Aug 25

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 online radio show and podcast DJ Mix Dj Dr. J and Kevin Nash big daddy Cool Diesel Shout out

I met Big Daddy Cool Diesel  Kevin Nash he  was the WWF and WCW champion and had one of the best finishing moves the jack-knife powerbomb 7 feet tall Kevin Nash one of the best. he wrestled and beat some all time great like  Bob Backlund  Bret the hitman hart, Hulk Hogan Ric Flair, bill Goldberg , The Big Show Sting  Kevin Nash was in the NWO with Scott Hall and X PAc  they were al at Stockton Con they were all wrestling champions . check out my online show and the DJ Mix liftoff mix on Hot 1035 DJ Dr. J



radio music 1
















Stockton Con August 2016  nwo  Kevin Nash X Pac and Scott hall  August 2016  2



















Kevin Nash  X Pac and Scott Hall NWO WolfPack in the house at Stockton Con


Stockton Con August 2016  nwo Kevin Nash X Pac and Scott hall 1

Aug 25

Supreme Pro Wrestling this Sunday August 28 2016

Supreme Pro Wrestling independent wrestling will be going on this Sunday. The show will feature popular wrestlers like Mustafa Saed  ecw  original ,  Danile Torch , Sir Samari , bobby hart and there is  a special debut Jacob Fatu , Jacob Fatu is the son of WWF wrestling legend Tonga kid, Tong kid was tag team partners with king haku and managed  by Booby the brain heenan the Islanders .  Fatu is apart of the big Samoan wreslting great family which included the Anoa’i  family  Jimmy and Jey the Usos WWE tag team champions their dad also a tag team champion Rikishi the Rock  Roman Reigns WWE champion.  Jacob is on the independent wrestling scene and will be making a name for himself. Come on Down to  McMahon Drive in Sacramento and check some wreslting action, the matches are awesome up close and personal  the action starts at 5 pm here is the poster below with more information !!


supreme Pro wrestling Jacob fatu

Aug 25

WWE coming to Golden 1 Center for WWE No Mercy Pay Per view WWE Network October 9 2016 Sacramento

WWE is coming to Sacramento to the new downtown Arena Golden 1  center for WWE No Mercy October 9 2016 . No Mercy WWE be on Pay Per View and on The WWE Network . WWE is popular . Sacramento has lots of WWE fans. WWE will be one of the first events at the arena Golden 1 Center. It might be a Smackdown  event I see John Cena might be there and WWE champion Dean Ambrose maybe the new tag team champions. it will be a fun you can’t miss event especially for all you  Sacramento big WWE fans.  check out the poster below  WWE No Mercy


WWE No mercy 2016

Aug 18

Phillip from Galt podcast online radio show shout outs from Bret the hitman hart and Tommy Dreamer DJ Mix

i have a dj mix  and  i got a shout out from Bret the hitman hart and Tommy Dreamer 2 wrestling greats and 2 wrestling champions !  check it out !!




DJ sign















me and Tommy Dreamer
















brett Hart WWF champion










bret the hitman hart and me

Aug 18

BTW Big Time Wrestling event in Modesto , independent Wrestling. Supreme Pro Wrestling and Wreslting Bushido

I got to  go  to Big time Wrestling down in Modesto  at John  Thurman field  where the Modesto nuts play. it was a great time The fans have fun the wrestlers have fun with the fans.  the wrestlers even fight in the crowd its very interactive show . very fun show. also at the Stockton Con show Supreme Pro Wrestling will be outside doing wrestling matches so check that out. the wrestlers put on good matches and they fight in the crowd and you get to see the wrestlers up close and personal .Wrestling WWE WWF hall of famer Bret the hitman hart was at the Big time wrestling !! he was signing autographs and even gave us a speech in the ring and the main event match was  Chris Masters the master piece vs ECW champion ECW original Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer and Master fought all over John Thurman field on the field and in the crowd in the seats they hit each other with chairs and  garbage cans and what ever else they could find.  Tommy Dreamer won the match he is hardcore it was a good time check out and support independent wrestling when you can . they put on great matches












supreme pro wrestling
















meeting  Brett the hitman hart the best there  is the best there was and the best that there will be WWF  champion and  WWE  hall of famer  at Big time Wrestling at  Modesto Nuts field


bret the hitman hart and me

















meet ECW champion  and ECW Original and hardcore legend  Tommy Dreamer  at Big time Wrestling in Modesto


me and Tommy Dreamer

















torch in a tag team match

btw 4



















tag team match action

















bret the hitman hart in the  ring Big time Wrestling in Modesto





































Tommy Dreamer talking to Chris Masters the Master Piece

























Chris Master vs tommy Dreamer action























Tommy Dreamer beating down Chris Masters  during their match




















after the match Chris Masters getting help from the Referee . Tommy Dreamer won. it was a great match  between  Dreamer and Masters





Aug 18

Stockton Con this weekend August 20 , 21 2016 Stockton Arena

Stockton Con this weekend August 20 , 21 2016 Stockton Arena  . it’s always fun time at the Stockton Con . this year the Stockton Con is gonna have one of wrestling’s best factions and groups ever, a mini  nWo Kevin Nash is Big Daddy Cool Diesel , Scott Hall Razor Ramon , and X- Pac. Kevin Nash big Daddy Cool diesel was  the WWF champion and WCW  champion he had the jack-knife powerbomb finishing move !  Scott hall Razor Ramon was one of the best inteconteintal champions . Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels had one of the first ladder matches in WWF it was for the interconteintal champion. Razor Ramon and Shawn Michales used the ladder and hit each other with it and used it against each other it was one of the best matches and introduced us to the ladder match .  x PAc was European and champion and was also  in nWo and DX 2 of the best wreslting factions. X PAc was also WWF tag team champions with Kane they were a good team X PAc  had a lot of athleticism and kane was the power and strength they made a good team and tag team champions.Kevin Nash, scott Hall and X Pac will all be at Stockton Con this weekend at  Stockton arena signing autographs  and taking pictures. at Stockton con they also have memorabilia for sale like action figures and toys and sports trading cards  and t-s hirts its always fun time at Stockton Con and to buy toys and fun things check out the website




Kevin Nash Scott Hall and X Pac  nwo  stockton con

Aug 18

Usain Bolt best olympian ever ? I say Yes he is one of the best olympians ever !

