Apr 28

Phillip from Galt online radio show radio shout outs and Prince Tribute Prince Mix RIP Prince

my online radio show this week is  tribute Mix Prince.   also I put in radio shout outs and I  put my  Hulk Hogan radio shout outs he’s my favorite wrestler and the best wrestling champion of all time he beat all the all time great Ric Flair undertaker Andre the Giant and more Hulk hogan is one of the best and his leg drop move. Hulk hogan gave me  a shout for special olympics too.  Check out the prince mix and enjoy Prince mix press play and enjoy Prince ‘s hits !!























Hulk Hogan WCW 2

Apr 28

Stockton Ports – May 1 2016 Sunday former Oakland A’s pitcher Mark Mulder appearance

the Stockton Ports the Single A affiliate of the Oakland A’s have a beautiful baseball park .its always a fun time to see good young talent and some future major league baseball players . I always have fun at Ports games.   This Sunday the Stockton Ports have  an appearance autograph meet & greet with  former Oakland A’s great pitcher  Mark Mulder. Mulder was apart of the pitching staff in Oakland the Big 3 , Tim Hudson, Barry Zito  and Mark Mulder. that starting 3 rotation was lights out .   Mark Mulder will be meeting fans signing autographs. go check it out this weekend on Sunday. the game starts 2p in Stockton banner Island Park



Mark Mulder Oakland A's






















stockton-ports-logo (2)





Apr 28

Sacramento sports Collectors show May 14 , 2016 McCellan Conference Center off of Watt

The Sacramento Sports Collectors show is gonna happen May 14 2016 at the McCellan Conference Center . The Sports Collectors show is the 1st in Sacramento. anything you can think of to collect such as sports trading cards , bobble heads , autographs footballs ,jerseys  I’m sure one of the  sellers will have it.  in addition to  sports collecting sports celebrities will be at the sports collectors show signing autographs taking pictures. Pete Rose the All time hits leader and world series champion will be there . Bubba Paris 49ers super Bowl champion who used to block for  Joe Montana will be there. Roger Craig  super bowl champion with the 49ers a very important player for the 49ers in the super bowl years  an outstanding running back will be there.  and local wrestling matches  Pro Wrestling the Wrestlers from Supreme Pro Wrestling will be there too . they always have great wrestling matches  . Marty Jannetty former WWE WWF Wrestler will be there. Jannetty was apart of the  Rockers tag team with Shawn Michaels they were close to winning the tag team belts. after Shawn Michael turned on Jannetty , Jannetty  came back and got revenge and beat his former tag team partner Shawn Michaels for the interconteintal championship Janetty also won the tag team championships with the 1,23, kid aka  X-Pac. this is gonna be a fun event.


here is the  information below check it out



Sacramento Sports collectors show






























Supreme Pro Wrestling will be having  Wrestling matches at the sports card collectors show they have great wrestlers that have exciting matches  like  Bobby Hart ,  Torch,  Samari  and others lots of hard workers and good wrestling matches .


supreme pro wrestling










Apr 28

NFL draft starts today April 28 , 29 30

The NFL  draft starts tonight  April 28 , 29 ,30  .  The NFL draft is exciting because that’s how a team builds their success by drafting the best player and all teams hope that the player they drafted will help build their team to be a winner.  us fans want to see who our team drafted so we can see if that player will be the next star and help our team win .  The draft starts today April 28 and then goes April 29 and wraps up on Saturday April  30 . good luck to all the players in the draft. the players will be watching to hear their name called by a NFL team .


here are some of my favorite draft day memories


NFL draft 2016

















after the commissioner is done annoucning the draft  picks the teams get a former great player and legends to announce the draft pick. The Oakland Raiders get Willie Brown super Bowl champion defensive back  and hall of famer to announce the draft pick in later rounds .  so I’m  hoping we’ll see Willie Brown announce a  Oakland Raiders pick during the draft .




willie Brown  former Raiders defensive back super Bowl  champion announcing Raiders draft picks



















This is  Charles  Woodson drafted in the 1998  draft .  Charles Woodson just retired from the NFL . Woodson was drafted by the Oakland Raiders he was a great team leader and holds records in career sacks and interceptions . Woodson went to  the Green Bay Packers and helped them win a super Bowl . Woodson came back to the Raiders after spending time with the Packers and continued his great career adding more interceptions and even  defensive touchdowns. Charles  Woodson is one of the best  draft pick certainly by the Raiders  and in the NFL.




