Mar 23

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 online radio show and podcast DJ Mix

I talked about Dwight Clark 49ers great super Bowl champion said he has ALS and I talked about Ronnie Lott has the ALS walk April 22 2017 at his Tracy Toyota Dealership

I have a DJ Mix and I talked about being excited for  WrestleMania  and I have a shout out from Hacksaw jim Duggan



DJ logo
















Dwight Clark 49ers great and super bowl champion announced he has  ALS


Dwight Clark made on of the best plays in NFL and made what is known as the catch which helped the 49ers advance and go to the super bowl


dwight clark the catch















dwight clark 49ers















Dwight Clark and Joe Montana




I’m excited for wresltemania here is one of my favorite wreslters hacksaw jim duggan

me Phillip from Galt and WWE Hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan aka King Hacksaw football tackle with the WWe tag team belt August 9 2014 Saturday pic 3


Mar 23

new sesame street character ! Julia ! Welcome to the Street Julia !

Sesame street will have a new character a puppet , the new character her name is  Julia. Julia enjoys art and singing. Julia has autism. Autism is something in the brain a disorder children and adults can both have it’s developmental disability and behavior disability it’s just people with autism have a different view of the world and think differently . Sesame street is awesome it teach children  different things educational like alphabet letters, numbers , colors and shapes I remember watching sesame street and learning about shapes colors, counting and  singing and the alphabet.  Sesame streets has lessons and teaching kids and not just kids but maybe their parents and other adults who may watch sesame street about autism with Julia maybe very helpful. I like this story about Julia , autism and mental disabilities should be accepted and help out people with disorders and be understanding . for more information on autism go too


Sesame street character-with-autism-sesame-street-04

















This is Julia from Sesame street she is new to Sesame Street and Julia has Autism


autism 1













autism 2

















big Bird , Elmo  and Julia Sesame street

Sesame Street Big Bird Julia and Elmo

Mar 23

Why having Marhsawn Lynch Beast Mode in Oakland playing for the Oakland Raiders would be huge.

Marshawn Lynch running back, he last played for the Seattle Seahawks  Marshwn Lynch is beast mode because he is a powerful running back he is hard to take down and tackle. Lynch took off  the 2016 season and was retired. but now it seems like Lynch wants to come out of retirement and play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. Marshawn Lynch lived in Oakland he  went to college and played college football for Cal Berkley  Cal Bears. Marshawn Lynch helped lead the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl championship. It would be huge for the Raiders to get Marshawn Lynch because he is a playmaker he is  a winner , he knows what it takes to  win . he took off a year and retired  so I think his body got rest and he is mentally and physically rested and motivated to play football and wants to contribute to the Raiders and help the Oakland Raiders win a super Bowl.  also  it’s no secret that the Raiders might move to Las Vegas so it would be great for the Raiders to win a Super bowl in Oakland  and Marshawn Lynch help leading the hometown team Oakland Raiders to a super Bowl  championship.  Marshawn Lynch is such a powerful running back a playmaker and could get those extra yards that the Raiders couldn’t get last year he could be a big difference maybe and help the Raiders get to the next level the offense is alreadt strong with quality players and productive players like quarterback  Derrek Carr and wide receiver Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree contributed big for the Raiders so adding beast mode  Marshawn Lynch in Oakland Raiders offense would be big.  I hope Beat Mode Marshawn Lynch lands in Oakland  with the Oakland Raiders!


Marshawn Lyncch seattle Seahawks

















Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch  running back when he played for the Seattle Seahawks wants to come out of retirement and play for the Oakland  Raiders


Marshawn Lynnch skittles












beast mode with his favorite skittles !!



Mar 16

Phillip from Galt online radio show and podcast

my podcast online radio show  I talked about WWE and  Latavius Murray going to the Vikings and I talked about me and my special Olympics basketball teams tournament recently we won gold medal !!  I have a DJ mix too


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Mar 16

NFL free agency moves 2017

some interesting NFL  free agency moves I like  the 49ers picked up Pierre Garcon wide receiver. Garcon is an awesome receiver he add veteran presence to the 49ers and  he is a good wide receiver he is a playmaker. Garcon has  played for the Colts and he went to the Super Bowl with the Colts  in 2010. Garcon played with Peyton Manning and was a good target for Peyton Manning to throw too.  Garcon was also with the Washington Redskins and when Mike  Shanahan was the head coach and Kyle Shanahan was an offensive assistant with the Redskins during that time , so Garcon is reunited with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco . so I like that move


Pierre Garcon























Latavius Murray the L- train !! was with Oakland Raiders. now he singed with  The Minnesota Vikings. Latavius was an awesome running back  with his time with the Raiders. He was a work horse and  was a play maker. I like this move because  The Vikings don’t loose any productivity the let go of Adrian Petersen and  now the get Latavius Murray. Murray is a big strong running back , Murray is a play maker and will be a good pick up for the Vikings they won’t be sorry  getting Latavius. Latavius was a Pro  bowler with  the Raiders during his time playing in Oakland. he was a fan favorite and a good running back .


