Aug 27

Sting getting a WWE championship Match at Night of Champions against Seth Rollins September 2015

one of  Wrestling’s best. Sting  is getting a  WWE championship match.  Sting has been one of the best and been right up there with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and other wrestling legends. Sting and Ric flair and Hulk hogan are 3 of the most popular and famous wrestlers of all time they have the most championship in the history of wrestling . Ric Flair and Sting and Hulk  have all been champions for every company they have been in. Ric flair has been champion 16x the most in wrestling he has been a tag team champion too  Hulk Hogan has 12 championships and has been WWf/WWe champion and WCW champion and Sting has been WCW champion and TNA Champion. Sting has had some battles with Hulk hogan and Ric Fliar and wrestled both of the for  championships for the WCW champioship. sting has the stinger splash and the scorpion death  drop and the scorpion death lock like bret the hitman harts’s sharp shooter. Sting is one of the Best and  if the beats Seth Rollins he will be the 2nd Wrestler to win the WCW  championship , the TNA championship and the WWE championship. Kurt Angle was the first to win WWE championship and WCW championship he won win WWE bought – out WCW and the Alliance WCW and ECW were in the WWE  Kurt Angle won the  WCW belt and Kurt Angle was  TNA champion also so Sting would be 2nd wrestler to do that if he wins at night of champions. I think Sting will be WWE champion soon and beat Seth Rollins and give Rollins the  Scorpion death drop .

on WWE Raw this past monday August 24 2015 Sting made his WWE comeback since  WrestleMania 31 where he wrestled  Triple H . Seth rollins was set to see a statue that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon said he would get if he beat John Cena to win the WWE championship and win the United States championship. Rollins beat John Cena  after Jon Stewart interfered in the match costing Cena the United States belt. So on Monday Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were set to show Rollins his statue and  they pulled a curtain that was covering the statue but  instead of the statue it was sting hiding under the curtain and he suprised Rollins and Triple H and sting hit  Rollins with left and right and  threw him from the ring and then Sting  saw the  WWE championship and proudly held up the belt. I think this was the first time sting held the  WWE championship belt . it was a cool moment now I hope sting beats  Rollins for the WWE belt .    – Phillip from Galt  !


Sting with the WWE Belt after he beat down Seth Rollins on Raw August 24  2015

sting with the WWE belt August 24

















Sting vs Steh Rollins  coming up September 2015 Night of champions

Rollins vs  Sting Night of champions September 2015

Aug 20

Phillip from Galt online radio show / throwback Thursday jams / WWE SummerSlam talk


ThrowbackThursday  radio




























Aug 20

Why the Oakland Raiders are gonna be a different team this year and have a winning Season

NFL regular season is almost is here!  I was thinking of the Oakland Raiders a local Bay Area team !! I think this year is gonna be different in Oakland  for a few reason













The Raiders have a great coaching list. with former  NFL great players and ever some Hall of fame  players. The coaching staff have a lot of experience and knows what  it takes to be winners in the NFL.  Jack Del Rio a former head coach with  the Jacksonville Jaguars and  he was a defensive coordinator for the Ravens when they won the super Bowl and was defensive coordinator more recently for the Denver Broncos.   Jack Del Rio was a linebacker in his playing days for the Dallas Cowboys and for the Minnesota Vikings . the Raiders also have 3x super Bowl champion linebacker for the Dallas cowboys and for the 49ers Ken Norton Jr. Ken Norton was a 3x super Bowl champion and was an intense player  and a play maker. Ken Norton Jr is the Raiders defensive coordinator.  Joining Ken Norton Jr. on the defense side of the ball coaching staff in hall of famer and former Pittsburgh Steeler he won a super Bowl with the Ravens and  went to the super Bowl with the Raiders one of the best  defensive backs in NFL history Rod Woodson is a  Raiders defensive backs coach.  Del Rio , Ken Norton Jr.  and Rod Woodson are among the NFL greats on the coaching staff and they will give the players tips and tools to and mentor them how to win in the NFL . its up to the players to listen and learn from the coaching staff .



Jack Del Rio
























Jack Del Rio Vikings linebacker
























ken Norton Jr. Raiders defensive coordinator


















ken Norton Jr. 49ers linebacker cowbys

















Rod woodson Raiders defensive backs coach





















Rod Woodson Raiders player

















Raiders quarterback Derek Carr now in his 2nd NFL season I think will have a big Year he has a lot to build on. I saw last year he is a great leader, he has what it take to be a positive player on and off the field and a positive leader on and off the field. Derek Carr has a great arm and can get the ball to his recievers and he has lots of  football smarts too. Carr is going to be awesome and he is gonna have a great year .   The Raiders also have some good weapons  and recievers for Carr to throw too . The Raider drafted Amari Cooper . Coopers has some good hands and will be a play maker when gets a chance.  The Raiders also aquired  Michael Crabtree a free agent who came across the bay from the 49ers. Crabtree has always been a  talented reciever and he makes some big plays and is a deep threat for  Carr to throw too.    on defense the Raiders have  Khalil Mack Raiders linebacker he is gonna make his presence felt and will be sacking quarterback and making tackles all over the field.  The Raiders also  have Charles Woodson back  Woodson is a postive leader on the team he is a big play maker and makes interceptions and tackles and is one of the top players and defensive backs in the NFL and is going strong  a future hall of  fame  No Doubt.


