Jan 22

Phillip from Galt Throwback Hip hop WWE shout outs Roman Reigns and Mitch Richmond and Harold Presely shout outs










































Mitch Richmond Sacramento kings great


















Sacramento Kings great Harold Presley













Jan 22

Oakland Raiders new headcoach Jack Del Rio and raiders Coaching staff

Oakland Raiders have hired a new headcoach Jack Del Rio previously  Denver Broncos defensive coordinator . Del Rio was also headcoach with the Jacksonville Jaguars . Del Rio is  a one time super bowl champion when he was on the Baltimore Ravens coaching staff  when  the Ravens defeated the NY Giants in Super bowl  XXXV Del rio was the linebackers coach.  Del Rio is a former player in the NFL as a linebacker among the teams he played for  were the Minnesota Vikings and  Dallas Cowboys. Del Rio brings his coaching and playing days experience to the Raiders and is a tough guy who will want to instill that toughness and winning attitude in the Raiders. this is a great hire. congratulations to  Jack Del Rio Raiders new head coach  !!

Jack Del Rio football card. Jack Del Rio when he played for the Minnesota Vikings  a linebacker in the NFL


Jack Del rio football vikings card















New Oakland Raiders head Coach Jack Del Rio  
Jack Del rio new Raiders head Coach


Jan 22

San Francisco 49ers new headcoach Jim Tomsula and coaching staff

the 49ers have their new headcoach Jim Tomsula . Tomsula has been with the 49ers since 2007 he was formerly the Defensive linemen coach.  I actually like this hire a little, promoting within the organization. the palyers are already familiar with him, a lot of the player like him and have already established a relationship with him . I think time will tell to how Tomsula will do as the 49ers headcoach but i think  he might do good. he deosn’t have to change a whole lot defensively since he is familiar with the defensce.


Jim Tomsula 49ers















Jason Tarver  former defensive coordiantor for the Raiders has now been hired by the 49ers as a linebackers coach. this is  Traver’s 2nd stint with the 49ers he was previously a running backs coach and offensive assistant . Jason  Tarver is intense and has a lot of passion and energy on the sidelines I like this hire

Jason Tarver Raiders defensive coodiantor now 49ers linebackers coach



















there has been speculation and Jeff Garcia foremr 49ers quarterback has said in radio interviews that he is actively pursuing a NFL coaching opportunity Garcia is currently a quarterback coach  for the Montreal Alouettes . Garcia was  4x pro bowler during his playing career he had a big playoff victory leading the 49ers over the NY Giants  in a 2002/ 2003 playoffs. Garcia  follwed  Steve Young as  49ers quarterback, Garcia has lots of football knowledge and has been around the game of football for a long time. I really hope the 49ers will look at and eventually get Jeff Garcia he  would work with Kapernick good and work on his mechanics and offer great advise.  !

Jeff Garcia former 49ers quarterback



Jan 8

Pitcher Randy Johnson aka Big Unit elected to the baseball Hall of fame

The big unit Randy Johnson was recently announced to be a 2015 baseball hall of famer.  The big Unit always had that big arm . and  an intiminating force at   6 feet 10 inches on the pitchers mound. Randy  johnson has and ERA of  3.29   10x All star  games,he is a World Series champion in 2001 when he pitched for the Arizona Diamondbacks and they beat the Yankees. he got the big unit when he colided with his team mate  when he was a montreal Expo and his team mate said you are a big unit and the nickname stuck ! Randy Johnson had a powerful fastball a dominant fastball that hardly any body could get off of him ! one time in spring training he pitched his fastball and a bird came flying in the path of that ball and that bird exploded , the birds feathers  exploded all over the field and the bird died . poor bird. !  he didn’t even see that ball coming. Randy Johnson also played for the San Francisco Giants getting his 300th win as a member of the Giants. Congratulations to  the Big unit Randy johnson one of my favorite players one of the Hall of famers selected for the 2015  baseball Hall of fame .  – Phillip  from Galt

Randy Johnson as a member of the Seattle Mariners !

randy _johnson_mariners1_300



Jan 8

R.I. P. Rest in peace to Stuart Scott ESPN announcer and anchor !!! Booyah !!!

Rest in peace to Stuart Scott ESPN announcer and anchor.  Stuart Scott had a great passion for sports and energy a fun type of energy and it showed through with his famous catch Phrases like booyah  during a big higlight on ESPN sport center he would often say Booyah for a big play and he said as cool as the other side of the pillow. his energy was fun and would be infectious to the audience watching on tv. I always enjoy Stuart Scott because he has fun with covering sports and sports should be fun. Stuart died of Cancer this past Sunday January  4 , 2015.  He anchored ESPN sports center and covered the NFL on ESPN on the pre and post game show of monday night football with super Bowl champions and great like former 49ers quarterback  Steve Young  and linebacker super bowl champion Ray lewis from Baltimore Ravens and  Baltimore Ravens super bowl champion quarterback Trent Dilfer.  Rest in Pace Stuart Scott. prayers to his family friends and fans !   – Phillip from Galt

Stuart Scott , Super Bowl Champions Steve  young,  Trent Dilfer  Ray lewis  far right ! covering Monay night football ESPN

Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers















booya !  Stuart Scott ESPN sports Center anchor

Stuart Scott on ESPN's new SportsCenter set

Jan 8

who does a thing like that ???

