Oct 1

Phillip from Galt my NFL picks for Week 4 October 1 , 2015




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Oct 1

fun WWE post. if you could make up a WWE Tag team with any WWE wrestlers ever. who would be in your tag team and what would be the name of the Tag Team ?

if you could pick any Wrestlers of all time and put them in a tag team together, who would you pick as your tag team and what would their tag team name be ?   I would pick  Vader and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Hacksaw  Jim Duggan the American hero always carried the American flag to the ring with him and brought his trust 2×4 to the ring with him  too.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan a big strong man a tough – guy like he liked to say . he had the football 3 point stance and football tackle clothesline as a finishing move and he was king of the ring and king of WWE / WWF when he beat Haku for king of the ring. Hacksaw and Vader would be my tag team ! Hacksaw still wrestles in the ring in independent wrestling and has been a force in the ring and has been succeesful  where ever he wrestled.  and Vader is a big man at 400 lbs. and one of the strong big man of all time.  Vader has lots of power and agility in the ring for a big man, he is a former WCW champion. Vader said its Vader time  and Hacksaw  Jim Duggan always chanted USA USA and  also had   trademark yell  Hoooooo-ooooooooo !!   so I’d call Vader and Hacksaw Jim Duggan  Hoooooooo -ooooooo Time !!   I think Vader and Hacksaw would be contenders and win the tag team championships.



Big Vader. Its Vader Time !!!




















King of WWF  King Hacksaw Jim Duggan Tough Guy  Hoooo-ooooo

Hacksaw Jim Duggan king WWF

















Hacksaw Jim duggan with his  trusty 2×4 and American flag USA USA USA


Hacksaw Jim Duggan hooo usa 2x4












Hacksaw Jim Duggan 3 point stance football clothesline tackle

Hacksaw Jim Duggan 3 point stance

Sep 24

Phillip from Galt my NFL week 3 picks and a bonus pick






Sep 24

Barry Zito Oakland A’s pitcher makes big return to Oakland A’s pitching this Saturday against former team-mate on the Oakland A’s current San Francisco Giant Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder being honored big 3 for Oakland A’s being honored reunite at the Oakland Coliseum Oakland A’s vs San Francisco Giants 1:05 pm first pitch

Oakland A’s  the big 3 . the pitchers for the Oakland A’s in the early 2000’s Mark Mulder  Tim Hudson and Barry Zito will all be reunited this Saturday at the Oakland Coliseum where the big  3 had a lot of success for the Oakland A’s. This Saturday the battle of the Bay San Francisco Giants vs the Oakland A’s September  26, 2015 at the Oakland Coliseum first pitch at 1:05 . Tim Hudson Barry Zito  and Mark Mulder has lots of success for the Oakland A’s and for their other teams as well.   the big 3 Hudson, Mulder , Zito lead the A’s to post season appearances and won lots of games when they pitched for the A’s together in the early 2000’s .Tim Hudson a few weeks ago announced he will be retiring . Hudson won a world series championship with the San Francisco  Giants last year .  he was the American league wins leader in 200o when he pitched for the Oakland a’s. Barry Zito  another member or the Big 3 is pitching against his  ex Oakland A’s team-mate Tim Hudson , Hudson will be on the hill for the  San Francisco Giants this Saturday. !  Zito won a world Series championship with the San Francisco Giants as well , in 2012  Zito pitched in his first world series and earned the  win when the Giants beat the Detroit tigers. zito is  cy young winner , he won the cy young as a member of the Oakland A’s in 2002 .  Zito made his come baseball come back this season and pitched for the  Oakland A’s triple A affiliate Nashville. Zito has worked hard and been a good member of the A’s organization the A’s called up Zito last week and now he will be pitching against his former  Oakland A’s team-mate  Tim Hudson which could be Barry Zito’s last game as well . Zito and Hudson came up together as team-mates on the Oakland A’s and now they can go out together and close out 2 great careers an amazing moment for sure !   and Joining Hudson and Zito , Mark Mulder their team-mate and  member of the big  3 will be honored along with Hudson and Zito before  the game on Saturday  they will be honored for their A’s careers as well as their baseball careers.  Hudson Mulder Zito the big 3 reunited there is a lot of success and awards and wins and great moments !  be sure to catch the game this Saturday 1:05 pm first pitch at the Oakland Coliseum Sunday September 26 2015 .


