Sep 22

Phillip from Galt online radio Show Dj Dr. j Mix hot 1035

Phillip from Galt online radio show  Dj Dr. J Mix  shout out from WWE champion hall of famer Bret the hitman hart and Backy Lynch WWE  womens smackdown champion


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DJ sign














I got a shout out from WWE Women’s champion Becky Lynch she kicks Lass in the ring !!





















I got a shout 0ut from WWE Hall of famer Bret the hitman  Hart  WWE champion the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be


brett Hart WWF champion



Sep 22

Phillip from Galt Picks of the week September 22 2016 – September 25 2016 with special guest celebrity picker Freeze

Phillip from Galt with my  Picks of the week.  and my friend Freeze joined me to pick games too.  check  out our picks

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My NFL Picks











Ronnie Lott me Phillip from Galt and Karen Lott

me and Ronnie Lott and Kareen Lott  ronnie's wife














freeze from Hot 1035 Sacramento  was my special guest in Phillip From Galt Picks of the week
















Thursday  September  22 2016


Houston Texans at  New England Patriots

me and  Freeze both Picked the Texans to win














Sunday September  25 2016   NFL  games


Raiders at Tennessee Titans


I picked the Raiders   Freeze  picked  the Titans


Raiders                               titans











Amari Cooper  and Crabtree big playmakers wide recievers for the Raiders


Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree














49ers at Seattle Seahawks


I picked the Seahawks  Freeze picked the 49ers


San_Francisco_49ers05                        seattle_seahawks2_2012b













Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers


Freeze and I both picked the Packers


detroit-lions                                     Green_Bay_Packers3












Monday Night Football   Falcons  at New Orleans Saints


Freeze picked the Falcons  I picked the Saints



atlanta-falcons            new-orleans-saints











I also included  WWE Clash  of Champions is this Sunday and  every match is title match


Kevin Owens vs   Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship   _ WWE RAw


Romans Reigns vs  Rusev for the United States championship







Sep 15

Week 2 Phillip from Galt Picks of the week !

me and celebrity picker JayMarzz on air host morning show with Suga Bear in the morning  with our Picks of the week . picking the winners of Sunday’s NFL  games !!




Sep 8

Phillip from Galt podcast online radio show DJ Dr. J Mix and shout out from Kevin Nash big daddy cool diesel and doug Christie

I have a DJ mix from DJ Dr. J  I also go a shout out from Doug Christie Sacramento Kings great player and Kevin Nash big Daddy cool diesel  I talked about NXT coming to Sacramento October 27 and I gave  a shout to  my friend Leslie !!


smile face DJ  turntables

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I met Big Daddy Cool diesel WWF champion and WWE hall of famer Kevin Nash at Stockton con he gave me a shout out


















doug Christie  gave me and my special Olympics team the Galt chiefs a shout out


Sep 8

Phillip from Galt Picks of the Week , Week 1 ! NFL picks

Sep 8

NXT Wrestling coming to Sacramento in October 27 thursday 2016 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

NXT Wrestling , is WWE ‘s developmental wrestling organization. Triple H , Vince McMahon’s son in law and is Married to Stephanie  McMahon over sees NXT and manages NXT .  NXT will be coming to Sacramento Downtown to Memorial Auditorium . NXT  is great they have a lot of exciting wrestlers like Samoan Joe and Booby Roode and Austin Aries. Joe, Roode and Aries were all in TNA Impact wrestling they were all champions there they are good wrestlers and have worked hard and put on good wrestling matches. they will all be up with the main Roster on smackdown or Raw. so I hope to see them at NXT in Sacramento before they go to the main WWE  roster.  the Women’s division is exciting there too  and it will be good wrestling matches in up close  venue at Memorial auditorium it should be a fun time don’t miss it  NXT in Sacramento October 27 2016  Thursday


Samoa Joe Austin Aries and Booby Roode all were in TNA and were champions there. they are all in NXT right now  and are top wrestlers they are all good wrestlers














NXT Sacramento October 27 2016 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium





Sep 8

Southern Oregon University Raiders at UC Davis Aggies football Saturday September 10 2016 Shout out to my cousin Armando playing for Southern Oregon University

September 10  2016  UC Davis Aggies football are home vs  the Southern Oregon Raiders.  game starts at 6pm.  I want to give my cousin Armando he plays defensive linemen for Southern Oregon University  Raiders  big Shout out.  have a great game and get lots of tackles and sacks. The Southern Oregon Raiders have made the NAIA championship  games the last 2 seasons. they have a good football program there.  I’m wishing UC Davis a good game too. earlier this  year the UC Davis Aggies football team had a football clinic day  for special Olympics athletes and it was fun they showed us drills and we got to run football drills and play a flag football it was  a fun day. I wish everyone a good healthy game and fun game.


my cousin Armando #56 plays for  southern Oregon University  Raiders will be playing at UC Davis football this weekend September 10