Derek Carr Raiders quarterback 3















Charles Woodson

















Khalil Mack












This Year is gonna be different the Raiders are gonna win and I think they could win between 8 -10 games and might fight for a playoff spot.







Aug 13

Phillip from Galt online radio show Throwback Thursday !! August 13 2013

on air  mic



Jerry the king lawler in the ring on the mic 2













Aug 13

meeting Jerry the king lawler from WWE at the Stockton Con

Stockton Co was this weekend and I had a chance to meet one of my favorite wrestlers Jerry the king lawler.  I like Jerry the king lawler and when he does the fist drop from the ring ropes. Jerry the king lawler love the divas and the “puppies” he has great insight on wrestling since he’s been a great wrestler. he has good commentary in the broadcast booth and know all the wrestling moves, he bring his great humor to the mic too .Jerry the king  lawler been the king of wrestling and has done some great wrestling matches and doesn’t back down from action or a fight.  Jerry the king lawler was very nice and met all his fans and took pictures. he is a class act and one of my favorite wrestlers and commentators and broadcasters thank you Jerry the king lawler


here is a picture of  2 wrestling great and champions and  tag team partners  Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Jerry the king lawler at  Stockton  Con  2015 at Stockton Arena  Stockton, CA


Jerry the king lawler and Hacksaw Jim Duggan stockton con 2015

Aug 13

The best Logo in All of Sports —- Oakland Raiders and Oakland A’s

I was thinking about the best logos in sports.  and I came up with 2 team’s logos . both from the Bay Area and both  from Oakland !! the Oakland Raiders and the  Oakland A’s have the best sports logos .

The Oakland Raiders have the Pirate the Shield the pirate has the patch over one eye , the pirate has the swords going through a  football helmet. The Raiders logo is cool . The Raiders have great history behind the logo. they have won 3 super bowls in the 60’s 70′ and 80′ and played in the super bowl in the 2000’s  The Raiders logo is bad its silver and black .its a tough  logo for a tough rough game the game of football in the NFL.   Ice Cube he is a rapper and producer and actor and entertainer is a big Raiders fans and wears the Raiders logo and Raiders gear proud.   the Raiders have a cool awesome logos one of the best in all sports
















Ice Cube Raiders














The Oakland A’s Athletics have a great logo. I like the Elephant logo standing on baseball . The Elephant is a big one of the biggest animals on the planet.  I like The elephant logo because Elephants are one of my favorite animals. Elephants are big and strong animals and can crush  .  The A’s have one of the best logos . I like how the elephant is standing on the  Baseball too .

Oakland A's elephant  Logo



Aug 6

Phillip from Galt online radio show and remebering Hot Rod rowdy Roddy piper and shout out from Natalya WWE divas champion and total diva

clip-art-listening-to-music turtle














I have a throwback DJ mix , enjoy !!





I also have a shout out from the late great hot rod Rowdy roddy piper  and from Natalya WWE diva

Hot Rod Rowdy  Roddy Piper 2  with vince mchmahon















Natalya  Ceasro  and Kidd tag team champions

Aug 6

Rest In peace to one of the best of all time Wrestling greats Hot Rod Rowdy Piper / meeting Natalya Neidhart in Stockton CA

I want to say Rest in Peace to Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy piper one of the best. Hot rod Rowdy Roddy Piper never backed down from a fight, he was one of the best on the mic in wrestling . He hosted the Piper Pit an interview segment . Piper was in movies and he became a WWE interconteintal champion. Piper beat the mountie to win the interconteintal championship.  Hot Rod had the best sayings one time he said Dare to dream. He also said  ” just when they think they have the answers I change the questions. ”  Piper had the sleeper hold finishing move one of the best sleeper holds. Also When Piper was a commentator he would still get involved sometimes. one time Undertaker and Ric Flair attacked Hulk Hogan on Paul Bearer’s funeral Parlor segment and Macho Man randy Savage and Hot rod rowdy Roddy Piper came from the broadcasting booth  and made a run in and chased off Flair and The Undertaker.   Rowdy Piper is one of kind and said it how he saw it.  I’m gonna miss Hot Rod rowdy Roddy Piper.


Roddy-Piper interconteintal champion














hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper 1












I also  wanted to give a shout out to Natalya Neidhart WWE diva and female wrestling star. Natalya is apart of the legendary Hart family her dad is one half of the Hart foundation with her uncle Bret the Hitman hart the hart foundation were the tag team champions.  one of the best tag teams ever. Natalya was has been divas champion in WWE and even does the shap shooter move like Bret the hitman hart . Natalya is one of the best Diva of all time. thank You Natalya for meeting the fans and being so nice.  Natalya is also married to fellow wwe wrestler and former tag team champions twice Tyson kidd . Tyson kidd has been tag team champion with David Hart Smith and Ceasro Tyson kidd  is a high flyer and an exciting wrestler as well . I met Natalya before the matches in Stockton. Natalya is one of the best and will be champion again. maybe she will beat the bellas !   from Phillip.


natalya WWE diva champion 1




Aug 6

Stockton con This weekend August 8 , 9 Saturday Sunday. lot of Wrestling legends will be there in attedance , Stockton Arena Stockton , CA






Stockton Con is this weekend August  8 and 9  check out  for more information. a lot of Wrestling legends will be there . like  Jerry the king lawler, i like the fist he does from the ropes and comes flying down on an opponett Jerry the king lawler currently broadcasts and is a WWE Samckdown commentator and is a wrestling champion and great. he has his own interview segment and interviewed wrestler on his interview segment the kings court.























