Mar 26

Phillip From Galt on the mic talking about wrestlmania radio shout outs wrestling shout outs DJ Tone Pesci DJ mix



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Mar 26

WrestleMania 31 Predictions – Phillip from Galt

Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday  March 29, 2015 at Santa Clara , CA Levis stadium  home of the 49ers
















In the match Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt.   I think the Undertaker comes back to WrestleMania and comes back after last  year the streak ends but now that’s behind him so he will come out and strong and not worry about the streak and I think he will win and tomb-stone Bray Wyatt and Undertaker will teach Bray Wayatt why he’s the Phenom  ! Undertaker will go to 22 -1  for wrestlemania
















In  Sting and triple H match I think Sting is gonna win and make triple H tap out I’m hoping to the scorpion death lock his version of Bret the Hitman hart’s sharp – shooter . I think Sting can also win with his Scorpion death drop to. he has hit Triple H with it at the survivor series and if Triple h tries to bring his sledge hammer in play  , Sting also has his equalizer his baseball bat ! I think Sting will get his debut  WrestleMania victory against Triple H ! Game over !






















for the Interconteinental championship ladder match I can see Wade Barrett the current Intercontenintal champion winnig the match he loves being the Intercontenintal champion and is a good champion . I see Wade Barett retaining his intercontenintal championship


Wade Barrett Interconteintal champion














John Cena is defending and representing USA American against the undefeated Rusev from Russia in a United States championship match Rusev so far is undefeated with no pins so far or submissions in the WWE.  come this Sunday WrestleMania I see John Cena taking down Rusev and giving him the STF and the Attitude Adjustment and taking down Rusev and John Cena once again being the United States champion   . John Cena will win and be the Champ !!



John Cena WWE































for the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal I see  The Big show becoming  the winner. this would be a big honor for big show he is one of the most Famous Giants to the Big show like the 8th wonder of the World the  late Great Andre the Giant.  The big show has been WCW champion WWE  champion World heavyweight champion ECW champion in WWE and  tag team champion adding this Trophy and accomplishment would Make the Big show even that more great too.  one of  the best Giants and big men in Sports and in wrestling  !


the Big show wwe


















for the Main even WWE Championship on the line  The beast Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. I think Roman Reigns will win the  WWE championship and will prove he is ready for the belt and beating the beast and strong WWe champion  Brock Lesnar  . Roman Reigns is a strong big power house and can go toe to toe fist to fist with Lesnar. Roman Reigns will superman punch and spear  brock Lenar to win the WWE belt.


Roman Reigns WWE tag team champion
























I think this is gonna be a great wrestlemania  !!   _ Phillip  from Galt



Mar 19

Phillip from Galt on the mic and DJ Mix shout outs

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Mar 19

Patrick Willis now retired . 49ers linebacker

former 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis now retired .  Patrick Willis is a  beast on the field . the 49ers went to the super Bowl while Patrick Willis was a big reason on defense that the 49ers got there. Willis is 7 x  Pro bowler ,  he has 950 tackles and 20.5 sacks and 8 interceptions Willis is a big play maker. and might be hall of  fame bound for his great play and contributions I think Willis will get hall of fame consideration as he should.  Willis always was around on  the filed making a play.  I think he is just as good as  Ray Lewis and  Lawrence Taylor . willis is one of the top linebackers because of his great strong  play.


NFL: St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers


Mar 19

2015 NFL free agency



















2015 free agency is among us !!   2 NFL  free agency moves that stood out to me.   is former 49ers running back Frank Gore now joining the Indianapolis Colts. Gore is a beast and work horse. he was the 49ers  work horse and helped 49ers win a lot of games. he can do great runs and get that home run run and break it off for a touchdown. Gore contributed to a lots of 49ers success while apart of the 49ers.  49ers went to the super Bowl and Gore has over 11,000 career rushing yards and  has 64 rushing . Gore runs are amazing and he is one tough running back and can  turn on the speed when he runs.  49ers and 49ers will miss him on the 49ers

Frank Gore













Reggie Bush going to the  49ers.  49ers lost a good solid veteran  in  Frank Gore and 49ers and 49ers fans  are gonna  miss him .   but 49ers picked up another solid football player and running back veteran Reggie Bush former USC and New Orleans saints  running back . Reggie Bush helped the Saints and was apart of their 2010 Super Bowl winning team that beat Peyton Manning the Colts. Reggie Bush is a home run runner running back and can break off those long runs at anytime !   Reggie Bush has over 5,000 rushing yards 35 Rushing touchdowns and 18 recieveing touchdowns. he can catch the ball out of the backfield. I think Reggie Bush will help the 49ers have some exciting moments. Reggie Bush is an awesome player.
















Mike Iupati former 49ers offensive linemen now going to a divisional rival the Arizona Cardinal. Iupati is an awesome  player he protected is quarterback  Colin Kapernick good and opened up a  whole lot of holes for Frank Gore to run through.  Iupati  is a big body  6 feet 5′  331 lbs.  and is athletic and a great blocker.   Iupati helped the 49ers get to the super Bowl and is  a  3x  pro bowler .