Charles Woodson



















in that same  NFL  draft in 1998  Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts . Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterback too. Peyton help the Colts win a super Bowl . Peyton and Marvin Harrison were an awesome quarterback and wide reciever duo for the Colts. Peyton took the Colts to another super Bowl  appearance but lost that Super Bowl  Peyton had a lot of touchdown and did  a lot of winning for the Colts  one of the best draft picks .



Peyton Manning draft day




















commissioner Roger Goodell loves to announce the picks. he greets all the draft picks and he congratulates them and the players give him hugs and hand shakes and take selfies and one player even hugged Roger  Goodell and picked him up off his feet and lifted  him up while he was still hugging him . !!





Apr 28

VIP games/ special olympics . Track and field meet

Special Olympics is awesome . It is fun to play sports and make friends and cheer on my fellow competitors and to compete  and try to  win and achieve something cool. I am  a special olympics athlete.  We had our  VIP games track and field event on this past Sunday April 24 , 2016. VIP  is similar to special olympics  it gives  us  a chance to compete in more tournaments .  VIP is a local organization VIP stands for Very Inspirational Athletes.  I competed in 3 event I competed in shot put and the 100 yard dash and the  200 yard dash.  it was fun.  it kept me busy.  I met new friends and saw familiar faces . my friend Joey Swiencki from Carmichael  he loves radio and listening to radio and love the dj’s and on air jocks and Joey is  special olympics athlete too and  coach for softball.  Joey is the  Public relations for VIP games and got some local celebrities out to help award the athletes medal after their event. Joey got people from radio  stations like  Tony Cox he does porduction voice overs and Tony Cox is the Voice of the Sacramento Sports Hall of fame that TC Martin created. My friend Marilyn Nelson she is a local radio personality and has been on radio for a long time and she is a good traffic reporter. and Bryd , he is Judge Judy’s  baliff. The VIP  track and field games were so  fun . thank you too all the volunteers and celebrities and radio  jocks that awarded us medals.  it was so  fun.  thank  you to  my coach , coach Michelle.




running one of my races at track and field



vIP games 4 running































here are some of the other athletes I competed against in the shot put .


VIP games games 1




















me and Bryd  Judge Judy’s Baliff was out a the VIP games track and field meet helping pass out medals to us athletes



vIP games 3

























Bryd is Judge Judy’s Baliff


jUDGE  judy and Byrd
















Tony Cox he is a radio voice over he was at the VIP track and field meet passing out medals to us athletes



VIP games 2
























My friend Marilyn Nelson from  radio and Marily helped pass out awards to us athletes thank Marilyn for coming out to the VIP games



VIP game me and Marilyn Nelson
























Joey Swiwncki and me  at the VIP games. Joey help organize the track and field  games and got local celebrities from radio show and tv show and Dinger the  Sacramento River Cats  mascot too came out. Joey loves  radio and tv and listening to radio and watching local news and the local news peronalities and radio personalities.  Thank you Joey for getting the celebrities to help pass out awards to us.