Latavius Murray Raiders 3





















Mar 16

WWE coming to Sacramento and Stockton for WWE Monday Night Raw Sacramento Golden 1 / Stockton Arena SmackDown Live May 1 2017

WWE is coming to Sacramento May 1 2017  Golden 1  arena  for WWE Monday Night Raw it will be televised  on tv on USA tv . the same  day May 1,2017  SmackDown Live is coming  to Stockton arena May 1 2017 .  the SmackDown event will not be on tv but still will be great. so WWE fans you can either go to WWE Monday night Raw in Sacramento or  Smackdown live in Stockton  CA. WWE fans get ready for body slams and all the fun hard hitting action of WWE !! May 1 2017 .


Smackdown John Cena and Dean Ambrose



Mar 9

Phillip from Galt online podcast /online radio show / Baka Boyz Mix

here is my online podcast. I talked about my special Olympics basketball tournament coming up this weekend.   and I talked about WrestleMania coming up and   I have  Mix from the baka Boyz check this  out and more .


big show and tim white wizrd world














The Big show I got a radio shout out from the big show  he came last year for wizard  world Con !  he gave me and my special Olympics team a shout out


smile face DJ  turntables
























Mar 9

Notorious BIG / Biggie Smalls my favorite song from Biggie Smalls

Notorious Biggie  Smalls . was an awesome MC and rapper.  he was murdered in an unsolved case .  A lot of people enjoy Biggie and his music especially people in their  30’s  that remember that time period when Biggie was rapping and  remember  hearing about him getting killed.  Biggie  was Notorious Big  this is one of my favorite songs from him Juicy  !


Mar 9

Bill Goldberg WWE Universal Champion on WWE Monday night Raw

Bill Goldberg is the WWE heavyweight champion .   Bill Goldberg has been on a tear since he made his WWE and Wrestling comeback . Bill Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar at survivor Series and Speared him and gave him a jack hammer ,  Bill Goldberg  had  a good royal even though he didn’t win ! Bill Goldberg fought kevin Owens who was the universal champion and  Kevin Owens was trying to  play game with Goldberg, but Goldberg waited til Kevin Owens finally wanted to start the match , then  Goldberg hit a big spear on  Kevin Owens and gave him the jack hammer and won the WWE Universal championship. Bill Goldberg coming back reminds me of the WCW days when he was the WCW champion. Goldberg kept himself in great shape and looks just as strong and big as he was back then. Goldberg is one of wrestling’s all time greats.  I still like to chant  Gollllddddbergggg  !!!  Bill Goldberg now will defend the WWE universal championship against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando Florida in a big match, no matter what happens  I think Goldberg has been one of the best champions . Congratulations to  Bill Goldberg  for winning the Universal championship !!



Feb 23

Phillip from Galt online radio show shout out from the SPW wrestlers Mustafa Saed , Marcus Lewsi Jacob and Journey Fatu

I have another online radio show for you to listen too.  check it out. It has all the radio music hits from Hot 103.5 and it has shout outs from my favorite wrestlers at SPW Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento  CA.

Journey  Fatu and  Jacob Fatu, the Samoan Dynasty . they have a big successful family that wrestled like their dad Tonga kid, Rikishi , Umaga , Yokozuna Roman Reigns the USOs Jimmy  and JEY  .


I have a shout out form  Mustafa Saed  ECW Original and him and big Ugly are going to the  SPW tag team belts next month against Salt N Pimpin’  and I got a radio shout out  from  Marcus Lewis the flyin’ Lion  he is a high flying wrestlers he is exciting to watch at SPW .


Jacob and journey Fatu SPW
















Journey Fatu Jacob Fatu SPW wrestling Sacramento  getting ready for a big splash from the top  rope


me and Jacob Fatu















me and Jacob Fatu the Samonan Ware-wolf


me and Journey Fatu   the Samoan Dynasty

me and Journey Fatu

















me and  Marcus Cray Lewis on the right and  Mustafa Saed ECW original  on the left

me and Marcus Cray Lewis and Mustaf

















the flyin’ lion Marcus Cray Lewis


Marcus cray Lewis 1