Mike Iupati  49ers linmen















Nadmukong Suh defensive linemen  former detriot  Lion is now a  miami dolphin . he signed $114 million dollar contract  $60  million  guranteed . making him the highest paid defensive player in the history of  NFL. Suh is quite the talent and  is mean on the football field.  sometimes a little to mean. he has been fined for some questionable behavior .  Suh 36  career quarterback sacks .


Namdamukong suh
















Vine Wilfork defensive tackle former New England Patriots was a part of  2 super Bowls a big man at 6 feet 1′  325 lbs . he has 516 tackles and 16 quarterback sacks  3 intercetions and  10 forced fumbles.  Wilfork is a big force and presence   on the field he  is great player and big man in the middle and can tackles and sack a lot of player. wilfork now is a Houston Texan  player


























Mar 19

Spring Training fun . Oakland A’s – Jim Harbaugh 1st base coach for a game

so Baseball is right around the corner. and the Oakland A’s recently had fun at their spring training game . Coach Jim Harbaugh currently University of Michigan head football coach and former 49ers head football coach  recently went to spring training and got to coach the Oakland A’s at  1st base.   Jim Harbaugh had been to  Oakland A’s games and is  a baseball and A’s fan.  when he was 49ers coach he would often been seen in Oakland during baseball season at the Coliseum cheering the  A’s.


Oakland A's Jim Harbugh  1st base coach spring training 2015













Jim harbaugh former  49ers  head football coach and current  Michigan  Univesrity head football coach  recently coached a spring training game for the Oakland A’s at  Spring training.  he  signaled a runner  to run to second base too.   coach Harbaugh does it all !

Oakland A's Jim Harbaugh  1

Mar 5

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 Sacramento, Ca Breakfast Club mix w/ DJ Dr. J in the mix. Hot 1035 morning show 7:30 am mix RUN DMC throwback jams and shout out Darryl McDaniels



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Darryl McDaniels from the legendary hip hop rap group RUN DMC was in town in Sacramento, Ca at the Sac- Con  . it was a great time held at the former Mcellan air force base conference center.  DMD Darry McDaniels has a comic book check more info out here



















Darryl McDaniels  RUn DMC














Mar 5

Coach Jim Harbaugh football hero and real life hero helped save 2 ladies in car Crash .

coach Jim Harbarugh former headcoach of the 49ers and now Michigan Universtiy Wolverines head football coach we all know he is a talented quarterback who played in the NFL and a real great coach he gets pumped up and coaches hard and the right way and inspires players.  he is always happy  and has a different out look on life and things in general. Coach Harbaugh did something very heroic. he saw a car crash apparently no other cars were involved, these ladies car flipped of the women is in her 50’s the other in her 70’s . Harbaugh was with another support staff of his coaching staff and  Harbaugh helped the women to safety and helped do first aid on the women and gave them his coat and waited til the ambulance came. that is really stand up of  Jim Harbaugh and is what anyone should do.  I just wanted to say this is so good. Jim Harbaugh is an awesome coach and even more of an awesome person.  Great Job Coach  Harbaugh !


jim-harbaugh michigan
















Coach Jim Harbaugh formerly of the 49ers all fired up on the sidelines  helped out 2 ladies the driver was in her 50’s and the passenger was in her 70’s jim Harbaugh helped the women to safety after  he saw them crash and did first aid and waited for ambulance to arrive.

coach Jim Harbaugh 49ers 2

Mar 5

UFC 184 Highlighted by UFC Womens bantamweight champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey

I had the opportunity to watch  UFC 184 this past weekend.  the card had a lot of great fights from top to bottom.  UFC was highlighted by the Main Event of the evening UFC womens bantamweight champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey vs  Cat Zingano. Zingano began the fight by coming at Rousey charging at her trying to throw Rousey off, but the champ was ready and put Zingano in an arm bar to win the match in 14 seconds the fastest time in UFC championship history. what a champion. Rousey has already beat he top 5 in her weight class and she is dominant . Congratulations to  Rowdy Ronda Rousey  !!


Ronda Rousey ready to apply the  arm bar on her opponett  Cat Zingano !

UFC fight 2














UFC bantamweight womens champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey getting ready to throw down !!

Ronda Rousey Rowdy UFC




















Rowdy Ronda Rousey UFC fighter  
UFC Fighter Portraits

Feb 26

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 Sacramento, CA music and shout outs and throwback jams from MC Hammer , and the breakfast club mix 7:30 am hot 1035 morning show dj Dr. J mix

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I put some mc hammer in  my throwback jams. MC Hammer one of the best  cool rappers  !

MC Hammer In Los Angeles













I got a shout out from Rey Mysterio  a WWE and world heavyweight champion, Rey Mysterio has all the exciting high flying moves and wrestled and beat wrestlers and guys way bigger than him proving sizes doesn’t matter, rey mysterio on of the best wreslters and champions

reymysolo wwe