Oct 30

DJ mix Phillip from Galt on the mic shout outs throwback Thursday

me Phillip from Galt discussing the world series, and more and halloween  !! throwback Thursday







Oct 30

Phillip from Galt and my interview with Jim Kozimor former Sacramento Kings announcer and host of the showgram at Oakland Raiders game October 2014 sports and Raiders interview check it out

me and Jim Kozimor from radio and from Yahoo sports talk live on Comcast Sports net channel 34 and 36. Koz is on tv and has been on radio on his own sports talk radio show Jim Kozimor show gram. he was apart of  Sacramento kings broadcasting on tv and radio.  Koz now does work with the Oakland raiders and does Raidersville tailgating event he interview raiders great and  question and answer session with the fans at the  game.  Go Koz !!!   below me and Koz Jim Kozimor at a Raiders game  –  Phillip from Galt


me Phillip from Galt and Jim Kozimor from Radio and from Raiders post game show Raiders Bears game November 27 2011


Oct 30

Happy Halloween 2014 October 31, 2014

Halloween is one of my favorite days ! dress up in costume have fun and candy !!!   I am  a WWE special guest referee for Halloween  . I work my referee shirt and Hulk Hogan bandana and wrestling belt and have my WWE Microphone !!  my favorite Halloween candy  and  treats are m &m’s  , snickers, butterfingers and oreo cookies . I hope all of you and your kids have fun and be safe . from Phillip from Galt ! happy halloween .












Oct 30

E- 40 Bay Area Rap hip hop star reppin’ the SF Giants

shout out to E-40  bay area hip hop rap artist bay area rapping legend for coming through and supporting the San Francisco Giants. E-40  is always reppin’ the SF Giants and 49ers and sometimes the Oakland A’s ! E-40 was at game 6 and game 7 in Kansas City at the world series wearing SF Giants gear !!!  he was sitting right behind home plate.   Yeah  Go  E-40 – Phillip from Galt


e -40 at the  2014 world series  game 6 and & San Francisco Giants and Kansas City royals















Bay Area Rapper and hip hop star e-40 at  the world series 2014 game , game 6  & game 7  in Kansas city  San francisco Giants vs  the Kansas  City Royals.  e-40  was in Kansas City rooting for the SF Giants. !  Go Giants  2014  World Series champions. e-40 has had all the hits. sprinkle me , 1 luv  , IDWFU current song. shout out  e-40 from Phillip from Galt !


Oct 30

Congratulations 2014 world series champions San Francisco Giants

Congratulations 2014 San Francisco Giants .   The Giants and Kansas city Royals took it to the end game 7 !  the Games and series was great over all. The Giants had some exciting moments. some of  the Stand out players on the giants were Hunter Pence  and Pablo Sandoval the “panda” and Madison Bumgarner was lights out on the pitchers mound. this the 3rd World Series win since 2010 , 2012  , 2014 .  Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and to the fans !  Go SF Giants !  – Phillip from Galt !

SF giants logo 1










SF Giants  world series champion trophy

Oct 17

Phillip from Galt blog-cast DJ SN1 Hot 1035 The lift off mix October 2014

 it me Phillip from Galt on the mic with DJ SN1 in the mix liftoff mix  on Hot 1035 . 

Dj mix 1

hot 1035 logo new 1

Oct 16

October is National cookie Month ! Celebrate all month long !

 something in October is my favorite.  its National cookie month !! cookies are my favorite. ! Oreo Cookies , chocolate chip cookies , and m& m cookies too. So enjoy your cookies all month long and after that too ! I love cookies so good and sweet. celebrate eating cookies all month long  Phillip from Galt 

eating  cookie make me happy :)

cookie monster

Oct 16

Go San Francisco Giants ! can the San Francisco Giants Advance to the world series tonight ? 10 -16 -2014

 the San Francisco Giants are up  on the National League Championship series the NLCS !  3- 1 against the St. Louis Cardnials . The Giants can close out the Series tonight in San Francisco at AT&T park.  The Giants have found a away to win in the games . they come from behind or keep their lead they just find away !! Let’s  Go San Francisco Giants !  if the Giants win they advance to the  World series and play the Kansas city Royals  

postseason 300w

Giants logo 2

San Francisco Giants

san francisco giants by devildog360 d50o1yo

Oct 16

Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg ! please stop the hate and beef.!

 so honestly I haven’t followed a lot the the Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg beef story.  I know it started over a instagram  picture or post.  then it escalated from there between Iggy Azela and Snoop Dogg.I just want to say that Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg please stop the hate and beef. ! you both are good talented and big names and successful. Snoop you don’t need to beef with someone you are already a music legend and actor entertainer you made a empire and a whole lot of money for music albums endorsements and acting you don’t need this beef and going back with Iggy Azalea or anybody else you are music legend and great !!   Iggy Azalea you don’t need beef you are talented pretty and good looking you are a star !!  Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg neither of you have nothing to gain  over the beef so squash it !  I think Snoop Dogg should act hi age and  don’t hate on  Iggy Azalea. hater-ade hopefully the beef stops now and  Snoop will stop hating on Iggy Azalea and Iggy Azalea will stop with comebacks   – Phillip from Galt  

Stop the beef

Stop the ” beef” Snoop dogg and Iggy Azalea

iggy azalea snoop dogg bully 01

Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea  


this is for Snoop  Dogg Hating on Iggy Azalea 

Oct 10

Phillip from Galt blogs and shout out and old school throwback mix

 so  here is my throwback mix of the week. i have shout outs and all kinds of cool stuff and I just wanted to thank Hanlees in Davis Hanlees Toyota off of Chiles Rd.  check them out they had San Francisco 49ers legend Dwight Clark  there he made one of the best plays in the NFL the catch from Joe Montana that led him to the 49ers to the super Bowl .  Dwight Clark is a super bowl winner and a great tight end and reciever  here is the picture of Dwight Clark and me !

Dwight Clark 49ers super bowl champion 49ers great and me getting a shout out radio

hot 1035 logo new 1

throwback thursday