Aug 29

Phillip from Galt’s throwback Jams for Throwback thursday and WWE shout outs from Big E Langston from WWE kofi Kingston and R truth

 so I went out to WWE and met some wrestlers in Stockton, CA ! Big E Langston the former Interconteintal champion and a strong man and good wrestler i met  Kofi Kingston a WWE Wrestling star. kofi has been a WWE tag team champion a United states champion and a intercontenintal champion and is a high risk move wrestler he is high flying and he is exciting to watch and  I met  R truth he say What's up he has been a tag team champion with Kofi Kingston and  a United States champion too. R truth  has good wrestling moves and is a strong in the ring . I met all of them I got shout outs from them and   this is my Throwback  thursday old school Jams for  August 28 2014  Thursday  click play and listen - Phillip from Galt 


Big E WWe interconteintal champion

Big E  from WWE interconteintal champion 

kofi kingston psd19455

Kofi Kingston as  WWE tag team champions 

R truth r truth 16913331 1920 1200

R truth What's Up !! WWE 

Aug 29

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Doggy dogg is not a fan of Steelers Offensive Coordinator coach Todd Haley

 Snoop Dogg is not a fan of Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley would be and understatement !  Snoop dogg recently made a video and posted it. Todd Haley has been in the NFL  and has had many coaching jobs. he was the offensive coordinator when the Arizona Cardinals made the Super Bowl when Kurt Warner was the quarterback. Todd Haley is now the offesnive coordinator in Pittsburgh for the Steelers. Snoop Dogg's video was posted online and Snoop said among other things he say Mike Tomlin , (  Tomlin the Head coach that lead the Steelers to a super bowl championship ) snoop dogg said " Mike Tomlin you need to fire this mother F_ _ _ _ _ "  you fill in the blanks !  we haven't won a playoffs or been to a super bowl since he has been our coordinator. ! wow  !!  Snoop dogg sorry you are un-happy with your team, don't worry  we have all been there things will get better !  - Phillip from Galt !

snoop dogg steelers love

rapper , entertainer , performer, emcee  super Star Snoop dogg is a big Steelers fan not happy with his team and offensive coordinator Todd Haley ! 

snooppart020209 01 full

Todd Haley

steelers offensive coordinator  Todd Haley !  

Aug 29

Lance Briggs All Pro , Pro Bowler , NFC champion player in 2006 local out of Elk Grove, playing for the chicago Bears is set to open Resturant in Elk Grove Labor day Monday September 1 2014

 Hey Guys Lance Briggs from Elk Grove who has been an outstanding player for the Chicago Bears is coming home to Elk Grove for the Grand Opening of his Resturant  . Lance  Briggs is a linebacker for the Bears he has been great on defense for the Bears he makes lots of play tackles and sacks he is  a  Pro Bowler , All Pro and was apart of the Bears team that won the NFC championship in the 2006 season. well Lance Briggs will be out at his restuarant for the Grand Opening  Monday September 1 2014 in Elk Grove here are the details. it looks like it will be a steak house.  well go check out the food and restaurant and you  can sign up to win  a trip to Chicago if you spend more than  $20  it looks like the details below. shout out to our home town guy Lance Briggs . all the best with your resturant ! 

Lance Brigg Resturant

Aug 22

Phillip from Galt blogcast music show DJ JayMarzz Hot 1035 mix August 21 2014 thursday

 check out this  DJ mix from JayMarzz from Hot 1035 Sacramento and me Phillip from Galt on the mic  click play and turn your computer speakers up !

hot 1035 logo new 1


Aug 21

WWE coming to town this weekend Tommorow 8 – 22-2014 Friday at Stockton arena ! Saturday Sleep Train Arena Sacramento, CA Saturday 8- 23-2014

 WWE coming to our Area ! tommorow August 22, 2014 Friday they will be at Stockton Arena . and  on Saturday they will be in Sacramento August 23, 2014.  WWe is always fun.  its fun to see your favorite WWE wrestlers . sometimes if you sit close to the ring  the wrestlers will give you a  high 5 when they come to the ring.  I want to  see  John Cena he just lost the WWE title at Stummerslam but he is the 15 time world heavyweight champion he appreciates the fans. he is one of my favorite. I like when he says you can't see me !!   I like the WWE Divas I hope I see  Natalia Neidhart. she is a former and she can beat any of the divas. I want to see the  big show I love to see the Big show he is a big powerful wrestler he is huge and  he is the worlds largest athletes and he is former  WWE world heavyweight champion. so all the WWE fans check out WWE this weekend  in Stockton on Friday and  on Saturday  WWE in Sacramento .  - Phillip from Galt 

wwe john cena world heavyweight champion by simonlee1 d7no9nl

John Cena even though he lost the belt at Summerslam he is still the best wrestler and will win again he never gives up !! one of the best 

Natalya as refree

Natalya Neidhart my favorite WWE Diva  I hope to see her in Stockton CA

big show  wwe world heavyweight championship by naif1470 d5powpp

The Worlds largest and best Athlete former WWE champion and WWE the big show is fun watching his size and how nice he is and one of the best WWE wrestlers ever  will be in Stockton and Sacramento !  