Sep 8

CM Punk to make his UFC Debut this weekend September 10 2016

CM Punk is making his UFC debut this weekend September 10 2016 Saturday . CM Punk  was in the WWE and was the WWE champion. he was a tag team champion he was exciting and a good successful wwe wrestler.  CM Punk showed to all the  wrestling matches and spent at lot of time on the road as all WWE wrestlers do. CM Punk put in his work and was a top wrestler in his time in WWE with John Cena , Triple H , Undertaker and more . CM Punk also trained in Mixed  Martial Arts and when he left  WWE then did some more training so he could get in to  UFC. Punk finally signed with WWE and trained to fight Punk got injured in his training and that set him back in his UFC fighing  debut. Now CM Punk is healthy and ready to have his debut UFC fight. I think CM Punk will be ready and will have a good fight .


UFC Fighter Portraits






















CM Punk in the WWE tag team champion .  Punk held several championship and was  hard fighting champion  in the WWE .



Sep 1

online radio show and Podcast Phillip from Galt retro show with JayMarzz and interview with Phillip from Galt and Tonga kid WWF legend

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hot 103 and the retro show throwback music  with JayMarzz




Tong kid and me talked about WWF and his family and his which includes the Rock  Rikishi Umaga the Uso Roman Reigns  Yokozuna and more  Toga kid’s son Jacob Fatu is the Samona Warrior the Samoan Werewolf  he is a big strong man and  Jacob and his brother reminded me of the headshrinkers the WWF tag team champions Jacob Fatu  and his  brother do the Samoan death drop they pounded their opponents at SPW  Jacob and the Samoan Swat team ! they will be back in SPW in Sacramento soon !! listen to the interview to see what tonga kid had to  say


Tonga kid












Sep 1

SPW Supreme Pro Wrestling Sacramento Sunday August 28 2016 Sacramento SPW debut of Jacob Fatu and the Samoan Swat team

Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento is always good wrestling matches .  The fans like me love the action. the wrestles put on great wrestling matches and its up close and fun time .I  saw ECW original Mustafa Saed , he was in a tag team match with his tag team partner Big Ugly and  Sir Samari. At the next SPW wrestling matches in Septemeber Mustafa Saed and the Big Ugly get a match for the Supreme Pro Wrestling tag team championships.  Christina Von Eerie she has been in SPW and she is in Global force Wrestling,she is the womens champion in Global force Wrestling . Christina  was there and was managing at ring side.  Oi Oi  Oi  !!

I saw the SPW debut in Sacramento of Jacob Fatu, his wrestling name is the Samoan werewolf . Jacob Fatu and his brother wrestled they reminded me of the headshrinkers from WWF Rikishi and Samu. Infact  Rikishi is Jacob’s uncle and the Rock is cousins with the family Jacob is the son of  WWF wrestler the  Tonga Kid  . Tonga kid teamed up with King Haku and they were managed  by Bobby the Brain heenan they were the Islanders the Rock and Yokozuna and  Rikishi and Umaga Eddie Fatu and Tong kid and current WWE Wrestlers  Roman Reigns and the Usos  jimmy and  Jey Uso are all a big family cousins and brothers  Tonga kid told me the family is called  the Samoan Dynasty and the Samoan Swat Team !!   Jacob Fatu is gonna be awesome I think he will be in the WWE in the near future he is Physical and has lots of experience and good genes in the Wrestling business.  I like when Jacob and his brother did the Samoan death drop finishing move and they had mean kicks and they are big strong guys. Jacob Fatu wrestles all over the  Northern California independent Pro Wrestling companies look out for him again to come to SPW wreslting again.


here are some pictures  of the Supreme Pro Wrestling



SPW Wrestling 10 August 28 2016 Samoan Swat team Jacob fatu


















Jacob Fatu of the Samoan Dynasty Samoan Swat team  waiting for the tag in tag team action


SPW Wrestling 11 August 28 2016  Samoan Swat team




















Samoan Swat team in tag team action


SPW Wrestling 12 August 28 2016 me  Phillip from Galt and Christina Von Eerie champion


















Christina Von Eerie she wrestles in the Supreme Pro Wrestling  and she is one of the best womens wrestlers sometimes she  wrestles the guys Christina is the Global force wrestling women’s champion she won a tournament that also Mickie James former WWE women’s champion was in Global force Wrestling is promotion the  Jeff Jarrett owns



Tonga kid













tonga kid WWF Wrestler was in attendance to see his sons wrestle the Samoan Swat team.  The tong kid was tag team partners with King Haku and is brothers with Rikishi and Umaga !! what a great wrestling family ! the Samoan Dynasty

SPW Wrestling 5 August 28 2016  (1)




















Sir Samari and Mustafa Saed and  big Ugly in tag team action


SPW Wrestling 6 August 28 2016 Mustafa ECW Sir Samari  (1)