Feb 26

Phillip from Galt Hot 1035 Sacramento, CA music and shout outs and throwback jams from MC Hammer , and the breakfast club mix 7:30 am hot 1035 morning show dj Dr. J mix

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I put some mc hammer in  my throwback jams. MC Hammer one of the best  cool rappers  !

MC Hammer In Los Angeles













I got a shout out from Rey Mysterio  a WWE and world heavyweight champion, Rey Mysterio has all the exciting high flying moves and wrestled and beat wrestlers and guys way bigger than him proving sizes doesn’t matter, rey mysterio on of the best wreslters and champions

reymysolo wwe

Feb 26

WrestleMania 31 March 29 2015 Sting vs Triple H one of the Top Matches at WrestleMania

Sting he is one of the best vs Triple h one of the best in Pro wrestling.  both Wrestlers have held  the Heavyweight championship 13 time.  Triple H  is a 8 time WWE champion and 5 time World heavyweight champion. Sting has held various Title including the NWA  championship which turned in the WCW title 6 times and the TNA championship.   TNA is one of the major wrestling organizations and competes against WWE.  Sting has battled and wrestled all the top stars in Wrestling, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle , Kevin Nash, Hulk hogan they have all had championship matches against Each other.  Sting and Triple  are two popular wrestlers with  a lot of  fans.  the 2 time Sting and Triple h have come face  2 face Sting has dropped Triple H  with his finishing move the  scorpion  death  drop  !!   I think Sting is is gonna beat Triple H at WrestleMania !! I think Sting will scorpion death drop Triple H again. WrestleMania is 31 days away !   Santa Clara  Bay area  Levis stadium home of the 49ers

Triple H vs Sting Wrestlemania 31

Sting Triple H  WWE 2015

Feb 26

Floyd “Money ” Mayweather vs Manny “Pac man” Pacquiao happening May 2, 2015

“May Day”   May 2, 2015  Floyd “money” Mayweather vs Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao happening this year May 2nd 2015.  PacMan and Money Mayweather are two of boxing best fighter they both put on a good show.  they are great fighters . Mayweather is undefeated in his career with 47 wins  and 26 of those wins are by Knock out . Pacquiao has  a record of 57 wins  5 losses 2  draws .  a great record also  Mayweatther is 38  and Pacquiao is  36.   I think Mayweather is gonna win. right now I think he will continue the undefeated  streak. !  Mayweather has great footwork and is quick and  I think  he will put on a good match.  we shall see  come  May  2nd . !


Feb 19

Hot 1035 Sacramento, CA Phillip from Galt throwback hip hop music radio shout outs




Throwback  hip hop old school hip hop . radio shout outs from WWf wrestler  brtust the barber beefcake!   turn it up all the old school hip hop jams !



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Recently I met  former WWF Wreslter Brutus the barber beefcake a  former tag team champion and tag team partners with  Hulk Hogan

Feb 19

Sacramento Con Show Sunday March 1 2015 McCellan Conference Center featuring Darrly McDaniels from RUN DMC












Sacramento Con show is coming to Mccellan Conference center Sunday March 1 2015.  Sac Con has something for everyone.  toy, comic books, collectibles. and special guest will be there too. I  am a hip hop and old school rap and hip hop fan. one of my favorite old school rap groups in RUN DMC  !

Darrly McDaniels of  RUN DMC  will be at Sac Con.  he will be promoting  his comic book  “DMC” Darryl Make Comics . so come on out and check it  out  . I will be there . look up Sac Con for more info .  www.sac-con.com

Darryl makes comics



















Darryl McDaniels of  RUN DMC will be at Sac Con  Sunday March  1  to promote his comic book   “DMC” Darryl Makes Comics

















Run DMC  one of the  best old school rap groups of all times



Feb 19

former Oakland A’s player / Yankees/ Rockies / Indians player Jason Giamabi retires call it a career.

former Oakland A’s great Jason Gimabi calling it a career.  Giambi 44 years old had 2 stints in Oakland with the Oakland A’s . he also played for The New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians. Giambi  has 440 career home runs he has been a 5x all star  he was homerun derby champion.  Giambi was one of the first admitted steriod users.  he came out and apologized saying he was wrong for it. I think people the fans team mates and his peers forgave him for using steriods because Giambi admitted to being a user.    Giambi hit towering long big home runs . I still think Giambi  is an amazing great hitter and had a great career .  Giambi  never won a world series he played in a world series with  the Yankees in 2003 season.  Giambi finished his career out

Jason Giambi  Oakland A’s former player retires   . Giambi was a big power hitter. he always contributed with big  hits  . Congratualtions to Jason Giambi on a great career .

