Apr 23

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New York Giants v Chicago Bears



















Apr 23

I got to meet legendary football player super Bowl Champion 49ers great Ronnie Lott hall of famer.

this past Sunday April 19 my friend Richard and  his family and I went to Tracy Toyota . Ronnie Lott owns the tracy Toyota dealership along with former 49ers team-mate and linebacker Kenna Turner . Ronnie Lott is one of my favorite player. he has won multiple super bowls a Super Bowl champion and one the most hardest hitting players ever to  play in the history of the NFL.  Ronnie is Hall of famer. he went in to the Hall of fame with legendary teammates  Joe Montana 4x super bowl winning quarterback and with his Raiders team-mate Howie  Long de. Ronnie  is one of the best players and put it all on the line literally he cut off part of his finger when it was injured or he would have had to have surgery on it so he cut his finger off. Ronnie Lott and Keena  Turner were at Tracy Toyota for the ALS walk  in  memory of their friend and  former teammate  Eric Scoggins.  Ronnie love the fans and to give back to the community


Ronnie Lott with the 49ers #42


Ronnie lott
























picture with me Phillip from Galt and Hall of famer legendary 49ers player  Ronnie Lott super bowl champions


Ronnie Lott and me Phillip from Galt









Apr 23

Kansas City Royal beef with Oakland A’s

so last Friday Brett Lawrie slid in to 2nd base and Alcides Escobar shortstop for the Royals was covering 2nd base and his legs got taken out when lawrie slid in to base. Lawrie said he wasn’t intending to hurt Escobar.  on Sunday Pitcher Yordano Ventura  threw at Lawrie and Ventura was ejected from the game and Ventura then pointed at his head telling Lawrie  next time he ‘ll throw at his head.  This is wrong and Major league baseball thought so too Ventura was fined and suspended.    throwing at somebody’ s head could kill you and it is not apart of the game.  I hope MLB keeps a eye on Escobar next time the A’s and Royal play .    and I would possibly suspend Ventura for the next  Oakland A’s series too.













Apr 23

Pop Star Selena Gomez recent trip to Mexico rockin’ the bikin Bod !! shows off her bikini bod

I’ve always loved Selena Gomez one of my favorite stars and singers. I love her songs like love you like love song. Who says . come and get it and  Slow down the song. I think  she is happy and a good person and is happy with herself.  good job Selena Gomez.  Selena has been looking hot  and is pretty young lady. some people ( haters ) say she is  “heafty” nobody is perfect and I think Selena Gomez is cute beautiful and pretty  props to her for being happy and for having fun you are a beautiful young lady . here is  Selena Gomez enjoying her vacation !! rocking her bikini and looking good.




selena gomez pink bikini
























Apr 16

High 5’s !! why are 5’s are the best

today is National high 5 day.  I love high 5’s . its so fun to high 5 . high 5’s are the best. !!  5 five mean you are happy ! it means you are celebrating and it can be share between friends , family. and it can make you feel loved and happy too. I know when I get a high 5 I am happy and I feel loved and I feel happy somebody high-fived me !  you can high 5 to congratulate somebody. high 5 somebody on a good job and job well done. high 5 are a big part of sports after a big touchdown in football or big paly in football you often see team-mates high 5 each other.  in baseball after big hit or a homerun or when a run scores everyone  high 5’s . fans high 5 each other after big plays in the stands and cheer !  I love the high 5 ! So get out there and high 5. in WWE  when wrestlers come to the ring they high five the fans at ringside sometimes.  high 5  can be shared by everyone someone you love  , like or just saying hi or congratulations or to say good job. maybe when you greet somebody or say hi you can high 5 them too !  happy high fiving  !!!!   keep the high 5 alive !!  I love it. !



high 5  mario luigi






Apr 16

WWE Wrestlemania Recap Weekend March 29 2015 Levis Stadium








Werestlemania weekend was awesome . I was blessed and got to go to Wresltemania 31 this past weekend March 29 2015 .


my friend Badley and I started the day out by going to WWE  Axxess . Axess is all about meeting the wreslters and the wrestlers meeting the fans getting autographs and taking picture the wrestlers were so nice.  here are a few of my pictures

WrestleMania Axxess March 29 2015  me Phillip from Galt and Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Vader















Me Phillip from Galt and Vader and  Hacksaw  jim Duggan



me Phillip from Galt the wwe referee and 2 WWF/ WWE womens champions  Molly Holly Left and right-  Ivory . they were so nice and pretty and sweet and 2 of my favorite womens wrestlers


Molly holly me and Ivory



























me and Luke Harper from the Wayatt Family.

