Jul 21

Phillip from Galt DJ mix DJ Sal boogie online radio show

WWE is coming to Stockton Big time wrestling is coming and Bret the hitman hart are coming to Modesto  . and mick Foley is the new WWE Raw commissioner and I have a Dj Mix from DJ Sal boogie









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DJ sign













new wwe Raw commissioner  Mick Foley former  WWE champion

mick foley

Jul 21

Big Time Wrestling event in Modesto, CA. John Thurman field Saturday August 13 2016

big Time Wrestling event happening Saturday August 13 2016 pro wrestling coming to Modesto, CA.  at John Thurman field . this is gonna be a great show. Damien Sandow used to be on WWE and was Miz’s “stunt double” together they won the tag team championship. Damien Sandow  also won money in the bank brief case .  Chris Masters the Master Piece will be there. Chris Masters was also in the WWE  , he had his master lock challenge , the master lock was  a full nelson power lock . Santino Marrella he was in WWe he won the intercontenital championship and united  states championship and was tag team champion with  Kozlov Santino had the cobra finishing move which was popular too.

headlining the show is wrestling legend and hall of famer Bret the Hitman hart. Bret the Hitman hart had the legendary sharp shooter submission move , Bret the hitman hart was the  WWE/ WWF champion and was the interconteintal champion he had the best submission move and was just a good sportsman and class act he was tag team champion with Jim Anvil Neidhart  the Hart foundation Bret had the quickness and such a technical wrestler he knew how to beat his opponent and then submitted them . the hart family is legendary they were all champions like his brother Owen Hart was the interconeintal champion and was tag team champions with the british bull dog another family member and  Yokozuna .  it will be great to see Bret the Hitman hart in modesto. get your ticket at the Box office in Modesto at John Thurman field !



Jul 21

Shaq vs the Big Show WrestleMaina 33 in 2017 in Orlando Fl. ???

at the ESPY’s WWE’s  The Big Show  challenged Big Shaq NBA legend and   NBA world champion to a wrestling match at WrestleMania 33 which will be in Orlando Fl where Shaq lives. Shaq started his NBA  career with the Orlando Magic and then went to  LA to the Lakers to team up with Kobe Bryant. Shaq and Kobe won multiple  NBA Championships together. Shaq was a finals MVP and NBA MVP. Shaq is so powerful  and big and has lots of strength when he slam dunks you can’t stop him you have to get out of his way. Shaq has also been a big wrestling he is friends with Hulk Hogan  and even was a special guest referee in a match and was the guest host of WWE Raw and Shaq even entered the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal and Shaq and The Big show has their second stared down . big show grabbed Shaq for a choke slam and Shaq grabbed  Big show for a  choke slam and kane joined in the confrontation and  Shaq and big Show  both double choke slammed kane. Big show and Shaq seem like they respect and like each other but they want to see which big man rules the ring. Shaq can hold his own  but the Big show has been a WWE great for a long time.!  he’s held every championship available in WWE , the WCW  championship, the ECW brand championship the WWE championship the world heavyweight championship  the tag team championships with kane on 2 different times  he’s been the intcontinental champion big show has done it all and beat and wrestled some of the best wrestlers like Hulk Hogan , Triple H Ric Flair , undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena , Kane and more.  Shaq and Big show is gonn be awesome , battle of the big men !!



Shaq vs big Show at WrestleMania 33 ??  Battle of the big Men !!


Shaq vs big Show

















big  Show  and Shaq have a stare down  at wrestlemania 32 at the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal and Kane joins in

Big Show  Shaq and Kane














Big  Show and Shaq team up and choke slam  kane



Big Show and Shaq team up to choke slam kane












Big Show and Shaq were both eliminated by everybody teaming up and threw them both over the top rope at wrestlemania at the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal


big Show and shaq after they got eliminated in the Andre the giant battle royal at wresltemanina 32




Jul 14

Phillip from Galt online Hot 1035 radio show blog dJ Mix


WWE coming to Stockton Arena  , California state fair ,  donating water for the homeless all this and more







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Jul 14

Tim Duncan retired

Tim Duncan of the Spurs announced his retirement. Duncan spent his whole 19 year NBA career with  one team the San Antonio Spurs.  What a great career he had . 5 x NBA world champions 3x finals MVP .NBA All star . Tim Duncan Also played with David  Robinson another hall of famer player that spent his whole career with  the Spurs.  Duncan and Robinson won the NBA championship together.  Duncan has been a pro on and off the court he’s one of the best. Congratulations Tim Duncan on a great career


Tim Duncan spurs












Tim Duncan helped the Spurs win 5 NBA championships




















Tim Duncan and David Robinson  were awesome team-mates they both spent  their careers with the spurs . they won a NBA championship together  !