Honky Tonk man will be at Stockton Con maybe with his trust gituar and he was a great interconteintal champion.



Honky tonk  man interconteintal champion













and New WWE Hall of famer Luke from the legendary tag team the bushwackers will be there and  Vicotria / tara from WWE and TNA she was champion in TNA and WWE she will be there. Victoria Tara was great wrestler on of my favorites so check out Stockton Con it will be a you can’t miss event especially for you wrestling fans out there !!


Stockton Con Kai

Aug 6

Pro Football Hall of fame this weekend. NFL . 3 NFL legends I want to see in the Pro football Hall of fame.















Pro football hall of fame inducts new members this weekend and the the first Pre Season game the Hall of fame game this weekend August 8, 9  .



Tim Brown Oakland Raiders 2















Tim Brown former Riaders player wide reciever who played 17 season he was a 9x Pro Bowler  Tim brown Put up great numbers in his career and is the second leading reciever in NFL behind 49ers Super bowl champion and great and MVP and a former Raiders team-mate of his Jerry Rice. Tim Brown has 1,094 career receptions 105 career touchdowns. He also help lead the Raiders to the super bowl in the 2002 and earned an AFC championship. Congratulations to Tim Brown going in the Hall of fame



Charles Haley Cowboys



















Charles Haley former 49ers player and Dallas Cowboys player defensive end and a great pass rusher . he was a sack master and a lot of quarterbacks still probably have dreams about Charles Haley chasing them and getting a sack on them. Haley has 100 1/2 sacks  for his career. Haley has 498 tackles in his career . Charles Haley remains the only player with 5 super Bowl rings ,he helped the 49ers defense along with Ronnie Lott , Bill Romanowski Kenna Turner win super bowls. Haley has 2 super Bowls as a 49ers player and 3 super bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.  Haley chose former 49ers owner Eddie Debartolo to give a speech for his hall of fame induction .



Bills v Chargers X














Junior Seau former San Diego linebacker and he played 1 year with  the Dophins and played with the New England Patriots.  Seau was also an awesome sack master he got to a lot of quaterbacks in his NFL career also. Seau has 56.5 sacks in his career .  he has 1,849 career tackles he was big playmaker on defense he alsohas 18 career interceptions. a defensive player of the year . Seau has been a AFC champion twice and played in 2 super bowls  1 with the San Diego Chargers and 1 with the New England Patriots.  Seau was one of the NFL greats



I was also thinking of a few other football and NFL greats that deserve to be in the Hall of fame .


Bill Romanowski  49ers















Bill Romanowski  a former 49ers and Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski  played 16 years in the NFL he was one of the most physical and intesne players of all . Bill Romanowski  put up some good numbers also in his career  1,116 career tackles  , 39.5 sacks ,  18 interceptions  Bill Romanowski played in 5 super bowls. he is a super Bowl 2x with the 49ers and 2 super Bowl championship with the  Denver Broncos and  went to a super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders. Bill Romanoski was always making a play on the field one of the best defensvie player, Bill Romanowski deserves to  be in the Pro football hall of fame !













Coach  Tom Flores from the Oakland Raider, Coach Flores is one of two  to have a super bowl as a player back up quarteback with the Kansas City Chiefs ,a super bowl as an assistant coach  with the Raiders and  2 super Bowls as a headcoach of the Oakland Raiders . Flores is one of the best coaches he coached a team with Riaders  like Jim Plunkett , Lester Hayes , Cliff  Branch   . Tom Flores still contributes to the NFL and to the Oakland Raiders today as  commentator/ broadcaster for the Raiders on the radio .  he breaks down the game really good on radio and brings his great knowledge of football to the broadcasting booth on the radio.  Tom Flores deserves to be in the Hall of fame .

















Jim Plunkett former Raiders quaterback also deserves to be in the Pro football hall of fame. he is a 2 super bowl champion. after being let go by the Patriots and 49ers people thought his carrer was done but he went to the Raiders and thrived wining 2 super bowl as  quarterback  and was coach by Tom Flores winning 2 super Bowls together.  Plunkett lead the Raiders to beat the Eagles and the Redskins in the super bowl . Plunkett got the ball 2 his recievers . Plunkett was super Bowl MVP agianst the Eagles he threw 3 touchdowns in that super Bowl  . Plunkett still is involved with the Raiders and broadcasts on tv shows for the Raiders .  Plunkett deserves the nod to be in the Pro football hall of fame.