Sep 30

Oaklanbd A’s in the Playoffs 2014 -Lets Go Oakland ! Let’s Go A’s – game tommorow tuesday September 30 2014

The Oakland A's are in the 2014 Post season.  they play tommorow Tuesday September 2014.  The A' s are a strong team still.  They were slumping the last month or so  of the regular season. but I think some of the bats are hot and ready to go. The A's have some strong Pitching. The A's play the Kansas City Royals in a 1 game wildcard play off the winner will go to the American league divisional game  !   The A's are sending Big Jon Lester to the mound ! Jon Lester is a playoff experience veteran  he help Boston Red sox win the world series. he has a good ERA.  and can play in high steak games. Lester went 3-0 against the Royals in 3 starts.  Let's Go Oakland  !! Let's Go A's  !  its  #OakTober !!   - Phillip from Galt

Oakland As 2014 wild card insider lester v2 600x300

Sep 26

Derek Jeter is Amazing . Another great moment in his career

so Derek Jeter's career as a Yankee and as Major league baseball player is coming to an end in the next few days , because he is set to retire ! and today September 25, 2014 was Derek Jeter's last home game at The new Yankees Stadium . Derek Jeter has had a lot of career accomplisments and honors and awards and great moments from winning gold gloves, being MVP , being the all time Yankees hits leader, winning world series championships and producing big plays and hits in the World series  from being the Captain !  The Captain of the Yankees  !  now you can add 1 more cool moment to the career of Derek Jeter maybe as they say " ride off in to the sunset "  . today September 25, 2104 Thursday was Derek Jeter's final game as a MLB and Yankees player, because the Yankees are not making the playoffs . but how about this for  final moment in you last home game . Derek Jeter in his last at bat at his final game at Yankees stadium in the 9th inning hit the game winning run that scored the go ahead run , the game was tight and Derek Jeter came through it was  nearly a home run ! the Yankees beat the Orioles 6- 5 . what a moment and a way to close out one of your final games and your final home game. Derek Jeter 1 more cool  moment. Congratulations on a great career 

Derek Jeter gold glove

Sep 25

Sacramento River Cats now the San Francisco Affiliate Triple A team

 the Sacramento River Cats have been the Triple A affiliate of the Oakland A's major league baseball team now the River Cats ended their affiliation with the the Oakland A's . The Sacramento River Cats were interested in being affiliated with the San Francisco Giants now they will be the Triple A affiliate of the Giants, as the Giants have agreed too.  The Giants triple A team was the Fresno Grizzlies and now Fresno switches affiliates too.  The  Giants now have a luxury and can easily move player between the major and minor leagues.  At first I was kind mad being an A's fan that the River Cats wanted to switch its affiliate with the A's but as a baseball fan and sports fan. it will be cool to see different players. maybe see player and Major league Stars from the Giants if they did a rehab start and maybe a Giants great like Barry Bonds the all time Home run leader might come out to games or come out and coach , you never know ??  At the Press conference where they announced the partnership between the Giants and Sacramento River Cats, Dusty Baker Sacramento, native and former San Francisco Giants manager was the manger of the Giants and took them to the world series in 2002 he was a great manager and he also is a world series champion as a player as well . maybe Dusty Baker might be involved with the River Cats ???  front office ? managing.  well come on out to see some San Francisco Giants minor league players and starts and maybe catch some Giants  greats  and players  at  Raley Field next season 2015     

Giants and riverCATs

Sacramento River Cats dusty Baker press conference former SF Giants manager

Sacramento River Cats press conference at  Raleys field in Sacramento announcing the are now the Triple A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants  Dusty Baker former San Francisco Giants manager speaking at the press conference Dusty baker is a Sacramento native and baseball great  play and manager 

Sep 25

Cool picture of the Day !! Hulk Hogan

 I am a big wrestling  fan . hulk Hogan is one of my most favorite Pro wrestlers ever. i like when he was champion and he beat all the greats like Macho Man and the Undertaker and Ric Flair and Andre the Giant Sgt. Slaughter Hulk hogan has the big Leg drop wrestling move  and it was over he beat a lot of wrestlers and won the Wrestling championship with his leg drop. I like the training , vitamins and prayers I'm a Hulkamaniac brothers.  so it was a cool picture when I saw a picture Hulk Hogan shared on his facebook I liked it and wanted to share it he is out on his bike bicycle , it look like he is having fun . good for  you Hulk hogan ! Hulkamania on a bicycle !