VIP games 5 me and Joey Swiencki



Apr 22

Phillip from Galt online radio show. with Hella Retro w/ JayMarzz

radio shout outs from Coco Crisp from the Oakland A’s and Dwight Clark from the 49ers and Sheila E

old school hits check out my online radio show and all the music


Sheila  E and Prince were really good friends and Sheila E and Prince performed and  sang together.  Sheila E and Prince great talents and Sheila E was a drummer in Prince’s band  2 great nice people

Sheila E and Prince















hot 1035 logo new 1




























dwight clark and me Phillip december 2014











Apr 21

Chyna WWE great passes away RIP to Chyna

Chyna the 9th wonder of the world. WWE great Chyna passed away yesterday April 20 2016.  Andre the Giant the 7 feet 4 in over 500 lbs one of the most dominant and strong and best  WWE champions  Andre the Giant was undefeated for years until Hulk Hogan beat him and handed Andre the Giants his first pin fall at WreslteMania 3 . Andre the Giant was also Colosssa Connection and tag team champions with  King Haku.  Andre the Giant was the 8th wonder of the world and then WWE had the 9th Wonder of the World Chyan.  Chyan was a game changer.  Chyna wrestled with the men and even beat some of the guys.  Chyna feuded with Jeff Jarrett and won the interconteintal championship. she is the only female to hold a mens old title in all of Wreslting. Chyna was friends with Triple H and at one point  dated Triple H , she was in the famous group DX !! Chyna backed up  shawn Michaels and  Triple H  and she was such a good manager. even behind the scence in real life Wreslter like Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan said Chyna was so nice to their kids  she was a good friend.  Chyna had lots of fans and respect from fans and fellow wrestlers.  She was the first women to be in the royal rumble and even had a big elimination the  World’s strongest Man Mark henry was  eliminated by Chyna in the 1999 Royal Rumble a lot of friend and family and fellow wreslters and fans are gonna miss Chyna  –   – Phillip from Galt




Chyna  the only woman to win the intercontenintal championship. Chyna was a game Changer and such a hard worker and wrestled the guys and she gave them all they could handle. RIP to Chyna




Chyna WWE interconteintal champion

Apr 21

RIP to Prince .

legendary Performer , singer, song writer prince has died. Prince had many hits he has lots of fans. some of his hits include purple rain and , little red corvett ,and doves cry and 1999.  a personal memory of mine is when my brother graduated in 1999 from GHS warriors they played the song 1999. Sheila E another legendary singer and performer and drummer dated Prince  . Prince and Sheila E had some great hits like Erotic City and Love Bizzare .Prince performed at the super Bowl it was one of the most watched halftimes in the history . Prince will be missed  his music will live on too. RIP Prince   – Phillip from Galt





Apr 21

Who I want to see as the new head coach of the Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are currently looking for their next head coach. I would like to see Vinny Del Negro become the head coach  of the kings. Vinny is a former Sacramento kings player himself , he has passion for the Citty  of  Sacramento, the last Sacramento kings game played at Arco Arena Saturday April 9 2016 the kings legends were invited to the kings game and Vinny Del Negro #15 was in attendance for the game. Vinny Del Negro has head coach experience. Vinny Del Negro coached the Chicago Bulls and led them to a playoff appearance and he  coached the LA clippers and led them to a playoff appearance as well. Vinny Del Negro is a  former  Sacramento kings player and can relate to players  , I think Vinny can get this  kings team on the right track. I’m rooting for Vinny Del Negro to be the next head coach of the  Sacramento kings !





















Vinny Del Negro  as headcoach of the LA Clippers.  Del Negro led the clippers to  a playoff appearance he last coached in 2013



Vinny Del Negro





















Vinny Del Negro  former Kings player also played for the San Antonio Spurs


vinny Del Negro spurs

Apr 16

Phillip from Galt online radio show . Sacramento kings radio shout outs from Peja Stojakavic and Olden Polynice NBA final kings game at Arco Arena and the hella retro show with JayMarzz old school




Peja Stojakavic fomer kings player and he’s in the front office with the kings gave me a shout out for the last kings game at Arco Arena  and so  did former kings Center Olden Polynice .


Peja_Stojakovic dalls Mavs












Also JayMarzz from the morning show used to host an old school radio show on Hot 1035 the hella retro show check it out


retro show