Aug 21

punk of the week !! Johnny football Johnny Manziel

 Johnny football , Johnny Manziel is my punk of the week. he made a punk move. he  flipped off the Washington Redskins  bench in the Monday  night football game.  come on  be a professional even if something was said don't flip off people fans or  players.  C'mon  Man  !!!    


Aug 14

Throwback Thursday / Stockton Con Re- Cap

So I had a chance to head down to Stockton Con, this weekend ! It was so fun ! it was in Stockton , CA at the Stockton Arena . I saw people in costumes like I saw spiderman and I saw Daffaney from Scooby doo ! I met 2 of my favorite Wrestlers too. Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hoooooooooooo USA USA, hacksaw jim Duggan is so nice ! he had his 2x4 with him and he and me did a thumbs up !!Hacksaw Jim Duggan always came to the ring with the Red , white and Blue the American Flag old glory and always represented the USA and I remember he beat King Haku and he was the king of the WWF / WWE ! I liked Hacksaw jim Duggan's finishing wrestling move the 3 point stance tackle ! I also met The Hardcore legend Mick Foley . He was was dude love and was tag team champions with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Dude love wore tye dye shirts and was groovy ! I like Mick Foley because he wont the WWF / WWE belt from Corporate Rock and never gave up he always put his body on the line like when the Undertaker threw  him off the Hell in a cell and he was getting stretchered out he got off the stretcher and wanted More Mick Foley you are classy and one of the best ! Stockton Con was great.

me Phillip from Galt and Spider man 2 Stockton con Sunday August 10 2014

Stockton Con Stockton Arena 2014 Stockton CA  SpiderMan and me Phillip from Galt

me Phillip from Galt and Daffany from scooby doo Stockton Co Saturday August 9 2014 Stockton Arena

me Phillip from Galt and Daffaney from Scooby doo  !!  Stockton Con Stockton Arena 2014 

me Phillip from Galt with WWE Hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan King Hacksaw  3 point stance football tackle picture 1 Stockton Con Stockton arena August 9 2014 Staturday

me Phillip from Galt and WWE Hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan !  hoooooooooo  Thumbs up with the  2x4 

me Phillip from Galt and Richard Carrera and wrestling harcore legend former WWE Champion tag team champions with the Rock and Stton Cold Steve Auttin Mick Foley August 10 2014 Stoc

my friend  and me Phillip from Galt in the back and WWE Hall of famer former WWF  and WWE Champion  Mick Foley  ! Stockton Con  2014 Stockton Arena !

Aug 14

RIP to Robin Williams died Monday August 11 , 2014

so the legendary Actor and comedian Robin Williams died this past Monday . I want to focus on the positive rather than the negative ! and just want to say depression is a sickness don't judge unless you know what that person is going through . So with that said , I want to say Robin Williams was great at his craft . he was a great actor and he was a comedy genius. he knew his audience and had a gift. his gift was he knew hoe to connect with people and he knew how to make people laugh ! and laughter is good for the soul and is the best medicine ! Thank you to Robin Williams for the memories. he had some great movie roles like Good morning Vietnam, one of my favorite movies Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams creates a nanny named Mrs Doubtfireafter he gets dressed up as an old lady that's Mrs. Doubtfire so he can still be by his kids. Robin Williams had a great voice and was the voice of the Genie in Aladdin . he brang the Genie to life with his humor and voice. Williams was also a big San Francisco 49ers and Giants fan ! RIP to Robin Williams. you will be missed by family, friends and fans. !

Robin williasm 1

Robin Williasm actor , comedian  RIP

Mrs  Doubtfire 1

Robin Williams  in the movie Mrs. doubtfire .   


The Genie from Aladdin ! Robin Williams was the voice of the Genie !

Aug 7

Hot 1035 Sacramento, CA Throwback Thursday Mix w/ DJ Tosh Phillip from Galt’s blogcast hosting on the mix August 7, 2014

 hot 1035 logo new 1

homer dj

Aug 7

Stockton Con . this weekend Stockton arena Stockton, Ca Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10

Super Hero fans get ready  !  its the 2014 Stockton Con . super heroes will be there . there will be a costume contest.  there will be comic book artists , movie stars and Wrestling  legends in the House  like Hacksaw  Jim Duggan from WWE he used to have his 2 x 4  he has his American flag .and  he has his finish football tackle move . hooo-ooooo  USA  !   the American Hero !    Hacksaw Jim duggan even beat  king Haku and was the king of the WWF !   there will be  a independent Wrestling show there too and it will be a fun filled weekend down in Stockton , Ca at Stockton Co at the Stockton Arena  !!

Hacksaw Jim Dugga