Hulk Hogan on a bike

Sep 25

Saying the Lord’s prayer / saying prayer before high school football game , high School cheerleaders stick up for their right , high school in TN

 This story is out of Tennessee , at a  Tennessee high school. the Lord's prayer was  said before the high school football game over the Public Address announce system. there was complaint by atheist group that it was violation of church and state. The captains of the cheerleading squad Asia Canada and Alley Meyers heard the school banned the Lord's prayer from being said on  the PA system. so the girls gathered the cheerleading squad and  said it in a group circle the crowd then joined in.  Good for you girls !!!  they said on an interview on Fox and friends on Fox news channel that the Lord's prayer makes them feel good a lot of people are a faithful and close community. they said they pray for all the players not to get hurt and for eveybody to get home safe. I want to tell these girls good for standing up for their rights what they believe in.  keep the prayers going girls ! good job 

cheerleaders circle up and pray

The Girls Asia Canada and Alley Myers with the cheerleading squard circle up and pray before the game 

Oneida High Cheerleaders

Alley Myers and  Asia Canada the two cheerleading high school captains on Fox news channel explain why they pray and will continue to pray before high school football games. good job girls ! 

Sep 25

Apollos Hester TX high school football player,post game motivational speech , Positive and Pumped up kid remember his Name Apollos Hester

 so I have a good story. he has been all over the news so why not here on my blog . Apollos Hester a high school player running back in TX high school , he is  a running back.  his teams mascot is  the Patriots . He scored a touchdown in the game !  and the reporter said she met Apollos earlier and had to interview him . Apollos is just "high on life "  I  know because I am usually the same way. he has a lot of positive energy. he said in life we  can start slow because he said his team was behind and he said the team-mated the believed and played hard for each other. he was so true.  He said  in life you fall down but you pick yourself up and give Glory to God he said God was there for you he is so true he said your mom and dad and and friends are there for you. and then he said I'll be there for. you. Apollo Hester's  speech was great and was from the heart. his personality is contagious and positive energy his great. he's an athlete and if he continues to to do good in sports and his  school he will go to college and  he could go to the NFL the media will love him maybe he can be a sportscaster , he has a bright future he articulates and expresses himself very well and clearly.  thank you Apollos Hester for your positive speech , keep up the good work ! 

Sep 25

Iggy Azalea and J- Lo – booty video and song – my thoughts Phillip from Galt

 So I have been hearing the uproar of the song and video Iggy Azalea and J-Lo did the "booty " song ! so I checked out the video. I am  fan of Iggy Azalea and she came to  our station Hot 1035 Sacrament and she signed autographs, I like her songs fancy and Meteocore and She is hot and pretty and J-Lo , I am a fan of her too . I liked her songs Jenny from the block and more songs. I think she is still hot and has music talent !!  Over all I think the video is hot !!  Iggy Azalea and J-Lo are cute and pretty and the song has good fun up beat energy  . well listen and look up the song.  I think people should stop hating on J-Lo she is and always will be talented - She's still got it !!  

J Lo Iggy Azalea

J-Lo and Iggy Azalea  pretty and cute and they teamed up for some songs! they are looking good !

new music j lo iggy azalea booty remix

J-Lo and Iggy Azalea booty song and video  its a up beat and fun song 

Sep 25

Oakland A’s funny commercial

 I am a big Oakland A's fan and I know we have a lot of Sacramento area fan of the Oakland A's.  I like the A's commercials on tv.  they are funny.  The A's have this thing they do after they hit homerun all the players make a tunnel with their arms and the players go through the tunnel to celebrate so I saw this commercial the A's did and they thought of other ideas for the homerun tunnel . I like the one where they do the hotdog and they say get the ketchup well enjoy this funny commercial 

Sep 18

Phillip from Galt on the Mic throwback thursday radio music blogcast September 18 2014 Thursday

 Throwback  thursday music  Phillip from  Galt  hot 1035 Sacramento  Phillip from Galt on the mic .  music radio  blogcast  ! 

throwback thursday 2

Sep 18

Sacramento Toy Expo 2014 – Sunday September 28 2014

 do you like collectibles? especially toys. the on September 28 2014 , you will want to be in Sacramento , Ca at Scottish  Rite Masonic  Center  located at 6151 H St. hours are 10 a - 4pm  .  $6 general admission. So go Check it out. they will have toys of all kinds.  and I like WWE wrestling. WWF/ WWE legend Greg the Hammer Valentine who wrestled in WWF at the time will be there. signing autographs and meet and greets. maybe he will talk wrestling to you . Greg the hammer Valentine 's  finishing move was the figure 4 leg lock !  he was also well know for having teaming up with  the Honky Tonk  man forming the tag team  Rythm and blues. Rythm and  Blues tag team battled for the tag team championship. they were a good team and they were managed by Wrestling manager great The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart !!  so go check out the Toy Fusion  Toy expo . 

Jimmy Hart Honky Tonk Man i Greg Valentine chcieli

Honky Tonk Man and Greg the Hammer Valentine the Rythm and blues tag team and manager Jimmy Hart the mouth of the south ! 


Greg the Hammer Valentine  WWE tag team champions with Brutus the Barber Beefcake 

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