May 21

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May 21

most dominant player in NBA Playoff history – Shaq

so since its NBA playoff time i was thinking of the best and most dominant player in NBA playoff history. I think  Shaquille O’Neal is the most dominant player in the post season NBA playoff history.  Especially when The Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Sacramento kings in the Western Conference finals in the early  2000’s. Shaq was just so dominant  he would slam dunk and he is a monster of a man and so powerful there wasn’t much you could do to stop the  Big man! that’s why  I say Shaq is the most dominant player in  post season NBA playoffs. Shaq teamed up with Kobe Bryant with the Lakers to win 3  NBA world championships and  he Shaq also teamed up with Dwayne Wade to win a championship with the  Miami Heat  ! Shaq is  has  4 NBA championships overall  3 time final  MVP . Shaq is one of the best Centers and big men of all time .




Shaq champion



















Shaquille O'Neal makes a slam dunk






















Shaquille O'Neal



May 14

Tom Brady A Cheater Commissioner Goodell Hands down the Punishment on Tom Brady and the Patriots !

Tom Brady and the Patriots were Punished big time by the commissioner  Roger Goodell.  Tom Brady was fined and Tom Brady is suspended for the first 4 games of the Season  this coming season.  the patriots loose a s 2016  first round draft pick. Tom brady  is punished for what is known as deflate-gate.  he supposedly had staffer ball boys deflate football under what the rules of the NFL allow.  The staffers were suspended as well. The Patriots were fined 1 million dollars as well . Commissioner Goodell came down with a good punishment ! All the years of cheating and questionable decisions they have done. The Patriots were involved with Spy-gate. spying one other coaches to try to pick up their signals during games.   Tom Brady is a successful quarterback but he lied and said he wasn’t aware of who was responsible for deflating the footballs during the AFC championship game. now he had to finally pay up !! I think there is an astrerix next to New England Patriots and Tom Brady and Bill Bilicheck because the Patriots are dishonest and try to take shot cuts.  Good Punishment Commissioner Roger Goodell !


Tom Brady 2



May 7

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May 7

I had a chance to meet all time baseball great Rickey Henderson and I met Co Co Crisp from the Oakland A’s

Rickey Henderson former Oakland A’s player hometown  hero and  baseball great the best base stealer and base runner Rickey Henderson. Rickey Henderson is an all stat and World series champion with the Oakland A’s and  Toronto Blue jays.  Rickey played a long career  great career longetivity in baseball . Rickey Henderson a Hall of famer. All star player . Rickey now  is an instructional coach for the A’s organization and coaches the players on the A’s and their minor league teams !!  Rickey was down in Stockton the Single A affiliate of the the A’s  Stockton Ports he was coaching 1st base.  I had a chance to meet him and he is a great player and a nice person and love the fans. thanks Rickey Henderson.


me Phillip from Galt and Rickey Henderson Oakland A's and Stockton Ports  baseball hall of famer  world series champion Stockton  May 6 2015






















I also had a chance to meet current  outfielder CoCo Crisp centerfielder . CoCo is a veteran player also one of the A’s leaders he has pop in his bat and comes up with big hits and big catches in the outfield. CoCo has shoulder surgery and this past weekend  May  3, 4 was in Stockton with the Ports participating in batting practice and games with the Stockton Ports. I had a chance to meet co co crisp. he is a world series champion he won with the Red sox  and CoCo is a great baseball player























shout out to  CoCo Crisp and Rickey Henderson Go A’s and Go Stockton Ports !





Oakland A's













May 7

Fashion Alert. Met Gala 2015 These dresses are awesome

At the Met Gala these dresses stole the show !!     J-LO   ( Jennifer Lopez )  dress   J- Lo is hot and pretty and likes to show off here is the dress she wore at the Met Gala.


here is J- Lo’s Dress  she wore























and Beyonce  left little to the imagination .  Dang !!!



Apr 30

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I put a shout from Hulk Hogan and Shaq on my radio show listen  !!

jimmy mouth of the  South Hart  , NBA champion Shaq and WWE WCW champion Hulk Hogan  !

Hulk hogan wwe wcw champion  Shaq  NBA champion Mouth of the south Jimmy Hart

Apr 30

May 1, 2015 – May 3, 2015 Big Weekend Stockton Ports ! Stockton Ports baseball single A minor league team of the Oakland A’s Dallas Braden #50 being retired by Stockton Ports and CoCo Crisp A’s outfileder down in Stockton this weekend !