Barry Zito world Series champion and cy young winner making his Oakland A’s Come back at the Oakland coliseum this Saturday September 26, 2015 against Tim Hudson his ex  team-mate memeber of the Big  3 starting for the Oakland A’s


barry Zito 3 Oakland A's














Tim Hudson San Francisco  Giants world series champion  pitching this  Saturday against Oakland A’s ex team-mate Barry Zito  both  members of the Big  3 . Hudson retiring  at the send of the season


MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants














Mark Mulder Oakland A’s member of the Big  3





Sep 24

Pope Francis visits the United States of America and Celebrates mass in Washington DC and meets with President Obama

Pope Francis is currently on his visit to the United States of America. It is important for the Pope to come the the United States because he is the leader of the Catholic church and there are over 20 million Catholics in America one of the biggest religions Christians and Catholics.  The Pope met With President Obama to discuss climate change and important issues like defending life  at every stage.  its a blessing to have the pope in America.

something cool too when the Pope was celebrating mass in Washington  D. C.  before the mass a group of nuns were tailgating and were eating sandwiches. usually when we think of tailgate we think  football and big sporting events but  you can eat a sandwich and have tailgate get together before and exciting event like going to mass celebrated by the Pope. what an occasion . !


group of nuns tailgate before going to mass celebrate by Pope Francis   in Washington   D. C.



nuns tailgate for pope


















Pope Francis meeting with President  Obama September  23, 2015  at the White house


Pope francis and  president obama September 2015

Sep 17

Phillip from Galt NFL Week 2 Picks & WWE Night of Champion Pick for this Sunday September 20 2015

Phillip from Galt my NFL  picks for who will win the games and   WWE Night of champions  Sunday September 20 2015  picks !!



Sep 17

Mistake by fireworks opperator at Major League baseball .

The kansas City Royals were playing the  Cleveland Indians . In Cleveland when a Indians player hits a homerun fireworks go off !  that is only suppose to happen when an Indians player hits a homerun  Not when the opposing player hits a homerun !!! but that’s what happened  when Alex Rios from the Royals hit a homerun against the Indians fireworks went off  for his homerun. The fireworks opperator accidently set the fireworks off. he was very embarassed he covered his head with his hat. poor guy.   We all make mistakes.!!  but its a good laugh check out the video below .  you only had 1 job to do !!


Sep 17

Big Papi David Ortiz hits career homerun 500 . becomes 4th Major League baseball player with at least 500 career homeruns and 3 world series rings

Big Papi David Ortiz has had an awesome career. the Boston Red Sox Slugger is a big man and  and a big hitter he can hit the long ball.  Ortiz has won 3 world series with  boston Red Soxs and has 500 career homeruns and counting . he now joins Babe Ruth , 714 career  homeruns 7 world series championships, Mickey Mantle  536 careet homeruns 7 world series,  Reggie Jackson 563 career homeruns and 5 world series championship. Ortiz hts some towering long homeruns and is amazing power hitter. its kinda like  Barry Bonds you don’t want to miss  Papi at bat you might miss a great moment or a big hit !!     congratulations Big Papi David Ortiz  on another great career milestone !


David-Ortiz34 pic 1

















David Ortiz pic 2

Sep 10

Phillip from Galt pick em’ Fridays ! NFL picks week 1 September Sunday 13 – Monday 14 2015



NFL logo

























Sep 10

WWE Throwback Thursday Post. if you could see any past WWE championship brought back which one would you want to see brought back? I want to see the Hardcore Championship be brought back to WWE

there are a few WWE championship belts now retired. the WWE womens championship.  the European championship and the Hardcore Championship and  the light heavyweight championship. if you could see any Wrestling championship be brought back to  WWE which championship would you want to see come back  ?

I want the hardcore championship to be brought back to the WWE .  I enjoyed the  hardcore championship matches. Those hardcore championship matches were the best. I like how the hardcore championship was defended 24/7  as long as a referee was there.  I like how the wrestlers brought out all kinds of weapons out with them to ringside. shopping carts,garbage cans, kendo sticks , steel chairs, tables , ladders , fire extinguisher, it was fun to see what weapons they would bring out and how they would us them in the match. so I want the WWE to bring back the Hardcore championship.










WWE / WWF hardcore championship belt  and  below the first ever hardcore champion Mankind – Mick Foley wrestling great defined hardcore wrestling putting his body on the line and was a great wrestling champion


Mankind hardcore championship