Jason Giambi Oakland A's



Feb 12

happy Valentines day ! old sacramento Free Hugs event 10 am 2p

happy Valentines day .to everybody .  This  Saturday February 14 201. Valentines day is for people you love and care about . its not just for husbands and wives, boy friends and girl friends its for friends and family anybody you love and care about . hopefully everyone feels love and also guys get your girl friends and wives candy , flowers hugs and kisses tell her you love her take her out for dinner just anything to show you love and care and appreciate you significant other or your better half !!    Happy Valentines . also I know in old Sacramento they are doing a  big Free hugs, if you want to get a hug and your single of if you just are feeling loanely come out and get a hug or  be the person to give hugs .!  I wish everyone lots of love and happiness with all their family friends and loved ones

happy Valentines day









































































































































Feb 12

Sacramento Kings new head coach George Karl #KingKarl !

Sacramento King have hired headcoach George Karl to Coach the Sacramento kings. George Karl comes in after the kings fired previous head coach  Mike Malone in December . Tyrone Cobrin took over for coach Malone now coach Karl will be the 3rd kings headcoach this season  . Coach Karl has over 1.110 victories his is the 6th winningest head coach in history. he has play off experience too. hopefully he can mix the kings and get a plan going to help the king win more games.   I like the experience he brings ! and he will be a tough discipline coach for the players  teach the players toughness and discipline !


new Sacramento King headcoach Coach George Karl  ! #KingKarl !!!   his first game coaching the kings Friday  Febraury 20, 2015 in Sacramento vs Boston Celtics  in Sacramento at sleep train arena

george Karl new Sacramento Kings

Feb 12

Barry Lamar Bonds named to the Bay Area Sports hall of fame. Congratulations !

Barry Bonds baseball great and San Francisco Giants great has just been named  as  a Bay Area sports hall of famer. the Bay Area sports hall of fame  recogonizes great Bay Area sports athletes. some of the  member of the Bay Area sports hall of fame includes  4 x Super   bowl champion and MVP quarterback Joe Montana and late great Raiders owner AL Davis. AL was a coach and scout assistant coach and  the commisoner of the AFL   the Raiders won 3 super Bowl with AL davis as the owner of the Raiders he is in  the Bay area sports hall of fame. I think this is great and congratulations to Barry Bond he is the all time Home run champion with 762 homeruns. Bond hit monster  hoemeruns and hit splash homeruns into McCovey Cove. while as a member of the Giants the San Francisco Giants made the  world series in 2002.   Bay Area sports hall of famers recieve a plaque when they get inducted. I know  Barry would love to be a baseball hall of famer  but at least this is a well deserved start .being acknowledged in the  great Bay Area Sports hall of fame  Congratulation Barry Lamar Bonds !



Feb 12

Oakland Raiders coaching staff moves. defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. and defensive backs coach Rod Woodson.

Oakland Raiders logo











the Oakland Raiders made 2 big coaching staff moves. recently .  Ken  Norton Jr.  a former linebacker for the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys . Ken norton Jr.  is the only NFL player to play in 3 consecutive super Bowls.  Ken Norton was a great linebacker and contributed to the 49ers and Cowboys success during super bowl seasons. a hard noes and pyshical  palyer in  his playing day. made lots of tackles and  sacks. since retiring from the NFL  Ken Norton has been in coaching  he first was caoching  Under Pete Carroll at USC he was a linebackers coach at USC  .when Pete Carroll went to the Seattle Seahawks  Norton Jr. followed   in 201o. The Seahawks one the 2014 Suepr Bowl and beat the Denver Broncos Pete Carroll head coach and Ken Norton Linebackers so now Norton Jr. has a ring also as an assistant coach . Seattle’s defense has ranked near the top and Seattle’s  linebackers are big contributers to the defense.  Seattle is also coming off a super Bowl appearance again when they just played New England Patriots .  I think  hiring Norton as a defensive Coordinator is a good move , he know defense and has lot of experience as   player and  coach.   good move by the Raiders

Ken Norton Jr.  as a member of the San francisco 49ers. Ken Norton Jr. helped the 49ers win a superbowl . linebacker






















Ken norton Jr.  former 49ers and dallas  Cowboys player lineback as Seattle Seahwaks linebackers coach now will be the Oakland Raiders defensive backs coach

Ken Norton Jr. as Seattle Coach linebacker
















The Oakland Raiders have also hired Rod Woodson this is his second  stint as a defensive backs coach  for the Raiders .  2011 was his first stint as a Raiders defensive back. the Hall of famer safety /cornerback played and finished his career with the  Raiders in 2002  2003 seasons . the Raiders made a Super Bowl appearance when woodson was with the Raiders.  Woodson add a lot of good football knowledge and experience to the Raiders coaching staff and to the player he will be coach




















Rod Woodson  first stint a Raiders defensive backs coach