Its the Rio 2016  Olympics. watching all the sports as many as I can swimming, basketball , soccer , track and field.  We get to see so mamy great athletes and Olympians. they have trained and worked hard for this moment to  compete and the Olympics is special , the Olympics only comes around every 4 years so these athletes put in a lot of time effort work and dedication into their sport.  One Olympian that I am pumped up to see compete every time he has an event is Olympic tack and field racer Usain Bolt. he has set world records in his races. he is the fastest man on the planet .  Bolt has already won gold in the 100 meter run and some times Usain Bolt is so fast he beat his own world record. Bolt is going for gold tonight in the  200 meter mens race.  Bolt  makes these races look easy.  he is exciting to see , he leaves everyone else in the dust.  except yesterday in the qualifying race of mens 200 meter bolt was neck and neck with  Canada’s Andre De Grasse but Usain pulled just in front of De Grasse and while they crossed the finish line they were joking and smiling at each other  it’s good to see Usain Bolt and the other athletes have so much with their Olympic experience  Bolt also pointed his finger jokingly at De Grasses like  he was saying  ha ha  I got you after the close and good race  .




Bolt and De Grasse while crossing the finish line mens 200 meter qualifying  both laughing and smiling what a good race. Usain Bolt is so good at racing he makes it look easy he is one of the best Olympians ever o all time and he is exciting to watch what a fun guy !!


Aug 11

Phillip from Galt online radio show hot 1035 music August 11 2016

I have some Hot 1035 radio music. also I went to WWE wrestling in Stockton and met the Lass Kicker  Becky Lynch  and it’s Hulk Hogan birthday   !


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radio music 1












music listening headphones










Hulk Hogan’s birthday  august 11

Hulk_Hogan champion
















I met the Lass kicker Becky Lynch in Stockton at WWE  she is  a good  wrestler and she is the Lass Kicker  !!


becky lynch



Aug 4

NFL is back ! kickoff this weekend with the Pro Football inductions and NFL Pro football Hall of fame Game !

NFL Pro football Hall of fame indctions and the Pro football game is this weekend the start of NFL season is closing upon us !!

some of the hall of famers that will be inducted is Raiders quarterback the late Great Ken Stabler ! known as the Snake because the way he ” slithered” and avoided sacks.  Ken Stabler was starting quarterback for the Oakland Riaders and  won a super Bowl for the Raiders. Stabler combined with recievers like fellow Pro football hall of famer Fred Belitnekoff and  Cliff Branch , Ken Stabler was awesome leader on the field and also could have a good time off the field too. Stabler would party and go to bars and still play the next day. they said Stabler studied the play-book to the light of the juke-box !! Stabler was one of the best quarterback and was a winner. Ken Stabler


Ken Stabler Raiders












ken Stabler Houston Oliers













I always like Brett Favre quarterback from the Green Bay Packers super Bowl champion Brett Favre . Favre helped win the super bowl for the Packers. Favre played with a lot of heart and loved the game. he held the record for the most consectutive starts.  Brett Favre loved the game, they called him “the  gun slinger”  because when he throws the football he has a lot of power and strength in that throw Favre did some amazing things in his career. he has beat every single team in the NFL  including the Packers when he left the Packers he went to the Jets and to  the Vikings.  Favre played the game with a lot of energy and had fun playing the game


1996 favre lede.jpg















Kevin Greene was  is gonna be inducted into the Pro football hall of fame.  Kevin Greene was so intense he played linebacker and was always around making a play, he played in a super bowl game when he played for the Steelers,  Kevine Green haunted a lot of quarterback during his career , he was a big sack master and could get to the quarterback . Kevin Greene was always around to make  a big play on defense.


Kevin Greene




Aug 4

opening ceremonies for the olympics tommorow August 5 2016 Olympics beginging












The Summer Olympics games is beginning the opening ceremonies are tomorrow.  The Olympics is  a  great time. the athlete that compete in the games work and dedicate a lot of time and years in their life for this opportunity and the Olympics only come around every 4 years, so there athletes sacrifice a lot they put in great hard work. some of the sports and athletes I am looking forward to.  is USA Olympics basketball team . The basketball team has Sacramento Kings player  DeMarcus Cousins  and the USA team has  new Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant. I think this is gonna be a good team USA !!














I like track and field and my favorite track and filed athlete is  Usain Bolt, he is so fast, it’s incredible to see him in a race, he is so fast. he is the fastest person in the world , he has world records . Its gonna be fun seeing Usain Bolt race in the Olympics .















Olympic wrestling is a great sport. those wrestlers work had and  have some good wrestling matches. USA Has a good heavyweight this year . Robby Smith is his name he is a big man and has  lots of power and size .I think he will bring home Gold !!