David Robinson (L) and Tim Duncan (R) of the San A

Jul 8

Phillip from Galt online radio show 80’s and 90’s music

my online radio show has  80’s and 90’s music this week.  I have shout outs from MC Hammer and David Otunga from WWE  thank you for listening








































Jul 7

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors !

Kevin Durant is now a Golden State Warrior .  The Warriors won the 2015  NBA world Championship and are coming off a record 72 regular season wins and another western conference championship and final appearance. The Warriors are gonna be really good next year. if everybody stay healthy and stay together this team is gonna go to another championship and possibly win the championship.  Steph Curry  and Klay Thompson are  the splash brothers and you add  Kevin Durnat  a big play maker, and he is a big time scorer he’ll get his points too.  Wow  what a team !!!


Golden State Warriors











Kevin Durant



Jul 7

California State fair starts tommorw July 8 2016

its that time again for the California  State fair .  I like going to the fair to check out the concerts one of the concerts that  will be great to see is  Chaka Khan that will be  Monday July 11 2016.  concert tickets are free except if you want reserved seating .   I like the fair  and walk around  and try to play games and win a prize stuffed animal. I like the shopping expo. I always find this guy with all the sports trading cards .  I like getting a hot dog , corn dog and ice cream and funnel cake and other fair foods.  so go check out the  state fair .  have fun



The California  State fair runs July 8 2016  – July 24 2016















Chaka Khan will be in Concert  Monday July  11 2016 at the California State fair






Jul 7

Sacramento RiverCats Game. Fun time at the ball park last Friday , July 1 2016

Going to a baseball game is great . its always a fun time !! I went to the Sacramento RiverCats  game last Friday. The Sacramento RiverCats were playing the Albuquerque Isototes. The Isototes  scored all kinds of runs. The Isototes had a strong outing last Friday.  The RiverCats had some exciting moments in the game. San Francisco  Giants pitcher Sergio Romo had a rehab appearance , he was strong striking out 2 batters. Sergio has rejoined the San Francisco Giants since.  The RiverCats also have Andrew Susac playing catcher, Susac was on the 2014 Giants World Series team and the Giants have Travis Ishikawa who was also on the 2014  World Series championship team .  At the game I met Albuquerque Isototes manager former major League player , he spent time with the San Francisco Giants and with the Cubs , Glen Allen Hill.  Hill also played on the Yankees and won a world series with the Yankees in 2000 . Glen Allen Hill is a good baseball manager and has been around the game for a long time. I got to take a picture with and meet Glen Allen hill .  Soo go  check out a baseball game in Sacramento at the RiverCats . its  fun time . here are some picture of the games !!



Albuquerque Isototes manager World Series  Champion  Glen Allen hill and me Phillip from Galt  before the game against the Sacramento RiverCats


Sacramento RiverCats game  July 1 2016  me and Glen Allen Hill fomrer baseball player yankees 2000 world series champion  Phillip from Galt  pic 1


























Sacramento RiverCats logo  2















Sergio Romo pitching for the Sacramento RiverCats rehab appearance at Raley’s field  July  1 2016


Sacramento RiverCats game July 1 2016  pic 5





















Sacramento RiverCats Rayley’s field  Sacramento


Sacramento RiverCats game  July 1 2016  pic 4












Jun 30

Phillip from Galt hot 1035 Podcast online radio show , radio shout out from the big show. hella retro show with JayMarzz

Hot  103.5 Phillip from Galt podcast the big show gave me a shout out for my friend  Bradley and for special Olympics   . and I have the hella retro show and happy 4th of  july weekend.  and the  DJ’s  on Hot 1035 will be mixing all this weekend shout out to DJ SN1  Tone Pesci  DJ Tosh DJ Dr. J and Sal boogie all weekend for 4th of  July they will be in the mix !!


dj mix in action














The big show with his tag team partner the  Miz tag team champions  Big show gave me a shout out for my special Olympics and for  my friend Bradley

big show and miz











4th of july











retro show