scorpion death Drop one of sting’s finishing moves. Sting is now in WWE . I hope this will lead to  a Sting and Triple H  match at WWE WrestleMania 31  – Phillip from Galt












Sting is now in the WWE














Sting’s WWE Debut at Survivor Series  staring down triple H


Nov 26

Katy Perry , Super Bowl halftime entertainment 2015

Katy Perry will be the 2015  Super Bowl halftime entertainment. I think Katy Perry will be entertaining . she seems so nice. I know she will have some fancy outfits to wear.  Katy Perry is Pretty she puts on a good high energy and good vibes with her music. I hope she sing Teen age dream  fire work , and California Girls . maybe snoop dogg can be on the super Bowl halftime appearance if Katy Perry sings California  Girls.   I like Katy Perry she is also pretty and will look good on tv.  this is a good thing.  I can’t wait to  see what Katy Perry has in store for us .  congratulations Katy Perry for being chosen as the Super bowl half time entertainment. Rock the  house !!  – from Phillip from Galt


pictured  below – Katy Perry will be the 2015  super bowl halftime entertainment

Katy Perry 4