In Scotland a pet owner apparently didn’t want their dog. the person he/she left their dog a railway station. They left the dog  Kai is apparently his name maybe he had a name tag. they left  kai with  a suitcase full of  the dog kai’s belongings pillow, toy, food,  food bowl.  what a curel abandonment to leave your dog  a best friend and dogs are like family members .  who would do such a thing like that ?  there could have been a better way  not want a dog ,  you could put him up for adoption or  ask friends / neighbor if they would like to have your dog.  but don’t just leave and kick someone out in the streets nobody  people or animals pet don’t deserve that. But on a positive side people are calling to adopt Kai. so hopefully he finds a good kind family .


here is the picture below of  Kai below  cute guy !


Ky the dog


Dec 31

Phillip from Galt music podcast and shout outs Happy New Years

Happy  New Years  . Phillip from Galt last music podcast . shout outs from all my sports friends and wrestling friends I met in 2014


dwight Clark  49ers legend and super bowl champion and me Phillip from Galt one of the  NFL legend  Dwight Clark he made the Catch  from Joe Montana to beat  Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs Dwight Clark gave me a shot out for my radio show  too

dwight clark and me Phillip december 2014

















meeting my favorite wrestler and  favorite wrestling champion of all time was my my favorite memory of 2014 and meet jimmy mouth of the south hart he is such a nice man and a great wrestling manager and he’s hulk hogan’s friends


me and Hulk Hogan













hot 1035 logo new 1





radio clip art






Dec 31

Thank You coach Jim Harbaugh for the great 49ers memories as HeadCoach

I love Bay Area football  49ers are my most favorite team and  I like the Raiders too !   love for both sides of the bay.  As a 49ers fan I want to say thank you to Coach Jim Harbaugh. he has passion for the game and he is intense and has the drive to win and succeed on and off the football field.  The 49ers did a lot of winning under Coach the 49ers . they made it to the playoffs and they went to a Super bowl and they lost but they went and were NFC champions.  Colin Kapernick learned a lot from Coach Harbaugh and Coach Harbaugh was a teacher. Coach Harbaugh showed what it was like to win and to have passion for the game.  Now Coach Harbaugh is going back to be a college coach for Michigan wolverines his alma mater.  I think any team that has Coach Jim Harbaugh is gonna be highly competitive and gonna have a chance to win . thank  you coach Harbaugh for  being a  great coach and a class act as the  49ers head coach. all the best to you at Michigan Coach jim Harbaugh  .

now ex Headcoach of the 49ers did a lot of winning while he was headcaoch  leading the 49ers to the Super
Bowl.  under Jim Harbaugh the  49ers had a winning record.  lots of passion and energy Coach Jim Harbaugh has  .

Coach Jim Harbaugh 49ers
















John Harbaugh coach of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh when they lead their teams  the Baltimore Ravens and  San Francisco 49ers to the Super bowl in New Orelans. The Ravens won the super bowl but it was a great game and the 49ers played really tough and it was great that Coach Jim Harbaugh lead them to the  super Bowl

harbaugh brothers john and Jim super Bowl

Dec 31

2014 year in review in pictures













Year in review  in  pictures !


Happy Was a great song this year by Pharell. it was popular it was a good song to sing and is feel good music. music that makes you feel good.
















in Music Iggy Azalea was a great artist this year. She had hits like  Fancy and Problem she was really great she is beautiful and she is coming to Sacramento for  concert in April


iggy-azalea-jimmy-kimmel (1)



















San Francisco Giants   Won the World series. they had great players like Panda Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence and their closer was lights out Madison Bumgarner shut out the opposing teams.  They won their  3rd world series title 2010 , 2012, 2014































The Seattle Seahawks were the  Super Bowl champions. they defeated the Denver Broncos to win the super Bowl they were led by quarterback  Russell Wilson  . they have a tough running back  Marshawn Lynch  Beast Mode.

















The fifa world cup soccer was this year hosted by  Brasil. Brasil was a favorite the host country but were up set in the final . it was exciting action to watch this summer .

fifa world cup Brasil 2









Derek Jeter ” the Captain ”  he was Mr. Yankee. he played with the Yankess from 1995 til this year 2014 . he has 5 world series championships he was a 14 x all star player  gold  glove winner , MVP , world series MVP.  Derek Jeter has been the man. and he retired this year and had awesome Career.  congratulations Derek Jeter













ALS Ice Buckett Challenge.  the Ice Buckett Challege was where people poured buckets of ice on themselves then challenged a friend and another individual to do the same and donate to ALS  also known as  Lou Gehrig disease it was a hit ahtletes and celebritites did it everybody was posting it on line twitter , you tube , facebook . and most importantly it was  for a good  cause .

ALs Ice buckett challenge  1

Dec 23

Phillip from Galt weekly radio online show , shout outs

me Phillip from Galt hosting on the microphone my podcast radio online show.  I got some shout outs from  some football players and super Bowl champions like  Dan Bunz from the 49ers and Morris Bradshaw from the Raiders Super bowl champion and George Atkinson from the Raiders super bowl champion.  and I got a shot from hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim duggan  Hoooooooooo !!



MC  Hammer Oaktown  !!!!

















Morris Bradshaw  Raiders wide reciever Super Bowl champion

Morris Bradshaw  raiders wr













hard hitting defensive back George Atkinson  Oakland Raiders super bowl champion

George Atkinson defensive back  super Bowl champion

















hooooooooo   USA  Hacksaw Jim Duggan King Hacksaw Jim duggan   football tackle

Hacksaw Jim duggan  hoooooo  usa