Oct 20

Week 7 Phillip from Galt Picks of the Week !

Oct 20

Phillip from Galt hot 1035 podcast online radio show Jacob and Journey Fat Supreme Pro Wrestling

The Breakfast club mix with DJ Dr. J on the suga bear on the morning show


dj-mix                              hot 1035 logo new 1

















Phillip from Galt hot 1035 online radio show  blog  podcast. I got a shout out from WWE Wrestlers Hacksaw Jim Duggan I was also  have a shout out from Jacob Fatu and Journey Fatu they are sons of Tonga kid who used to wrestle in WWF . Tonga kid was tag team partners with Haku .  Fatu’s family is the Rock and the USOS Jimmy and Jey and their dad Rikishi and Yokozuna and Roman Reigns they have a big wrestling fanily thet have all been champions in wrestling journey Fatu and Jacob Fatu remind me of the Headshrinkers tag team. Jacob and Journey Fatu wrestle in SPW local in Sacramento  . they are awesome wresters and stong and big guys .

here is a picture of them at SPW with me




















Journey and Jacob Fatu in action at Supreme Pro Wrestling  in Sacramento getting ready from the big splash from the top rope


me and Jacob Fatu at SPW Wrestling matches


















Journey Fatu and me at Supreme Pro wrestling



















COCO Crisp lead his team the Cleveland Indians  to the World series Coco hist 2 homeruns in different post season games.


















Oct 20

Sacramento Sports Hall of fame post . Vote for the Sacramento sports Hall of fame

the Sacramento Sports hall of fame founded by The sports doctor  TC Martin happens each January at ThunderValley Casino. The Sacramento sports Hall of fame has lots of great champions and world series champions and super Bowl champions  like Dusty Baker who played for the dodgers and won a world series championship as a player and went on to manage the San Francisco Giants and led them to a world series appearance in 2002 and dusty Baker managed the Cubs and the Reds and is the Current  manager for the Washington Nationals who just made the playoffs this season . Tedy Bruschi former New England Patriots player and super Bowl champion and linebacker from Roseville is in the  Sacramento Sports hall of fame  , Urijah Faber is a champion fighter he was the champion in the WEC World Extreme cagefighting  and Urijah has been in UFC and has had some impressive fights and will be fighting at the Golden 1 Center this December  Urijah Faber is in the Sacramento sports hall of fame . bill Cartwright who played for the Chicago Bull with Michael Jordan and won NBA championships with Michael Jordan is in the Sacramento sports hall of fame. their is a lot of great athletes in the Sacramento sports hall of fame.  The Voting for the  Sacramento sports hall of fame is now open go to www.sacsportshof.com website and click vote at the top of the page . also something cool about the Sacramento Sports  Hall of fame is that the partnership between the  Sacramento Sports hall of fame and the special Olympics. the  Sacramento sports hall of fame induct a deserving  special Olympics athlete every year. how cool is  that.   well check out the website  www.sacsportshof.com










me at the Sacramento Sports Hall of fame with dusty baker World Series champion when he played for the Dodgers and Ruthie Bolton Olympics champion and Sacramento Monarchs WNBA player !
























special olympics norther california

Oct 13

Phillip from Galt podcast online radio show music Lester Hayes shout out and Funaki shout out

I have some hot 1035 music  to listen to  . Also I have a shout out from Raiders great super Bowl champion and one of the best defensive backs Lester Hayes and a shout out from Funaki from WWE  he was a WWE cruiserweight champion








me and Lester Hayes  2x super bowl champion all pro Oakland Raiders defensive back

















Funaki WWE wrestler and Smackdown announcer



Oct 13

Phillip from Galt Picks of the week -week 6

my picks of the week for week 6   4 NFL games




Oct 6

Phillip from Galt picks of the week

Sep 29

Phillip from Galt Picks of the week September 29 week 4

here is my football picks of the week. Picking the winners no  point spreads just winners of the game  Phillip from Galt  Picks of the Week


Sep 22

Phillip from Galt online radio Show Dj Dr. j Mix hot 1035

Phillip from Galt online radio show  Dj Dr. J Mix  shout out from WWE champion hall of famer Bret the hitman hart and Backy Lynch WWE  womens smackdown champion


hot 1035 logo new 1







DJ sign














I got a shout out from WWE Women’s champion Becky Lynch she kicks Lass in the ring !!





















I got a shout 0ut from WWE Hall of famer Bret the hitman  Hart  WWE champion the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be


brett Hart WWF champion



Sep 22

Phillip from Galt Picks of the week September 22 2016 – September 25 2016 with special guest celebrity picker Freeze

Phillip from Galt with my  Picks of the week.  and my friend Freeze joined me to pick games too.  check  out our picks

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My NFL Picks











Ronnie Lott me Phillip from Galt and Karen Lott

me and Ronnie Lott and Kareen Lott  ronnie's wife














freeze from Hot 1035 Sacramento  was my special guest in Phillip From Galt Picks of the week
















Thursday  September  22 2016


Houston Texans at  New England Patriots

me and  Freeze both Picked the Texans to win














Sunday September  25 2016   NFL  games


Raiders at Tennessee Titans


I picked the Raiders   Freeze  picked  the Titans


Raiders                               titans











Amari Cooper  and Crabtree big playmakers wide recievers for the Raiders


Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree














49ers at Seattle Seahawks


I picked the Seahawks  Freeze picked the 49ers


San_Francisco_49ers05                        seattle_seahawks2_2012b













Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers


Freeze and I both picked the Packers


detroit-lions                                     Green_Bay_Packers3












Monday Night Football   Falcons  at New Orleans Saints


Freeze picked the Falcons  I picked the Saints



atlanta-falcons            new-orleans-saints











I also included  WWE Clash  of Champions is this Sunday and  every match is title match


Kevin Owens vs   Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship   _ WWE RAw


Romans Reigns vs  Rusev for the United States championship







Sep 15

Week 2 Phillip from Galt Picks of the week !

me and celebrity picker JayMarzz on air host morning show with Suga Bear in the morning  with our Picks of the week . picking the winners of Sunday’s NFL  games !!