This Weekend. May 1 ,2015  Friday – Sunday May 3, 2015  is a big weekend  for the Stockton Ports.



















Oakland A’s outfielder and centerfielder CoCo Crisp will be down in Stockton this weekend with the Stockton Ports  doing batting practice and possibly getting game action with the Ports so he can get back to the A’s.  CoCo has been on disabled list this year but is getting ready to come back so he will be doing a rehab start to get in the swing of things so he can help the  A’s. CoCo is an exciting hitter and comes up with big hits and catches in the outfield.  a baseball star ! so it will be fun to see CoCo down in Stockton maybe to possibly meet him if he can make time for fans  before or after the games !!

























The Stockton Ports are retiring their first jersey number Stockton native Hometown hero Stockton Ports and former Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas Braden  on Saturday May 2, 2015 . Dallas Braden wore number 51 while a member of the Oakland A’s ! While a member of the Ports he wore jersey  number 50 .   Dallas Braden also was honored by the Ports for the community work he has done in the community giving back to Stockton, Ca.  Dallas  Braden’s finest baseball moment came May 9, 2010  on mothers day he pitched the perfect game in Oakland, Ca at the Oakland Coliseum  he did it in 77 strikes and 109 pitches. Congratulations to Dallas Braden on the jersey retirement .

Dallas Braden Oakland A’s pitcher


























So  Go Check out the Stockton Ports this weekend





Apr 30

NFL Draft weekend.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announce the draft picks and gives them  hugs too.  ! hug to congratulate them for being NFL players ! “welcome to the NFL ” from  Commissioner Goodell  !!



















I was just thinking of the best draft pick of all time. its NFL draft weekend. here are some of the best NFL draft pick ever in my opinion in  no particular order !











1.) Deion Sanders- Deion Sanders was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Deion a  2 star athlete in college and in the pro in  Major league baseball and NFL . Deion had flashiness very colorful big personality he went on to play with the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys and won super bowls. He is  shut down corner if you dared to throw to Deion’s side he would pick off many quarterback.  Deion even was  Flashy for the draft wearing his gold and jewelry .  Deion one  of the best draft picks



















Deion Sanders  Atlanta Falcons





















2.) Charles Woodson – Charles  Woodson a safety and cornerback  one of the best draft picks. drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1998. Charles Woodson is also a shutdown corner and a playmaker ! Woodson was originally drafted by the Oakland  Raiders and  went on to play for the Green Bay Packers where he helped Green bay’s defense and team win a Super Bowl championship and ring ! Woodson has sacks and interceptions and touchdowns he got from interceptions. Woodson is still going strong he is in his second go around with the Raiders , he returned home to  the  Oakland Raiders. Charles Woodson one of the best draft picks


Charles Woodson Oakland Raiders  Super Bowl champion with Green bay packers  defensive back   future hall of famer  Oakland















3.) Joe Montana –  the San Francisco 49ers took a chance on a skinny quarterback Bill Walsh said. and boy what a chance it turned out to  be !  Joe Montana drafted out of  Notre Dame . Joe Montana went on to lead the 49ers to 4 super Bowl Championships. Joe was cool Joe ! he always looked so calm and Cool under pressure and made winning look natural or easy !  Joe one of the best quarterbacks and  Super Bowl champions and draft picks

joe-montana 49ers quarterback blog pic 1






















4.) jerry Rice –  the 49ers took a “kid” for a small school Mississippi Valley State. Jerry Rice. and Jerry Rice is the G.O.A.T.  on the football field  ( Greatest of All Time )  Jerry Rice drafted by the 49ers holds every record there is to have in receiving touchdowns , receptions, yard receiving  he holds all these records and more . Jerry Rice 3x Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP.  he teamed up with great quarterback  for the 49ers Joe Montana and Steve Young and gave both quarterback the best receiver ever.  Jerry Rice one of  the best ever  draft  picks


jerry rice blog pic 1













5.)  Peyton Manning drafted by the Colts in the 1998 draft.  a great quarterback in his own right.  he was Super Bowl MVP  and Super Bowl champion. he broke another great quarterbacks record Brett Favre for the most career touchdowns thrown.  he threw for his 509 touchdown.  Peyton Manning has mad 3  super Bowl trips 2 with the Colts and one Super Bowl appearance for the Denver Broncos.  . Peyton has been one of the best. a great draft pick for the Colts.  !!

Peyton Manning Clots quarterback jpg

Apr 23

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New York Giants v Chicago Bears