Luke Harper WWE Axess

























me and  nikki  bella  The Bella twins WWE divas champion


me Phillip from Galt and nikki bella























my favorite wrestlemania matches were  Sting vs triple and and when the NWo came out to defend sting after DX came out on behalf  of triple H .  NWO and Dx were the 2 top factions in wrestling factions and DX Road dogg and  Billy gunn and X Pac  were Dx and Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash and scott Hall came out for NWO.  it was cool to see them mix it up a little bit. I didn’t

like how shawn Michales sweet chin kicked  sting but seeing Hulk Hogan and NWO and Sting together was great

Hulk hogan Kevin Nash and Scott Hall NWO  Wrestlemania ! Wrestlemania coming down the ring to be in Sting’s corner













Sting after his Wrestlemania match with Hulk Hogan Scott Hall kevin Nash


Sting and now Wrestlemania
















When triple H and the Stephanie came to the ring and talked about how they were the best. and they ruled and the said they said  they “own the  people ” the fans and the Rock came out and  said you don’t own the people. and  the Rock found Ronda Ronda Rousey after Triple and Stephanie Told the Rock to leave the ring  because they said they own him . Ronda Rousey is the UFC  champion she is one tough bad woman and fighter.  she took down  Triple H and and tossed  Stephanie McMahon out of the ring as  well


the Rock and Ronda Rousey WWE Wrestlemania 31














i also liked the united States Championship match and John Cena won the United States championship and  beat the undefeated Rusev.  John Cena is my favorite wrestler. and it was cool to see his strength and he gave Rusev attittude Adjustment  and won the  match.  it was exciting to see John Cena represent for America too. ! it was cool to see  John Cena be the first to beat Rusev too !


John Cena new united states champion







Apr 9

Dj mix throwback thursday and Wrestlemania 31 theme song skylar grey Phillip from Galt dj podcast




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wrestlemania theme song 31

Apr 9

Baseball season opener 2015

Baseball season is now here – 2015. baseball means spring is here and summertime is coming too !  we get to hear the crowd roar see home-runs and exciting baseball and we get to root on our favorite teams in hopes of  the playoffs and maybe even a championship!



The local team   – San Francisco  Giants








last Year the San Francisco Giants won the world series. we will see if they can come back and go to the playoffs and go to the world series again .and we will see if the pitching staff will be good if Madison Bumgarner and Tim Linecm can help the Giants on the mound . Buster Posey is always exciting too !

Oakland A's logo pic










Oakland A’s –   the A’s have a bunch of new faces young talent. hungry young players. the pitching staff looks solid the young talent will learn a lot and be excited . i think the A’s will be scrappers like always and fight .  the A’s still have vetran leaderships too.  The A’s have Josh Reddick  and  Co Co Crisp they are team leadership and make exciting plays and are fan favorites . the have been good Oakland A’s guys


Minor league  baseball.


Sacramento RiverCats.


Sacramento Rive Cats and San Francisco Giants













its always good time and fun time to see  minor league talent before the go to the big leagues and sometimes you see Major League former players now coaching. The RiverCats are now apart of the San Francisco Giants organization  and will look to have winning and success. the Rivercats have been the Oakland A’s minor league team now they are Giants minor league  Triple A team so we will see some future  Giants players and stars now



















Stockton Ports  – it always fun to see  the Stockton Ports they are local and close to Sacramento. The Ports are single A team  minor league team of the Oakland A’s. hopefully we see some good talent and its fun to see the young talented players in Stockton, CA. future Oakland A’s . Banner Island park in Stockton is beautiful and is a fun family atmosphere .!


enjoy you penuts and crackerjacks and baseball season !!  – Phillip from Galt




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